9 Best Tennis Game Apps For Android & iOS 2020

9 Best Tennis Game Apps For Android & iOS 2020

If you are a tennis fan and haven’t missed a single game, then you need to download the application from this list. We have chosen the best tennis game for Android and iOS.

You can try yourself as a tennis player. Build your team or become a coach. This application accurately simulates a tennis game. You can play for your favorite tennis player.

You can hold a tennis tournament with your friends using only your smartphone. Make your player and make him unique.

1. Ultimate Tennis: 3D online sports game

This application is one of the best tennis game simulators. Management and gameplay is very simple. You need to tap the screen with your fingers so your character moves. You will quickly learn management.

Developers shorten tennis tournaments for convenience. Even so, they are still interesting and exciting. This application has excellent graphics and visualization. You can use different game modes such as world tournaments, regional competitions, leagues or online.

You can master up to 4 special moves to surprise your opponents. Use this movement at the most unexpected times. This application will allow you to play with real people who are different from all over the world.

Everyone has a unique style of play. You can test friends or random people. You can also customize and personalize your character. Choose equipment, appearance, gender, and more. Create unique players.

Open the settings and select control mode. You can control it with one or two hands. Win tournaments and get points. You can also receive gifts. Buy new clothes and players. You can make the perfect team.

This application has been installed more than 10 million times. Download and win your first tennis tournament.


2. Hit Tennis 3

Download this simple tennis application. You need to control the racket using your fingers. Slide your finger to hit. This application has a cute hand drawn design. You can choose a place for a tennis tournament.

This can be the landscape of Canada, China, the US, the Italian Colosseum, and many other locations. You can choose your tennis opponents in 6 countries. Win tournaments and gain experience to increase your level.

The higher your level, the more difficult the tournament. All locations have detailed images. You will love the individual sounds of each location.

If the sounds and application melodies distract you, you can turn them off in the settings. This application has been downloaded more than 20 million times.

It doesn’t take much memory on your smartphone. This application weighs only 20MB. Download this tennis app and try to win the world tennis tournament.


3. Virtua Tennis Challenge

Download this application and you can take part in a virtual tennis tournament. This application has 3D graphics that every user likes. You can improve concentration by playing with other players. Create a tennis style.

Use complex combinations and special attacks. This application was developed in accordance with the game model for SEGA. You can also personalize the stadium where the tennis tournament will be held. Choose grass, spectators, stadium design and more.

Try a double challenge. Create your character. You can fully customize the appearance of your virtual tennis player. Earn money by winning tournaments. You can buy new clothes or get access to new competitions. This application will offer you new tests every day.

Try multiplayer mode. You can connect with friends to the same Wai-Fai network to play together. Much more fun and exciting. Find out who is the best player in your company.

If you have less time to play, you can run the fast matching mode. This application will take less than a minute to find you as a partner in the game. This SEGA application saves your progress.

You will find a profound and visual career mode. Make the best tennis player. This application has been downloaded more than 1 million times.


4. Tennis Clash: 3D Free Multiplayer Sports Games

This is one of the best multiplayer applications for online tennis. This will allow you to fight with other players or build a tennis career. You will be a beginner at the beginning of the game, but you can quickly succeed. You can play with friends or family members.

Take part in world tournaments and regional competitions. This application has 3D graphics. You can feel tennis thanks to the amazing graphics. This application has several playgrounds. You will not be bored playing the same.

The more tennis matches you win, the more trophies you will receive. The more trophies you have, the higher your rank. This application will allow you to customize your character.

You can equip your tennis player with cool rackets, uniforms, sports shoes, soccer and more. Open a shop to buy new items.

Some things and equipment add benefits to your players. You can increase the speed and strength of your racket.


5. Tennis World Open 2020: Free Ultimate Sports Games

Download this 3D tennis application and you can use all your knowledge about tennis. You can also fix it. Learn the style and movements of new games. This application has more than 25 popular players from all over the world. You can fight them all in a tennis tournament.

You are waiting for more than 20 world tournaments in 2020. You can adjust the game mode. Choose the time and surface of the day. You can also choose the location that you want to play.

This application allows you to personalize your character. Choose the style of clothes, rackets, shoes, and others. If you are new to the rules of tennis, try the tutorial.

This application has a daily gift and a wheel of fortune. Spin the wheel of fortune to win valuable prizes. This will help you in the progress of the game.

This application has 3 game modes. The first is career mode. You must complete all levels and win all tennis characters. The more levels you pass, the harder the game becomes and more experienced opponents.

Fast mode allows you to fight with real players in an online format. The training mode will help you train your tennis skills and make you a professional player. This application has been installed more than 1 million times. Try and fight tennis champions online.


6. World of Tennis: Roaring ’20s — online sports game

This application will allow you to move to the past. You can play tennis tournaments in your twenties. You will feel the atmosphere of the first half of the 20th century. This application is filled with good tennis battles. Character management is very simple.

You have to move your finger on the screen. This is a new touch and touch control technology. This application will show you a small tutorial at the beginning of the game.

Learn new styles and tactics of the game. You will be amazed at the realistic 3D graphics of the application by drawing small details. The developers created the physical movements of the ball and the racket that could be trusted.

You can choose the location of the tournament behavior. Take part in tournaments, competitions and leagues to become the best tennis players.

The more tennis battles you win, the more trophies you will have. Create characters and practice as you like. This application has 7 types of tennis characters. You can choose anyone. Customize your character and develop his abilities.

Come up with the best exercise. You can create a private sports club. This application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. Try it and be a champion on the leaderboards.


7. Table Tennis 3D

This tennis application has great 3D graphics with realistic animations. You need to swipe your finger to hit the ball. It feels like you are playing table tennis. This application has several game modes. The first mode is league.

You must win as many opponents as possible to move up the leaderboards. The second mode is the World Cup. Your job is to play against other players to take first place in the championship. This application has a cartoon design. This game is suitable for people of all ages.

The third mode is tournament. Fight against tennis leaders to replace them. The fourth mode is career. You have to go a long way to become a tennis master. Each level gets harder. Earn coins and buy upgrades for the game.

You can buy bonuses that will help you during tournaments and competitions. This application will appeal to all table tennis fans. It has been installed more than 10 million times. Download and try to prove to everyone that you are the best tennis player.


         8. TOP SEED Tennis: Sports Management Simulation Game

If you can’t live without tennis for a day, then you will definitely like this application. It has excellent graphics and gameplay. Manage the careers of young tennis players and promote them. Win a tennis tournament and become a champion. All depends on you.

Career mode allows you to decide how your character will develop. At the beginning of the game, your character is only 16 years old. Improve their skills, learn new strategies and techniques.

First, you will participate in regional competitions, then in world tournaments. You will be given the right to choose your movements in each tennis match. If you use the right strategy, you will win.

This application will help you learn the rules of tennis. You can buy trainers and fitness trainers for your character. Win more tournaments to get more money.

This application has a limit on the number of tennis battles. You will have energy replenished over time. If you can’t wait to play, you can buy extra energy.

This application has intuitive navigation. You need to use various tactics that are tailored to your opponent and surface. If you choose the right tactics, you will win.

This application looks for opponents online for 1 minute. You can practice by playing fast battles. This application has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Install and win all tennis competitions to become champions on the leaderboards.


9. Tennis Open 2019 – Virtua Sports Game 3D

This application has a new edition of tennis games. The main feature of this application is a fun and impressive baseball stadium. You will be able to learn new information about tennis. This application will teach you management at the beginning of the game.

You need to swipe your finger left and right. Choose the battle mode and you can see the score in the upper left corner of the screen. This application has a large selection of unique characters for the game.

You can try in 4 world tournaments. You will love the realism of the game because the developer uses the rules of physics to create ball movements.

You can fight with more than 50 characters in 18 stadiums. Each stadium has a unique design. You can enjoy hours of tennis through this application. Don’t forget about strategy when playing. If you apply all of your character’s skills and tactics correctly, you will win.

This application has characters from 12 countries. Fight them to prove that you are a champion. Get achievements for completing special tasks. Try to collect everything. The more you play, the more difficult tennis battles. This application does not take up much space on your smartphone. Weighing only 24MB.

You can also play offline, so the lack of Internet will no longer be a bug problem. This application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.



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