9 The best spell checking apps for Android & iOS

9 The best spell checking apps for Android & iOS

When you write important texts or messages, you need to make sure you spell the right words. This is also useful when learning a language. This will help you immediately realize your mistake and correct it.

There are many different applications to check this aspect. There is even a keyboard that you can install on your cellphone. They automatically correct errors in your text.

This list contains the best spell checking applications. With their help, you will be able to make perfect text without errors.

1. Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence


Grammarly Keyboard – Type with confidence will be your best assistant in writing literate text.

If you install additional extensions, they can work in any application on your phone. It will always check the text that you have written. Whether it’s messages on social networks, scientific articles, and many other things.

The application icon will appear in your phone’s text window when writing text. This will immediately emphasize the errors that will be found in your text.

The circle icon, located in the text box, will glow red if an error is found in the application.

After finishing creating your own text, you can click on the selected text section. In this way, you can learn more about why the word marks a word or phrase as a mistake.

Grammarly Keyboard application – Type with confidence will also offer options to replace words or expressions. You can also completely delete words or phrases from your text or ignore errors.

Good written communication skills include the ability to write your text. This application has a set of notes. Just click the “Set destination” button. Next, select the configuration that will guide the application.

2. AI.type keyboard


AI.type keyboard application has quite a lot of functionality. Among the many options, this application has a built-in module to check the literacy of typed text.

The editor includes automatic highlighting of detected errors. This is an easy reason because it allows you to correct mistakes, make adjustments in the text.

Spelling mistakes are underlined by red lines and grammatical errors by green lines. When choosing a word or sentence, the context menu can be called.

Then, by choosing “Grammar” or “Spelling”, explain why the editor does not like this writing. You will also be offered the option to change spelling.

This application also has a convenient function for adding words to the dictionary. After that, the editor won’t emphasize them as mistakes. You can also skip certain words or sentences, including the entire text if repeated.

It is possible to adjust the automatic replacement to your own needs. The AI.type keyboard program automatically corrects errors in the text according to the parameters chosen.

Change characters when pressed, use capital letters at the beginning of the line. It is possible to write in any style, after adjusting the options as needed. Here you can also use simple expressions or expressive vocabulary.

3. Spelling Grammar Checker


Spelling Grammar Checker is a young multifunctional service, but it has been proven in a good way.

To check for text errors you need to register using a social networking account. This application will offer you a choice of authorization options.

Spelling Spelling Applications Applications can not only check for errors but also translate text into other languages. After checking it offers the right options for writing where the application has found an error.

Apart from the excellent site functionality, the principle of its use is simple. Text must be entered in an area of one of the tabs, and the service has three – Literacy, Beauty, and Quality.

Then you need to press the button to start the examination. After that, the service will show you the results with options for correction. All defects in grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be highlighted in various colors.

In addition, the Spelling Grammar checker application will show you the difference in style. This program resolves checks, allowing you to detect errors that aren’t even obvious. It combines the functions of several services.

4. Page: English Grammar & Spell Checker + Translator


Page: English Grammar & Spell Checker + Translator is a special proofreader. It clears all grammatical, contextual and spelling errors and vocabulary abuse.

This application knows how to look for plagiarism in the text. It also helps to adapt your line to a particular writing style. Academic, business, conversational or artistic.

Whether you are on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, or anywhere, Pages: English Stylist & Spell Checker + Translators will closely monitor what you type. This application will correct text and correct errors.

The editor fix it:

  • common typos and spellings
  • words that are misused in context
  • words that sound similar, but spell differently
  • stacks of words that make it difficult to read text with style
  • Misuse of articles and pronouns
  • correcting the use of phrasal idioms and verbs
  • Application page: English Grammar & Spell Checker + Translator using artificial intelligence technology.
  • This fills the recommendation database at the expense of data.

This breaks the text into phrases and sentences. This application includes them using natural language processing, machine learning, and other technologies.

For this program to work in all your phone applications, you need to install extensions in the settings.

5. Speller English Pronunciation


Spelling English Pronunciation due to its multi-platform nature is available in almost all gadgets.

This application is a keyboard with many languages supported. The contextual text editor is separate from the English text screwed into this keyboard. Displacement between the two components is carried out quite smoothly.

The Speller English Pronunciation program uses revolutionary technology to detect and correct all types of errors.

Even in the most complex sentences. Complex cases of time usage, contextual identification of words used and more.

Grammar improved? You can stop there and publish text. And you can try to improve sentence construction. The “Paraphrasing sentence” tool handles this. Sometimes the application offers a deep enough rework, and you decide whether you want to accept it.

The internal translator supports 40 languages and requires an internet connection.

The dictionary in this application looks more interesting. With its help, you can learn the meaning of words, as well as find synonyms. This makes it easy for you to diversify your vocabulary. Improve your writing language by eliminating repetition.

6. Spell Checker


The Spell Checker application will help you cut out grammar and spelling errors in your text.

You can also check the spelling and pronunciation of certain words here. There is a dictionary in the application that you can use to find out the meaning of the selected word.

The application settings contain the same items that you calculated when writing text.

Suppose you have a strong desire to write something. In this application, you can choose the nature of your intentions. Inform, describe, convince, or tell a story.

This is guided by your intention when making recommendations during text checking.

If you write for expert readers, you will use special terminology. If you select the “Experts” option in the “Readers” section, the Spell Checker application will start following the terminology.

The “Sphere” configuration is also useful, because you can use it to select the type of letter. After selecting the type of letter, the application will offer variants that suit this type of letter.

Spell Checker is very easy to use. You will learn the application in a few minutes or even faster.

7. Spelling Check


The Spell Checking application will help you improve spelling and learn how to spell certain words correctly.

When the application detects a possible error, it highlights a red word or phrase. Then you can decide what to do next.

If you need more information, you can copy text to the Spell Check application. Statistics will appear on the right side of the screen.

You can see all notes or only choose one option. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, variations of text or vocabulary.

You can check the quality of your email by selecting the “Performance” option. The number on the button reflects the percentage of quality of your email. You can also send this report via email.

Sometimes you are pressed for time, but you want to do it right. The Spell Checking application understands it very well. So you can choose the words or phrases that are corrected without having to look for additional information.

But in other circumstances, you want to review your mistakes and understand them. Select the “Learn more” option. Then, you will see a reason and explanation why the application marks it as an error.

8. Spell Checker & Correct Spelling- Speech to Text


Your writing can be flawless, but still not perfect. Spell Checker & Correct Spelling – Speech to Text application only highlights red spelling and grammar errors.

It also provides advice on how to improve the quality of your writing. It highlights frequently used words, jargon, and passive guarantees.

Writing e-mails or writing anything on your mobile is quite problematic. You can easily make typos, write bad text because the screen is small and fast.

You can install the application keyboard on your mobile. Spell Checker & Correct Spelling – Speech to Text will be able to offer variants of writing and correct errors in real time as you type on the phone.

This application has a default translator in its arsenal. When using the keyboard, you can also use this feature.

Use grammar check. This is the only keyboard that knows how to improve your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. When the best grammar corrector helps you, you can focus on typing speed.

Take advantage of special features that allow you to type by sliding. Write faster by typing streaming.

9. Spell Checker and Translate


The Spell and Translation Checker application will help you check whether your text is spelled correctly. It also has many other useful features.

The application starts on the main page. Here you can register your account immediately, or skip this step and go to classic keyboard settings.

After installing the application, you will be asked to add input languages, themes, and try the keyboard in action.

The Spell Checker and Translate application itself looks normal. But, it is very well decorated. This program offers additional topics.

The size of the keyboard here changes in five high positions.

This application offers support for an alternative input method called swipe. With this method, you can enter text without removing your finger from the mobile screen.

The Spelling and Translation Checker application has a whole section called Smart Writing. Five additional buttons on the top panel are provided for easy entry and retrieval of information.

There are several default applications. Calendar, task scheduler, document manager and simple search engine.

Also in this application is a translator, which has been integrated into the keyboard. By pressing the appropriate button you will be directed to the default translator. Here you enter words or phrases and get them in a foreign language.

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