8 Best Piano Tuning Apps For Android & iOS

8 Best Piano Tuning Apps For Android & iOS

Live music has an amazing effect on our mood and mental state. Listening to it after a busy day can greatly fill you with emotional strength and help overcome insomnia.

However, people who are fortunate to have their own piano are sometimes faced with the need to tune it. But there are no problems with a variety of advanced piano tuning applications for Android and iOS!

You no longer need to spend a lot of money on professional settings. Just select an application like from the following list and enjoy a good melody.

1. TuneLab Piano Tuner


This application is a real treasure for professional piano technicians! If you are confident in your tuning skills and need something to obey – just download this application!

However, TuneLab Piano Tuner is not recommended for use by those who don’t have tuning skills because it might look too complicated for them. So if you are an amateur now – you should choose another application, which you think is more suitable for your needs. If you are a professional tuner – do not hesitate and download the application now by following the link below.

You won’t even realize how quickly you will get used to this practical application and making music will surely become part of your daily entertainment!

2. Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner


Next on our list is Magic Piano by Smule. This application has a whole range of important facilities to fulfill your potential as a piano player!

This tuner has a number of advanced features! As soon as you make a sound, it identifies and shows the tone. When adjusting your instrument, you must adhere to the offset of each pitch.

What’s more, this application has universal practical value! No matter what tone you make the instrument, you can still follow it. Bring one of the instruments you need to tune – guitar, upright bass or piccolos – this fantastic application will definitely help you!

3. Smart Piano Tuner


Smart Piano Tuner is a nice-looking and easy-to-use application for tuning your music instruments!

All you need is to complete a few simple actions. First, choose a tone, then try playing! When you look at the green panel, your piano tone is appropriate for the tone. If the color is red, don’t worry and continue adjusting! You will surely manage everything with such a perfect guide!

No special knowledge and skills are needed. If you want to do everything yourself – this application is what you are looking for!

4. Instrument Tuner


If you are looking for a tool, it allows you to set any instrument with very high accuracy – this application is right for you!

Can be used for various instruments. No matter what you are tuning in – guitar, violin, violin, violin or bass – Instrument Tuner is what you need.

To change the type of instrument you are dealing with, open the settings and click the right option!

5. Piano Designer


This application is specifically designed for those who have a Roland piano. With various parameters provided by the application, you will definitely adjust your instrument as well as that done by an experienced piano technician.

Pitch, volume, level, tonal characteristics – this is not a complete list of what you can adjust with the Piano Designer application! Apart from various parameters, you will never be confused with them! Everything can be easily controlled from a graphic touch screen on your mobile device.

Follow the link below and adjust the tone character, level, and tone for each of the 88 notes! After doing this, I will feel that your piano is tuned specifically for you and now you are ready to make real work!

6. Piano Tuner PT1


This application is made for people with sophisticated piano tuning skills, so if you want to use it easily, make sure you know everything well enough.

Has been developed for more than 10 years, Piano Tuner PT1 is based on a sophisticated algorithm. This gives you high-quality tuning for various types of pianos. You can see the exact tone frequency and deviation from the target frequency for each note on your screen.

According to people, already using this application, it’s very accurate and easy to use with real-time pitch analysis. All you need to get your piano professionally is to follow the link below and download Piano Tuner PT1 on your device!

7. Entropy Piano Tuner


This application is based on the entropy minimization method. This means taking into account the individual parameters of your own instrument and adjusting the tuning process according to them. So, if you want your instrument to be adjusted very accurately, this application is what you need!

There are three simple steps in tuning your piano. First of all, you have to record all your piano keys. After that, the optimal adjustment characteristics will be chosen by the application automatically. Finally, use the integrated tuner and everything will be done!

Please remember that you are expected to have tuning skills. If you are not sure about them, open the help page before starting.

8. PianoMeter – Easy Piano Tuner


PianoMeter will definitely turn your phone into a professional piano tuning guide.

What makes it special is the fact that it identifies the exact characteristics of all the notes your piano can produce and shows the difference between the present and the ideal. So, using PianoMater, you will set the settings several times faster than you would do without them and your instruments will be fully ready to use!

There are three versions of the application: free, “plus”, and professional. If you want to buy additional functionality, this can be done with a one-time in-app purchase.

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