9 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android & iOS

9 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android & iOS

Do you want a bit of horror, a scary sound, a scary environment, and action like in a classic horror movie? There are plenty of cellular games that can help you to drown in a chilling and goosebumping atmosphere.

But isn’t it better to play games like that with a friend or someone else on the internet? Horror games that support multi-player mode require a stable online connection and allow you to collaborate with friends or play with each other. Take a look at the list of the best horror multiplayer games for Android and iOS and don’t play around anymore.

1. Horrorfield


If you are madness madness but a simple single player game boring for you, the Horrorfields game application will satisfy your desires. More than 5 million downloads from the Android Market and the number could be greater if there is an iOS version. In this easy-to-play horror game, you can compete with your friends online and see who will be the victim of a crazy butcher or who will survive.

All the action takes place in a frightening original with many monsters appearing from the angle that frightens you. Dozens of spells are placed at each step to catch you and scream will attract the main monster – the killer.

There are 7 characters to choose from: Basketball Players, Doctors, Engineers, Thieves, Mercenaries, Scientists, Police Officers. All of them have exclusive abilities and unique roles. For example, a doctor can heal himself, an engineer can repair generators and craft items to leave the shelter faster, a police officer can catch the killer.

If you are hopelessly feeling that your role is to stand on the other side and bring horror to everyone, choose from the character of murder. You will have A Butcher, Monster, Ghost, and Cultist. Each killer has the ability and their respective roles. Ghosts can pass through walls and frighten the survivors. While monsters can turn into werewolves, etc.

Only playing for the survivors makes it possible to ally with other players in some online games. As a result playing for monsters won’t let you have the chance to work together and you will be against everyone with only one goal: to hunt and kill prey.

This game is considered very scary and scary.

2. Slender Man Hide & Seek Multiplayer Free


Slender Man Hide & Seek is a scary multiplayer game with students fighting the scenario playing Slender Man.

Play with your friends, choose the character you want to take. The story of this game is not clear. But the main objective is to find the Slandersman puppet talisman that was placed in the chest and to destroy it. The Slender man’s main goal is to capture all students before they destroy all the amulets.

Slender Man is a hero who is very popular in the world of digital mobile games. This special version is available for free for Android and iOS devices.

Main feature:

  • Stunning gruesome graphics will help immerse players into a sinister reality;
  • Spooky noises that suddenly create a frightening atmosphere;
  • The game guide is very simple and does not include difficult search tasks.

If you are playing for a student, try not to be seen by Slender men who can easily kill you and not let you complete an assignment. If you play for a Slender man, try to catch all the students because every doll that is destroyed will make you lose one of your lives.

3. Slendytubbies: Android Edition


Do you like silly scary monsters? Here they are presented in the Slendytubbies mobile game. This terrible online game is a combination of beautiful Slender and Teletubbies games. So, here they are not lonely anymore.

The main objective is to collect bowls with custard trying not to be caught by one of the tubbies who play the role of Slenderman.

Starting a game You will have the choice to play alone in a single player game or with online friends in multiplayer. In the second option, you must join the playroom with a maximum of 6 players. Let’s list some features to have clearer insight into the game.

  • The graphics are good with a foggy, frightening view but not dark so your eyes don’t get tired quickly.
  • The background sound is scary and reminds someone.
  • Suddenly a loud scream when you approach one of the tubbies is the most frightening thing, especially if you wear a hands-free tool.
  • During the game, you can chat with other players who send them messages and it will appear on the screen.

In the end, I can say that this game is not scary despite the fact that Teletubbies turn into monsters like the most scary children’s nightmares. But certainly in the middle of the night, the game will add adrenaline to your blood.

4. Dead plague: Zombie Outbreak


I want to present you one of the most interesting horror games with shooter elements. The Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak mobile game is based on the classic Hollywood movie scenario. The whole action takes place on an island where a dangerous virus spreads around infecting residents and turning them into creepy zombies.

The virus came out of the Research Center and spread quickly with the help of a warm tropical climate. Your goal is to fight against zombies, not to be eaten and to collect data that will explain the mystery of this deadly virus. For this, you will gather your online team for up to 4 members. Find friends all over the world to play together in this multiplayer zombie shooter in a scary environment.

Main feature:

  • Stunning detailed graphics, special effects.
  • Single or multiplayer game with up to 4 players.
  • Different types of zombies with various abilities.
  • Large arsenal: rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles.
  • Additional small items such as bombs, grenades and adrenaline fire.

The game is available free for Android and iOS devices with pop-up ads. It has also been translated into many languages.

5. Identity V


Identity V is a relatively new survival horror game released in 2018. The game starts from a scene when you as a detective find a mysterious letter with an invitation to investigate an abandoned manor. Then the storyline begins with the first scene depicting what a detective found in the palace.

The house looks very scary, abandoned and damaged except for one room where the detective will stay because it looks mysteriously clean. Step by step instructions will guide you throughout the game. Many scary strange things happen to add more horror to the game process. Then a detective will enter one of the victim’s body and the search will begin.

In the game, you will have lots of different characters to play, choose gender and costumes for the characters. You will play with 3 other victims who run from crazy creepy hunters who make lots of scary sounds and look very merciless. You must work with your teammates to go further in the game. The main objective is to decode the password machine, open the gate and escape.

I would add that this game presents a bright sensation because of the gloomy graphics and lots of gloomy sounds. It’s definitely worth playing because of the graphics, story line, and various scenes and searches. Free downloads for iOS and Android users.

6. Hellraiser 3D Multiplayer


Hellraiser 3D Multiplayer is another terrible zombie shooter to play many players. Scary zombies surround you to attack and kill. Your goal is to kill everyone who will stand in your way. For this, you will ally with friends and play online games together.

This game is not considered a pure horror game but the atmosphere and atmosphere are scary. Monsters look scary and ugly there.

The game offers a variety of missions and quests:

  1. You will play in various hospitals and bunkers of Soviet secret time
  2. Save the general’s daughter and get a gift from her
  3. Help residents to escape from the infected metro station
  4. Shoot zombies and mutants from the helicopter
  5. Destroy zombie shelters and warehouses

The game has amazing graphic details that are full of effects and sounds. You will have many game sites and weapons to choose from. Don’t forget that scary monsters can attack you anytime. Download the game on any Android device and enjoy playing it for free.

7. Bigfoot Monster Hunter


Bigfoot Monster Hunter is an amazing multiplayer survival game that you can play with friends. All the action takes place in the forest where the bigfoot monster lives. Rumor has it that every step into the forest was found dead. You and your team know that scary information is prepared to hunt wild animals.

You will have in your arsenal:

  • Hunting rifles
  • Bear Traps
  • Spy camera
  • Flashlight, etc.

You are fully equipped to hunt but we realize that one day a hunter can fall prey. With this in mind, you will have to work with friends in the process of hunting and surviving, because after all the animal’s turn can wait for you. You can gather your real life friends in a team or find random online gamers.

Besides that, I want to say that the game graphics are quite perfect and you will enjoy the game process. This game is available for iOS and Android devices.

8. Murderer online


Do you want to plunge into the world of massacre? That’s what waits for you in the Murderer Online game that supports multi-player mode. Developers have described the game as a “terrible killing party”. Maybe they are very right. You will be scared from fear of being chased and found by a murderer to an accelerated heartbeat.

Are you going to play for a killer or a fugitive?

What assassin would you choose from 10 different characters with their specific qualities?

The game has a RUMBLE mode where you can choose the strongest killer to play face to face.

This game is horrible and the scene of murder without a brush with a lot of blood and cold killing. The killing character in this game is the desire to die, they are looking for a young beauty, a fugitive, to be killed.

The game is free for the Android and iOS platforms despite having in-app purchases.

9. Friday Night Multiplayer


Other games in a series of online multiplayer homicide games that give you a choice whether you become a trapped victim or a violent killer. This scary game offers a lot of action. For example, if you survived, you must find a way to escape and there are several options:

  1. Successfully called the police
  2. Kill the killer. For this, you need to find a weapon and be skilled enough to fight the cruel killers
  3. Repair the abandoned car
  4. Try to unlock the gate. You can escape the trap.

The role of a killer is quite easy. Chaise and kill all the victims before they survive your trap.

Invite your friends to play together in a game where you feel tense followed by a scary killer who can jump from any angle on the road.

This game is available for iOS and Android platforms for free.

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