Best 2 coronavirus health apps

2 coronavirus health apps

The most pressing topic for today is the spread of coronavirus. The disease with Covid-19 draws attention not only from specialists but also ordinary people.

Convenient applications and websites created in connection with this event. They not only contain useful information but also special maps. They point to the coronavirus center that spreads throughout the world.

1. HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker

A group of fans have developed special services.

Thanks to that everyone can get acquainted with material about coronavirus and track statistics of this disease.

As its creator said, this application is basically different from everything else.

Here you can find news from all sources in the world, dedicated not only to the distribution and description of the symptoms of coronavirus.

But also for problems, it brings people and entire nations. There is also an online map, thanks to which you can track the dynamics and virus centers in real-time.

For user convenience in testing, the mode launches a short alert system. Through it, people can immediately tell about their own status.

This will help other visitors to find out if you have been deported to quarantine. You will also be able to understand which areas have citizens who are suspected of having a virus.

Data is updated automatically from reliable sources. The application interface is designed so that users can immediately get all the information needed. In addition, you can read news about the development of a pandemic.

2. Coronavírus – SUS

The authors of this application intend not only to provide uninterrupted access to information about coronavirus.

But also to support those who are already infected or want to take all steps to ensure that the disease does not affect them.

Much can be learned from specialized databases. This is based on the experience of users and specialists from all over the world.

The author of this application hopes that after all the necessary modifications the application will give smartphone owners to use it as a kind of red button.

With this application, special services will be able to learn about new episodes of infection.

Developers emphasized that they did not claim to be unique, but wanted to give users the opportunity to influence the spread of the epidemic.

In a separate tab of the application, you can find maps with marked coronavirus distribution areas. It also shows the official number of people infected and the possibility of prediction.

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