9 Best Reverse Number Lookup Apps For Android

9 Best Reverse Number Lookup Apps For Android

Nowadays, a lot of people use mobile devices, and all of them don’t use them for good purposes. Mobile devices have been widely used to annoy people by calling them with unknown numbers or simply to send annoying spam messages. There are many other reasons that you could be annoyed with your mobile device. For all spam related problems, several applications are available on the internet which can help you get out of this mess easily. This type of app is called a reverse number lookup app and what this app does is it gives you the data of the caller who is calling you even if the number is not stored in the device memory or SIM Card. Also it can filter spam messages and you get a clean and safe message thread consisting only of your impotent contact messages. An additional feature provided by this kind of application is that you can use it as a blocker and block incoming calls or messages from certain numbers. The list of reverse number lookup apps is given with related data, choose the one you like best from them and download it right away.

 1. True Caller


True Caller is about the best Caller ID tracking app around the world. This app has around 250+ Million registered users, and it can instantly provide you with information about whoever is calling you. As soon as you receive a call, the application sees its user database and it is not registered in its database, you will get all the info about the user. You can block spam messages and calls directly through the app whenever you receive a spam call or message. This app can also be used as instant messenger and call recorder as well. You can share your location, flash messages, GIFs, emojis and status with your friends. There are many other features of the app which can be learned by visiting the Google Play Store app page. The link to the application Google Play store page is given.

2. Truth Finder


Truth Finder is an interesting app that makes you an FBI inspector yourself. Well, to be precise, it could give you all the background data like Do they have a long criminal record? What is their current address? How old are they really? Do they own property? About anyone you know. This app can save you a lot of time if you have to look around anyone’s background if they have a criminal background or something. It is not limited to just background search, you can also use it for Basic Background Check, Criminal Background Check, Reverse Phone Search and Email Search including many more. In the free version, you can only pull some basic info about the victim and after purchase, all confidential data will be shown to you.

3. Reverse Lookup – Caller ID and Block


Reverse Lookup – Caller ID and Block is also an application to find info about unknown numbers or even those you know. This app automatically displays all available data about any caller as soon as you receive a call. This app is loaded with features related to ID tracking, and you’ll be pleased to know that it has a location tracking system. You can track anyone’s location while on a call without leaving the call and catch the fraudster. One more advantage to this app is that it doesn’t require any account or registration to function, it remains anonymous and uses it as soon as it is installed. Many of the more unusual features are available in this app.

4. Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App


Whoscall – Best block and caller ID app is Caller ID Tracking app awarded Editor’s Choice. This application is the best in its field, and many people use it to get great results. This app has not been launched in a long time, but it has broken many leading apps or apps and came out on top. This app has tons of features for tracking caller ID, and with a database of over 1 billion numbers registered on it, you’re sure to find any number you come across. Automatic call ID tracking is also available in this application as well as blocking calls and SMS has also been activated in this application for user convenience. It also has an offline database engine which can identify numbers even when you are offline.

5. Showcaller – Caller ID, Call Blocker & Tracker


Showcaller – Caller ID, Call Blocker & Tracker, is an app that works right away but is loaded with lots of other features if you want to use them. Once the app is installed, you don’t have to do anything, it will automatically get all the data of the callers who call you, and then you can take action if you want to mark it as spam, block it, or make it your favorite. TI shows the caller ID as well as the location of the user while on the call. This app has an offline database which means it can provide you with data about the callers even when you are offline. However, location is not available in offline mode. This is a dialer app and you can also use it as a call recorder app. A fully functional, responsive, fast and free application at your fingertips.

6. Real Caller: CALLER ID & REVERSE Number LOOKUP


Real Caller: CALLER ID & REVERSE Number LOOKUP is a simple app with a not-so-futuristic user interface but is a great app for low-size job ads. It can easily track incoming caller ID and you can perform all functions like spam, bock or just record calls. You can also reverse search any number just by entering the username, the results will be displayed immediately when you enter the username. The pin point is to find a specific user, you have to type their exact name in the search field, then there is a good chance that you can find whoever you are looking for.

7. Hiya – Caller ID & Block


Hiya – Caller ID & Block is a great app to use for tracking Caller ID and blocking numbers. This app has a great database behind the scenes and has lots of users and numbers registered on it. You can find data about caller ID with it manually or even automatically if someone calls you. It automatically blocks all spam calls and messages so you can keep your cool with annoying messages and calls. Very simple and easy application for your purposes. This app lacks many features but excels in its field of work. You can find this app on the Google Play Store and it’s free to download and use.

8. Reverse Lookup


Reverse Lookup is a completely anonymous application for those who don’t want to reveal their identity to anyone but want to find out their identity. Since most of the popular caller ID tracking apps require registration to operate, it also makes it feasible to pass your data on to other people while you get other people’s data. But this app doesn’t require any login or registration and you are completely hidden from all search engines when using this app. You can get all the data you want from anyone in it if the database is registered. This app is designed to work in US states and has limited service in other parts of the world.

9. Caller ID, Calls, Phone Book & Contacts: Eyecon


Caller ID, Calls, Phonebook & Contacts: Eyecon is another professional level caller ID tracking app that lets you get data on whoever is calling or messaging you. This app automatically tracks the ID of the person calling you and provides you with all the data available on that particular caller. This app also syncs with Facebook, twitter and some other social apps and you will get all data about the website where the user is registered with that number. This app is a high-end professional grade application that has a machine that keeps learning about you and the more you use it the more comfortable you will be with using it as it adapts to your needs. Many interesting features are available in this application and you can get it for free from the Google Play Store.



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