9 Of The Best Video Compressor Apps For Android & iOS

9 Of The Best Video Compressor Apps For Android & iOS

Each new smartphone model certainly has a better camera, a larger format shooting mode, and sometimes even an additional camera compared to other generations of cellphone models (for example, the latest iPhone models).

According to, along with the increase in camera users should expect an increase in video and photo quality. If you have used your camera at least once, you have noticed the exact difference in data size when transferring images to electronic media.

Of course, improving the quality is very good, but large videos require space on your smartphone. The way your cat plays, your kids sleep, or the way you and your friends are at the club are all your memories electronically, but you don’t have to watch them every day or use them in your daily life.

People have found a way to keep electronic memory from clogging and filling at high speed by compressing files. Such programs exist not only for computers – you can also use them on your smartphone. We recommend that you try to save memory by compressing video clips – for this you will need this best application for video compression.

1. Panda Video


Cute animals, which are depicted on the application logo, immediately throw it to yourself. The YouTube icon on his paw shows what the panda will do with the video on your smartphone. If you think that the application is entertaining and not serious, then the 5 million people who have used the application, don’t think so.

Panda Video has access to your device’s memory. This way you can easily select source files from the gallery or just the folders on your smartphone. You just need to choose the right video and start the compression process.

Panda Video reduces file size with virtually no loss of quality and also allows you to save traffic when sending videos. It should be noted that there are many formats that the application can work on – the list includes mkv and mp4 and mov.

After processing the video, you can immediately send it via email or even on social networks. Because the weight is much smaller than the original, you will be able to download it even with a weak connection signal – this is convenient, especially if you don’t always have good access to the Internet.


2. Video Compressor – Fast Compress Photo & Video


Minimalism in application design, neutral tone and minimum entertainment functionality – this application immediately causes the feeling of some serious or professional programs. In fact, you can easily download it from the application catalog and immediately start using it.

For compression, you must select the required video from your smartphone’s memory and go to the processing. Video Compressor gives you the opportunity not only to compress videos, but also to change them – to extract the soundtrack, to compress in acceleration mode, and to use all the same functions in relation to photos.

One of the advantages of this application is its ability to work with any original video quality. You can also choose the quality of the results yourself. Of course, nothing guarantees better quality, but if you need to reduce quality – the application will give you choices.

You can also share the results at once – for example, if you don’t want to spend your mobile Internet traffic, but you feel the need to share data with your friends. You can even compress files in the package to make the process easier.


3. Video Compressor – Video to MP3 Converter


As the name implies, you can understand that this application combines functions for clip compression and conversion. Besides the features mentioned in the title, Video Compressor – Video to MP3 Converter can help you with many other questions that you might have during the editing process.

For example, you can convert large films and clips from the mkv format to the most basic mp4 format, which is considered the most common format for smartphones. At the same time, a compression operation will be performed. So you don’t need to install additional applications, so you will save more space in the device’s memory. You have the ability to compress and extract tightly defined areas from video clips – for example, the right moment of a 10 second movie, clip or even video.

Besides compression, you can also change the frame rate. Of course, this only applies to this reduction. In addition, you can make your own video clips in the Video Compressor – Video to MP3 Converter – just by combining several clips from different videos. Various output and input formats, different qualities and even audio deletion – the developers try to provide you with full functionality. The good news is that unlike many competitors, this application doesn’t leave a watermark on top of your video.


4. Video Shrinker


If you need a good iPhone or iPad application that you can use to work with large video files, Video Shrinker is a good choice for downloading. Of course, this application is not free, but does not complicate the compression process and you will immediately understand its function.

Select the material you want to work on from your video file catalog on your smartphone or tablet. When you open a folder, you will immediately see its size and weight. Video Shrinker gives you the ability to reduce this weight by 80% or more, depending on how much space you need.

Once selected, you need to determine the size, quality, and speed of the resulting frame. You can also choose the processing speed yourself. There is a special slider in the Video Shrinker menu for all of these parameters. You can easily identify the heaviest file in your smartphone’s memory and discard it, leaving all the information behind.

With the help of this application you will be able to free up a lot of memory space – and in Apple technology this is very important, because for this device there is no additional memory other than installed.


5. Video Compress – Shrink Vids


The iPhone and iPad can currently record movies as 4K, which is very high for mobile devices. The only drawback that comes immediately after shooting is the file weight. Not everyone is ready to store their personal data in the cloud or transfer it directly from their smartphone to a laptop or other digital media. If you want to save all your data directly on your cellphone, Video Compress can help you.

You can see the amount of free space before and after compression directly through the application to see how efficient the results are. Ease of use, an intuitive interface and only the functions needed – the developers have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to use this service.

You can compress several videos or even entire folders at once – but you must remember that this process will take a little longer than usual. You can also set up an instant deletion of the source file after it has been compressed – however, the clip may remain in the “Recently deleted” folder for some time.

When configuring compression, you choose the size and bitrate of the video. Video Compress will immediately calculate the weight of the final content, so you can see if you have sufficiently compressed your video. Note that new videos are stored in separate folders and with new creation dates – so if you are accustomed to navigating by date in your gallery, it will bring you a little inconvenience.


6. Desqueeze – Batch Resizer


Many developers do not want to create highly specialized applications. That’s why you can often see multifunctional variants, like Desqueeze, for example. Besides video, this application also works with images. However, all of these files are in your gallery and have the same access point.

A bright, simple special design won’t bother you, and can even speed up your understanding and perception. Since we’re talking about video compression, we will look more closely at all the features associated with it.

Desqueeze automatically detects clips in your phone’s memory and immediately displays what you can compress. So, if you choose to compress videos, the application will not display photos or animations to you. Automatically detects formats such as MOV, MP4, M4V.

You can use the default compression template or adjust the resulting video bitrate and dimensions. All results can be seen before saving and working if a malfunction occurs. If everything works for you – then immediately send the results to social networks – in a message or to your personal page. The Pro version of this application doesn’t have many features for movies, so if your goal is to simply compress the video, the free version will be enough for you.


7. Video to MP3 Converter,Video Compressor – VidCompact


If you don’t want to buy any application, you’re ready to be happy – VidCompact is a free application that doesn’t limit the usage time or duration of files downloaded.

Because the developers made very different applications to work with videos, they knew exactly how it would be better and more comfortable. That’s why they don’t limit the functionality of their products – besides compression, you can find some basic features.

VidCompact can not only compress your clips, but also convert them to other formats, cut or do other basic processing. This application is easy to use and allows you to set the duration and resolution of the results yourself. You can edit, compress and customize videos, all intuitively from the interface itself.

Directly from VidCompact you can upload videos to YouTube or Facebook. This way you not only save space on your smartphone, but also reduce traffic and increase download speeds. You can’t lose video quality because of the compression – you only have to use VidCompact.


8. Video Slimmer: Shrink, trim, merge, rotate movies


Happy Apple device owners like the iPad, iPod or iPhone know that even a small 5 minute clip can weigh around 0.5 GB! What if you have more than one or two of these videos? What if you like to record video all the time or even blog? In this case you will need the highly functional Video Slimmer application from the App Store.

You can now edit videos directly on your device. In addition, the developer has made a function that is easy to use, which also contributes to file compression. You can arrange several small clips together and compress a combined version. If you want to compress videos separately, you can do this in multithreaded mode.

Each clip can be adjusted individually – for example, to rotate or resize an image. If you don’t know anything about that, there are default settings that have been set on your service. They give you an average and standard choice.

Slimmer videos automate your videos, so when you play them on a computer, they immediately play in the correct orientation. It’s also easy to transfer files without additional equipment between your hardware devices in just a few seconds.


9. Video Compress by Mel studio


To reduce the amount of data used, Mel Studio decided to develop a special program. Video Compress is designed to make it easy for you to share videos on social networks and YouTube. If you save on internet traffic, you will definitely like this feature.

Sometimes you just need to extract MP3s from your video. Video Compress will also help you with this – a user friendly interface will tell you what to do right away. The whole process of compression and extraction takes place very quickly, and you won’t even have time to notice that the application will do everything for you.

Unlike some other converters, Compress Video makes copies of material, leaving the original file unchanged. The application creates separate folders in the memory of your smartphone and stores them there.

The compression process is very optimized. The application compresses the clip inversely with its size – that is, the heavier the video is, the more it will compress. The quality will be transferred with minimal loss – so if you need to save space in your smartphone’s memory, pay attention to Video Compress.


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