8 Best HTML Viewer Apps For Android & iOS

8 Best HTML Viewer Apps For Android & iOS

HTML is a popular programming language for creating websites and other web pages. It works similarly to other programming languages like CSS and JavaScript. It describes the actual structure of the web page and helps to create a structured document.

HTML is an easy to write language and allows beginners to start their work experience with ease. However, they cannot access and view the HTML code in any programming applications.

It is a special type of application made for viewing and editing HTML code. This application helps programmers to view web pages and website code in HTML format.

They can perform many actions apart from viewing HTML files. They can also view other languages such as JavaScript and CSS code. Several advanced applications help web developers create new web pages for their websites.

1. HTML Viewer


HTML Viewer is an HTML source viewer application which provides Android Pie support for Android users. This application allows you to enter a website address and get the HTML code for that site. This program can load HTML data from the in-app file browser.

Moreover, it allows you to get load data from the file manager. You can share HTML code with other platforms and import website addresses from other programs. Apart from that, it offers tab browsing, source text search, and syntax highlighting. Work with it for bookmark management and local HTML files. It will fully suit your needs and teach you about the website.

2. HTML Reader/ Viewer


HTML Reader / Viewer is an interesting HTML viewer application that helps you read HTML files. This easy-to-use program contains forward and backward navigation. You can edit the code in any text editor and view the final edits in HTML Reader. You can import files from other sources using third-party file managers and work with the built-in file explorer.

You can enable / disable JavaScript and share links to other sources. You can download many crochet patterns and view these patterns in the HTML Reader / Viewer. The latest version includes performance improvements and faster file selection options.

3. HTML/CSS Website Inspector


HTML / CSS Website Inspector is an advanced program to help professional programmers edit the HTML source code of a live website. They can view the HTML page source and find the text in the HTML web page source instantly. The program offers list elements such as links and their CSS styles. Enter the web address, view the source code and edit instantly.

Editing popular web pages will enhance your professional work experience. Improve your web page designing skills by examining web elements and making some changes. This will store the changed code on the device locally and will be lost after the page has been refreshed. However, it has limited functionality for advanced users.

4. HTML Code Play


HTML Code Play is an offline HTML and programming learning app created for web programmers and designers. You can learn JavaScript, CSS, and HTML web development through it. The program offers several tools such as HTML viewer and editor, JavaScript code editor, corner JS editor, bootstrap editor, and CSS editor.

You will learn about JavaScript programming, CSS HTML code and properties, Knockout JS, jQuery programming, and HTML tags and attributes. Works with it as a replacement for notepad ++, HTML brackets, and notepad for HTML. It aims to teach novice programmers about the basics of HTML. It provides HTML tutorials, jQuery tutorials, and JavaScript tutorials.

5. anWriter free HTML editor


The free HTML editor andWriter is a handy application for writing programming code. Program support for CSS, LaTeX, JavaScript, and HTML. Apart from that, it also supports modern technologies such as Bootstrap, Angular, JQuery, CSS 3, and HTML 5. This platform facilitates you to send files to an FTP server, import files from an FTP server, and search for directions on an FTP server.

The built-in viewer exists for viewing web pages and contains a JS error console. In addition, it provides syntax highlighting support for Java, Python, LaTeX, SQL, and C / C ++. It works perfectly with standard Python and C keywords and functions. It works like a simple notepad and provides the tools of a refined IDE.

6. AndTidWiki


AndTidWiki is a special application for working with Wiki in a single HTML file. Application helps to view HTML files and edit these files. In addition, you can work offline to produce content anywhere. You have the option to edit your files at home, work or anywhere else. You can copy and paste a single file to multiple places and access them.

It is the best platform for viewing and editing HTML files. Offline option helps to work without internet. You have the facility to organize your campaign information and organize it into categories. The functionality of working with TiddlyWiki gives it a higher place among other HTML viewer applications.

7. VT View Source


VT View Source is a professional application created to view JavaScript, HTML, XML or CSS sources from remote web pages and files. It provides support for customizable colors, active links in source, syntax highlighting themes, desktop and mobile browser modes, line numbering, and text wrapping. You can open the source code using the “page sharing” feature on your device browser or by typing a URL address.

This program supports International Domain Names and Bookmarks. You can view web page content remotely using Desktop Browser Emulator mode. You can save and share unformatted source code. You can manage absolute and relative email addresses, URLs, JavaScript, HTML and CSS links.

8. Html Viewer And Editor


This platform will improve your ability to edit HTML code. Works with basic buttons to enter syntax for writing in HTML code. You can view web sources from various websites and download the HTML code of the website using a new algorithm. Apart from that, you can write HTML code, save written code, and share code with your friends.

You can open written source code and display source code in three touches. A professional can view the source code of a website and browse the web. You can save the source code in the web bookmark application and access it at any time. It provides a simple method to create your website with simple coding skills.



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