9 Best Music Apps For Kids Android & iOS

9 Best Music Apps For Kids Android & iOS

Are you trying to get your child’s interest in music? Do you want to entertain your children and keep them busy for a long time? If so, then you are in the right place. Each of us has our lives fixed and scheduled according to the work we do. Like some of us have to go for 9 to 5 jobs, some for business meetings and some may even have to stay home. Even though it’s not difficult to organize things, but what if you have kids and you need a way to cheer them up to keep them busy for some time so you can focus on other important work too? Currently, a good solution is to download some fun apps on your device. For example, the Music application for children.

This is the perfect way to engage your child in something that is not only fun for him, but also for you. And it would be very helpful if this music application also made him learn something meaningful, right? So here in this article, I have found 10 best music apps for kids that will not only keep them busy but will also trigger their musical activity.

1. Mussila Music School


Mussila is an award winning music learning app for kids. This is a fun app that provides hours of great music lessons, challenges and games specially created by music experts for better learning for kids. Using this cool app one can begin to identify whether they are listening to the guitar or the harp and one day, someone will find themselves playing “Barbara Allen” on the piano. This app is made in a way that is fun and a little silly but very addicting.

This artificial application allows one to explore the exciting adventures of the Mussila band on a musical journey. Children will definitely do best if they have basic knowledge of different musical instruments and tones. They also have a glossary of instruments and in-game notes so that children using the app not only learn to pair musical images but can also name the instruments. This game offers more than 60 exciting levels of game play and creativity that will help your child acquire a solid musical foundation that will last a lifetime. This app ensures that wherever your child is on the path of learning music in it, you can also play and practice with them. It offers a 7 day free trial and if you enjoy using it then your subscription will auto-continue.

2. Mazaam- The Musical Genius


Mazaam is another children’s song app that helps children develop their knowledge of music through a wide variety of games and levels specially created by experts for children’s convenience. This is a great app for kids as it helps improve musical, mental and social skills while exploring the basic elements of music. This app offers an intuitive and progressive framework for children along with visual clues in each module and then they disappear, which will make your child easily distinguish, associate and identify musical instruments.

The audio is great, the animations are exciting along with the games so colorful. By using this application, your child will not feel like he is learning something, but he will learn while having fun. It is ideal for parents to work with their children while checking their understanding in it too.

3. Loopimal


Loopimal is a fun music app for kids that lets them explore sequences using pre-programmed blocks to overlay music or melody rhythms on top of a beat or sound. Using this application, one can easily learn to make music because the possibilities for creation and composition in the application itself are endless. The content provided in it is based on melodies, rhythms and movements aimlessly, wrong or right, making it a safe and fun kit to create.

Overall, it’s a really interesting way to introduce your child to music and animation. It is very simple and at the same time powerful that although it is aimed at children, but fun for people of all ages. Even so, the kid will have a lot of fun with this musical experiment.

4. Sago Mini Music Box


Another fun music app for kids is the Sago Mini Box. This app comes with a lot of great features and puts more emphasis on giving children the opportunity to play songs. A simple tap on the screen by the child and a song will be played on the screen. By using this application, a child can also learn new things including vocabulary, basic concepts along with following the verbal directions given to him.

What makes it fun are the fun songs, beautiful artwork, and cute characters, making it especially suitable for children. It includes familiar songs and settings, packed with fun animations. This is an amazing app not only for toddlers but even adults can enjoy this. In this app, there are 3 different songs available to choose from. All you have to do is tap the screen to play each note. Even the detail and imagination in this app is amazing without any in-app purchases and third-party advertising.

5. Musical Me!- By Duck Duck Moose LLC


Musical Me! is a great music app for kids that takes them on a musical and magical journey. This helps them in exploring various musical elements along with the Duck Duck Moose character. Using this application, your child will learn about music, musical notes, rhythms, instrumental tones and much more. It provides a lot of good to children through musical play using high quality music and attractive graphics.

This app is also free to use without ads. With so many nursery rhymes, this is a great app for little ones. As we know that Music deals with many parts of the brain and that is why through playing with rhythms and notes, your child can easily hone his memorization skills. Overall, it’s a pretty interesting app for kids developing their critical thinking processes along with teaching the basic components of music.

6. Music Sparkles- Musical Instruments Collection


Entering the list of best music apps for kids is now Music Sparkles. This is a wonderful instrumental app for little ones that comes with 14 musical instruments in it. It is packed with many features and functions with beautiful and captivating songs not only for children but also for their parents. The app is designed in such a way that it introduces children to various musical instruments and music creation with pre-recorded loops.

What makes this app different from others is the stimulated instrument which plays like the real thing. This application is very colorful with an attractive interface that will help your child develop musical hearing and future talents. Although this is a free application to use but certain in-app items may require payment.

7. Sesame Street Makes Music


This is a music app for kids which helps them in exploring their musical instruments, tempo and creativity. It offers some serious music making lessons using different instruments. There are several characters like Ernie, Cookie Monster, etc. Which will help you explore other instruments. This app helps children learn the basics of music through their interactive games and activities. One can easily learn more about musical structure, style and other instruments by introducing 6 musical genres. With this application, children will easily distinguish between how they listen to a song and how the song is played in the application.

This app is not free and may seem a little hefty due to its simplicity, but it can be fun for kids, so you should give it a try. It will take your child to a whole new fantasy world full of music, songs and other funny things.

8. Piano Maestro by JoyTunes


Piano Maestro is another best music app for kids that offers fun and engaging piano exercises for families and teachers. This is an excellent application that gives access to hundreds of songs and one can learn all there is to know about the piano. With the learning button provided in it, you can get access to how to learn songs in stages. This app will help with hand placement, reading / note recognition and timing as well. Using this application, one can learn to identify all piano keys together by increasing their rank using a virtual keyboard.

Today there are many piano apps available to help kids learn to play the piano and Piano Maestro is definitely a must-try. It’s free to use and once you’ve learned all the free stuff you can invest in a fuller version to explore more.

9. Baby Mozart


Are you having trouble finding good music or nursery rhymes for your baby? Or do you baby wake up at night crying? If so, then the Baby Mozart app is what you need. This app was created with the aim of making parents’ lives a little easier. This app comes with more than 22 different sounds that will make your child sleep faster or even if he wakes up in the middle of the night crying, this app can help you deal with this situation as quickly as possible. This can keep your baby busy and entertained for a long time. This is a friendly and reliable app with good ratings on the store.



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