8 Best Pension Countdown Apps For Android & iOS

8 Best Pension Countdown Apps For Android & iOS

When something important happens, we can use minutes, hours, days and months until the right time. Retirement is an important event. With the help of the application being considered, you can easily find out how many days are left before a proper break, make your own countdown not only before retiring but also for other important events in your life.

1. Retirement Coundown


Pension Coundown is a countdown timer to the specified date. After setting a specific date in the application parameters, the timer will start counting down the time. In parameters, you can also make notes about events that interest you. For example, you can write your retirement plan, what you want to do first, where to rest, etc.

For more convenient gadget usage, you will have access to settings that will help you adjust the timer. For example, you can choose one of the background media, determine the font, color, and style that suits you. Waterfalls, blue beaches or snowy mountains … Different themes for every taste.

2. Retirement Countdown


This is a universal timer, thanks to which you can count the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds before retiring. The advantage of this application is the ease of management. The retirement countdown design is very interesting. It can even be used as a background. Apart from that, you can choose the background color and font screensaver.

3. Countdown


Countdown is the simplest, but also funny application that will allow you to set any arbitrary date that you need to keep the time count in days, hours, minutes. As a bonus, you can set your own background image, and tiles directly on the home screen will display the number of days left until the event.

The interface of the settings window is made quite simple – the name of the event, background image, year, month and day in which the calculation and position of the timer itself relative to the background image will be indicated. Supports all time zones, voice notifications and event sharing via Facebook.

4. Countdown Widget


Is it difficult to count the days until the long-awaited retirement? Waiting for the desired date? Countdown Widget is a useful application for your gadget that will help clear up waiting for important dates or events.

At first glance, this application is very simple, but after being examined in detail, it turns out there are a large number of settings in it. When creating an event, you must enter the name, date, time, color of the counter, set repetition or event reminder. You can also quickly borrow dates from your mobile calendar. Adding events starts with the previous reverse report. Open the event settings, you can add pictures to it, fix the number of separate tiles on the desktop, set the report upside down on the lock screen, share the event through social networks. The application design is made at a high level and is perfectly optimized. Everything works very fast and without delay.

5. Retirement Countdown


If you are looking forward to starting one of the long-awaited events in life – retirement, then this application for Android is what you need. You set a retirement date and the countdown starts. At any time you can see how many days, hours, minutes, and even seconds left before this important event. In addition, a countdown background with a beautiful picture, while watching, you will enjoy dreaming about the beginning of important events.

6. Countdown to Retirement


This program is a colorful countdown timer. Simple, but at the same time waving an animated timer counter counting down days, hours, minutes and seconds – until important events in your life – retire. The timer can be added as many times as you want, the operation will be accompanied by sounds, display messages and cool pictures.

7. My Retirement Countdown


If you want to keep abreast of, knowing exactly how much time is left until the target date, you can use the simple and fun My Retirement Countdown timer. This will measure the remaining time until the X hour to the nearest second.

My retirement count will show you how many days, hours, minutes and seconds you have left until your retirement, and as soon as it arrives, the program will notify you with a voice signal.

Beautiful design, the ability to add photos as a background, the ability to share timers via Facebook, reminders of approaching days make this program a great tool so as not to miss one of the most important moments in your life.

8. Retirement Countdown!


Application with a beautiful themed design – Retirement Retreat! – this is not a simple “reminder”. You record your retirement date, which you don’t want to forget; You have been waiting for years! On the right day and time, a reminder will appear on the iPhone. By the way, you can add links and explanations to your notes, and send information on social networks, change your background, and track the percentage of your career that has been completed!

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