9 Best Mixtapes Apps For Android & iOS

9 Best Mixtapes Apps For Android & iOS

Do you like mixtapes? Want to listen to your favorite music anytime? This is possible using your phone.

Use application data to access a large number of mixtapes. Here you will learn about the latest news, compile your playlists and get useful recommendations.

Find tracks from your favorite artists using easy search. You can also use filters by genre. All of this is available in this application.

Many music drying programs allow you to listen for free. Here are all the best applications for enjoying your favorite music.

1. DatPiff – Mixtapes & Music


The DatPiff – Mixtapes & Music application will give you access to the best mixtapes in the music industry.

This program has offline support. You can mark available albums or playlists offline. The application will store it in your mobile device’s memory.

The application interface is very easy to use. There are various collections, easy search, and various charts.

The DatPiff – Mixtapes & Music application is also a socially oriented service. Here you can subscribe to someone to follow their playlists and favorites.

Search within the application is very fast. You must enter a genre name or an author name. You will get the results in just a few seconds.

There are interesting features to choose a track. It takes into account your interests and listening to music. If you don’t like the music offered, then you can click the “No longer offer” button. So the application can calculate your taste.

You can download your favorite tracks to the application library. This allows you to listen to music without an internet connection. In addition, any audio recording can be sent to your friends. this can be done via email or any social network.

This application contains the best mixtapes from world players. Here you will surely find what you like.

A good bonus is the DatPiff application – Mixtapes & Music is completely free and has no native ads. All features are available without subscription.

2. Spinrilla – Hip-Hop Mixtapes & Music


Listen to the best mixtapes from around the world with the beautiful Spinrilla – Hip-Hop Mixtapes & Music app.

Here you get to the colossal music library. Millions of songs in excellent quality, choice of genres and individual artists. You can also synchronize tracks to listen offline.

The application interface is very good. You will get rich functionality. In the main application window, you can open the main menu. Here you will have access to your music, mixtapes that you like and much more.

The Spinrilla – Hip-Hop Mixtapes & Music application has an algorithm for selecting similar artists. This will give you interesting recommendations and entertaining choices. They are the main advantages of this program.

If you want to listen to your offline mixtapes, you can download a sound file. You can subscribe to artists that you like. Then the application will notify you when new tracks from your favorite musicians appear.

Near the track that has been fully downloaded to the device, a green arrow symbol will appear. If the arrow is gray, then the download is not complete.

Here you can mark selected playlists and synchronize them with your device. This will also help you listen to them offline. During synchronization, you must be on a network, but after that, you can disconnect.

This is a free application without native ads. here you will find a large catalog of mixtapes that you will definitely like.

3. LiveMixtapes – Free Mixtapes


LiveMixtapes – Free Mixtapes is a social network where you can find mixtapes that you like.

The writers here can show their footprint to a wide audience. By using this service, you can not only listen to tracks but also download songs that you like.

Its advantages include unique composition and filtering based on popularity. There is also an opportunity to follow the work of famous artists.

LiveMixtapes Application – Free Mixtapes Features:

  • Registration is required to download tracks.
  • Download and listen to mixtapes for free. Create playlists and favorite lists, subscribe to artists.
  • Here you will get recommended playlists and special music ratings. Browse user playlists, join groups, and chat on the default messenger.
  • Filters: by genre, artist, mood, recommendations and tags.

Additional features:

  1. Offline mode.
  2. Integration with Twitter, Facebook, Songkick, FourSquare.
  3. Record sound through the application. Ability to insert comments into sound recordings.
  4. Download private tracks.
  5. Insert track in the message.
  6. Expanded statistics. Displays listening countries and cities, sites, and sites with attached tracks.

Account activation is done through accounts on social networks or e-mail. You also need to specify control data (login and password). Next, you need to confirm activation via the link from the letter. Fill out the profile and state your musical preferences.

The system interface is very interesting. The top panel contains the main blocks and sections. In the menu section, you will find downloads, popular tracks, and a list of authors. You can also make personal mixtapes.

Recently listened mixtapes and saved artist albums are stored in the LiveMixtapes application – free Mixtapes history. Also in the menu, you can open a tab with a download list.

The main advantage of this service is the unique and little-known track search. A large number of writers share their daily work. Most tracks are remixes and remakes.

All the benefits of the LiveMixtapes application – Free Mixtapes:

  1. Large collection of mixtapes.
  2. Convenient search and collection, updated every day.
  3. Listen freely.
  4. Communication with users.

Install this free application on your mobile and enjoy your favorite mixtape.

4. My Mixtapez


My Mixtapez is one of the most popular mixtape applications.

This program has a special social network. It is presented in the Connect section. In it, players can interact with fans and share exclusive material. For customers, it is possible to leave likes and comments under the publication.

The My Mixtapez application has a user friendly interface.

There are 5 tabs in the bottom corner of the screen:

  • Media Library. In this tab, you can find music that you previously added.
  • For you. The following are playlists and songs selected by the program for your personal preferences. Also, by default, “My favorite songs”, “Friends music” and “New music” playlists will be added. Playlists are updated every day. Also in this tab a list of themed songs is collected.
  • When you open a tab for the first time, you can choose your favorite genre and favorite artist.
  • With long-term use, this service will be able to choose individual compositions better.
  • On the “Overview” tab, you will see the latest music industry and the most popular clips and tracks. Music from this tab can be downloaded to your music library.
  • The Radio tab allows you to listen to various radio stations directly.
  • The “Search” tab is designed to search for individual artists and songs.

When listening to music, the player is displayed in the lower corner of the screen. Each recording can be downloaded for the next offline playback. Download can be done with the application closed.

Benefits of my Mixtapez application:

  • This application has exclusive radio stations all the time. They work as the best DJs in the world.
  • Ability to see the track being listened to.
  • Ability to manage preferences. This helps the service to choose better music. It is also possible to put “likes” and “dislikes” to the song. Based on this, service offerings will be formed.
  • Exclusive songs and albums.
  • Regular update.
  • In the application, it is possible to adjust the start screen.

Discover the best mixtapes and enjoy listening for free.

5. Bon Entendeur – Mixtapes


In the Bon Entendeur – Mixtapes application, you will surely find new and fun music mixtapes.

This application is great for music writers and listeners. Mixtape writers can publish their music, share experiences, and chat with fans. Listeners can easily find their favorite tracks. You can download it to listen without the Internet.

First of all, here you can find completely unique music that you will not hear anywhere else. The filtering system allows you to filter songs based on artist, genre, and popularity. Apart from that, there are likes. With their help, you can express your attitude towards the track.

Most of the content here consists of remixes of popular songs and songs. Remixes are so talented that they provide fun no less than the original work.

Here you will find a large number of mixes that can function as excellent soundtracks. If you are looking for perfect background music for any activity, then you will like this application.

You can register in the Bon Entendeur – Mixtapes program. So, you can add your favorite works to your favorites. Create your own playlists and subscribe to updates from your favorite musicians. In addition, you can receive recommendations from services. They are based on your listening history and more.

Getting started using the application is easy. Simply open the main page and enter a genre or musician in the search bar. Here you will find something that will make you add artists to your favorites and compile a list of songs to listen to.

6. Audiomack | Download New Music & Mixtapes


Audiomack | Download the New Music & Mixtapes app that lets you find mixtapes and receive personalized recommendations. They are based on your music taste and content popularity.

Here collected all the best music tracks. You can hear and watch clips, singles and remixes. To search, you need to determine what type of content you are interested in.

On the main tab of the application, there is a section with the new release of the artist, the selected track. In addition, here you will find collections based on your preferences.

The Popular tab shows the latest songs. Hit parades of one hundred best songs, one hundred best videos and 20 trends are also being formed.

On the “Library” tab are sections with your downloaded songs, albums and favorite tracks.

You will get access to the entire music collection from this service. Listen to playlists arranged by genre and mood. Regular use will allow you to collect favorite tracks.

Here you can hear mixtapes that you won’t find in other resources. This might not be a very popular artist and band. But they found their audience.

Audiomack application | Download New Music & Mixtapes make recommendations based on your listening history. It can also offer similar tracks that you like. Recommendations are updated every minute.

Recommended recommendations must be included in the search history. You can do this in the application settings. The search technology program allows you to find music not only by name but also by text. This applies to English compositions.

Each artist has their own page with songs and clips, which you can subscribe to. If you like the song, you can share it with your friends. Send to social networks, messenger or email.

Audiomack application | Download the benefits of New Music & Mixtapes:

  • Rich mixtapes collection
  • Listen to the background and offline
  • Personal recommendation and chart system
  • Song not available in other resources
  • Ability to save internet traffic

Use this free application to listen to the best mixtapes.

7. Pandora: Music & Podcasts


In the Pandora: Music & Podcast application, you can listen to mixtapes. Read interesting news and publications about your favorite artists.

This service has been known for its cloud features. Favorite songs can be downloaded to the cloud, which is synchronized with the phone. Thus, music will be available offline.

The Pandora application: Music & Podcast places a strong emphasis on famous artists.

In addition, this program gives you the ability to choose the sound quality at boot. Not everyone has a smartphone with high system requirements. In this case, loading with poor sound quality helps.

If you clear the cache in the application settings, you can improve its performance. The navigation menu also works very well. You can register on the Pandora: Music & Podcasts application. So you get more opportunities.

This application provides the ability to communicate with other users. You can take part in news discussions about your favorite artists. Listen to interesting music artists and more.

Here you can listen to music and at the same time, read information about the latest shows. Leave a comment and share the link with friends. You can also do this using an email or account on any social network.

The Pandora application: Music & Podcast has all the functions available. Music albums, radio stations, publications, news feeds, and more in one application.

Listen to your favorite tracks and share with your friends for free and without restrictions.

8. Next Hyype free Independent Music & Mixtapes


Listen to your favorite mixtapes in the free Independent Music & Mixtapes Next Hyype application.

To start using this program, you need to register. Registration is very simple. It takes around two minutes. To do this, you need to specify an email or bind a social networking account.

Next, enter your username and password. Done Now you can use all the application’s features.

The main feature of this application is the interesting part. It contains the history of the creation of several tracks. So, you can listen to your favorite mixtapes and read interesting information. You can also listen to podcasts here.

The free Next Hyype Independent Music & Mixtapes application will recommend new music based on your preferences. Get playlists for any genre, theme or mood. Recommendations often fall to the user’s taste in music.

There is a useful feature “Radio”. Select song, playlist or album. The algorithm will unite endless choices of something similar. The radio automatically turns on as soon as you listen to the album.

In addition, here you will find personalized weekly playlists that try to suit your taste. Every Monday, the application sends 30 songs. According to the algorithm, you have to like it.

Algorithms can be “taught.” Listen to more music, like tracks and delete them from collections you don’t like. Over time, playlists can turn out to be great places to look for new artists or songs.

Every Friday, the free application Next Hyype, Independent Music & Mixtapes sends a collection of songs from the group and artist releases that you like.

In addition, you can use this application to listen to mixtapes without internet. To do this, click the special “Download” button near the track name. All music is saved to the application library.

9. iEmpire – Empire State Mixtapes


In the iEmpire application – Empire State Mixtapes, you will receive mixtapes recommendations and catalogs.

This program has a number of advantages:

1.Extensive media library.

In total, more than 30 million songs are available for you. Among them there are many artists from different genres, as well as exclusive releases. Even music lovers with certain tastes will find it easy to find any music.

2. The right recommendation.

This is for a good algorithm so iEmpire – Empire State Mixtapes are highly valued by millions of users around the world. In addition to adjusting your preferences, this service offers special playlists.

It is updated every Tuesday and contains recommended songs. There are also tabs with dozens of popular and little-known artists. They are chosen based on your taste.

In addition to featured playlists, there is an updated daily collection. They consist of favorite and new songs, divided by genre. Listening statistics are collected. At the end of the year, the service was pleasant with a total steep.

At the same time, the accuracy of recommendations can be improved with the help of likes and dislikes. They are available in all collections.

3. Curated playlist mass.

If you just want to listen to music, there is a good playlist for mood and various activities.

Heart-marked tracks are not counted in the recommendations. They are automatically saved in the Favorites list. Here you can listen to them or collect them in separate playlists.

4. Strong radio.

Many ready-made stations are available here. You can also collect yourself by artist or even one song.

5. Large community.

A large listener community with good taste is also a plus. Here you can find various collections with similar music preferences.

6. Integration with other services.

The greatest flexibility of this application is manifested in integration with services. Songs that you like are easily shared on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Skype. Instagram even supports posting as a story.

7. The quality of the application iEmpire – Empire State Mixtapes.

This program has a nice and intuitive interface. The service is very stable.

8. Lack of annoying advertisements.

Download this great application to listen to your favorite mixtapes.

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