9 Best Blackjack Apps For Android & iOS

9 Best Blackjack Apps For Android & iOS

Blackjack is currently one of the most popular casino games. Thanks to its simple rules and the opportunity to strategize, the game has become almost as extensive as poker. The chance to win the offer seems interesting and there is a high chance that luck will be on your side. It is good to know that expert players usually win far more than the average.

Whatever your goals – to have fun or to acquire special playing skills – the Blackjack app is here to help you! Choose one of the top Blackjack apps and enjoy this bold game!

1. Blackjack Free


Blackjack Free is one of the most popular applications in the application store and there are certain reasons for that. This application is suitable for beginners and for advanced players.

There are several regimes and it is possible to improve your skills by learning several strategies. The user-friendly design and high quality graphics make Blackjack Free one of the best applications for playing Blackjack. Download now and experience the nature of this game!

2. BlackJack 21


The BlackJack application by AbZorba Games is another application with many customizable features. This application has a design that looks modern and, what’s more, this application will move you to the atmosphere of a Las Vegas casino. When you open the application for the first time, you are offered to choose the face of the game (avatar). After that, you can do a tutorial or start competing with other players from all over the world. You can invite your friends too, for example by using Facebook.

The gameplay creates a pleasant overall feel; background noises and dealer noises are increasing for this! Download BlackJack 21 now and experience what it’s like to play in Vegas!

3. myVEGAS Blackjack


Speaking of Vegas, have you ever wanted to go there? Well, MyVEGAS Blackjack can’t guarantee you are there, but it will give you real-world appreciation that can be used there! Stay at hotels, eat, access nightclubs … All in all, if you are in Sin City now, you must go for this application.

If not, you can still use this application, because it has more to offer – amazing graphics, beautiful animations, some interesting Blackjack variations – all in just one application! Download now and have fun!

4. Blackjack 21 + Free Casino


This application was originally designed for iOS devices, but now it is also available on Android. Blackjack 21 + Free Casino provides an authentic experience of playing Blackjack.

There are no different modes or anything, but players are given the opportunity to experience what it’s like to play the original Blackjack game according to all the rules and principles.

The cool thing is you can have up to three tables in one hand. So you will not be bored because you will continue to think of different combinations. When you start playing, you are given a definite number of chips and you can only ‘lose’ when you lose all those chips.

If you are a beginner, there are a few tips for you so you can stop feeling out of place. In short, this application is perfect for those who want to pay tribute to authentic Blackjack.

5. Blackjack (Brainium Studios)


Blackjack by Brainium Studios is another beautifully designed application that will help you master your playing and fun skills. The advantage of this application is that there are no in-app purchases, so no matter how excited you are, you can be sure that your money is safe.

Brainium Studios does not add alternative versions of Blackjack to the application, so there are only traditional ones, but with all the tricks and strategies that are usually available – so you can duplicate or split hands if you want.

If you are a beginner, there are specific instructions for you to follow and also training games that can help improve your numeracy skills. Feel like you won’t resist the temptation to buy chips with your real money? Then this one is for you!

6. Blackjack Strategy Practice


Blackjack Strategy Practice is a smooth, fast, and beautiful application for learning strategies. There are also no in-app purchases, which are quite clear – this application is designed to learn how to play Blackjack and not to actually play it.

Learning with this application is easy and very fun. Your every step is followed by comments. The more time you spend with the Practice Strategy, the more you become experienced. If you are one of those people who believe in the famous saying ‘train hard and easy’, then download this one!

7. BlackJack Online – Just Like Vegas!


BlackJack Online – Just Like Vegas! is another application to play beautiful BackJack and is intended to play the original version of the game. As we can see, there are many applications that are practically the same, so competition between them is definitely difficult for you! Each developer emphasizes something different.

This one stands out from the crowd with an extraordinarily stimulating reward system. You get bonuses every day and, what’s more, you get additional bonuses every weekend! So, if different reminders don’t bother you, you can choose this one! If so, you can also choose this one – this is a great application – remember to turn off the reminder!

8. Blackjack 21: Blackjackis


One of the best Blavkjack game applications out there that has literally interesting events every day. Place your bets, get more points from the dealer, and win chips.

This app presents the best atmosphere of a Las Vegas casino, so place your bets, risk and win prizes. You will get your own profile page where you will monitor all your progress and rewards. Don’t forget to take part in the daily search.

9. BC Blackjack


BC Blackjack contains almost all the advantages that other applications have, but is only available on Apple devices. This app’s graphics are amazing – there are full sized cards, which can be seen clearly even if your vision is far from perfect. 3D tables create a good impression.

As in some other applications, there are no in-app purchases, but you are offered to get the PRO version, which is not free. However, even without upgrading to PRO, the application has many things in it. You can play Blackjack or practice some strategies, see the history of your game, and so on. Another great Blackjack application for iOS devices!

So this article has discussed the 10 best Blackjack applications for Android and iOS. Good luck and trip to Vegas! Enjoy the game, adventure, and, at the same time, smart enough to learn & use strategy.

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