7 The Best Free Life Simulation Games Apps For Android & iOS

7 The Best Free Life Simulation Games Apps For Android & iOS

Games on smartphones and tablets are now the best entertainment for most people. There are various genres to suit every taste.

Simulator is the most popular. They allow you to dive into another world. Want to know how you feel in another life? For example, being a pilot or city planner?

You have a great opportunity to test it. If you are a fan of such games or want to dive into their world for the first time, choose your favorite game from the reviews of this best life simulation game.

1. The Sims Freeplay

1This application is an official spin-off status and is made under license from Electronic Arts.

The basic gameplay here is almost identical to the main lineup of the game.

You complete the sim life you make, helping it with work, vacations, and personal life. You get experience points for completing assignments.

They help you increase your level and gain access to new items such as furniture, decorations and clothing.

This game encourages social interaction with other gamers. For social work, you can receive “Communication Points” as a gift.

For them, you can buy exclusive furniture and decorations. And unlike other games in the The Sims series, The Sims FreePlay can be downloaded for free, completely legal.


2. Avakin Life


Avakin Life focuses mainly on the social component. There is almost no routine or boredom.

Most of the gameplay goes to parties, traveling, interacting with other gamers, choosing the right furniture for your apartment, and choosing an image for your avatar.

The game has a lot of clothes, jewelry and furniture. Most of the time the game screen is, in fact, a locker room.

After that, you can go to people. More than 20 locations (clubs, beaches, bars, schools, etc.) available.

In some locations, you can work as a waiter and get lots of avakoyanov. You can collect gems in your own apartment every day.

Regularly organizing ideas and implementing fashion contests borrowed from Design Home.


3. Life Simulator 3


Unlike other games in our choice, Life Simulator 3 does not boast fashionable graphics and stylish art.

Most of the interface here is in plain text for many players.

But this project has a very deep and realistic simulation of financial life.

To succeed, you must invest in education, find a suitable job, and pay a large number of bills.

After earning a stable income, you will be able to buy a better home, raise pets (dogs, cats, or even dragons) and find your love.


4. Cat Simulator – Animal Life


If another game from our TOP simulates human life in one way or another, then this game, because it’s easy to guess from its name, is dedicated to the life of a cat.

Here you have to choose a cat and help it create a strong and gentle kitten family.

New elements of customizing the appearance of our environment and its descendants are accessed through search.

For example, rat hunting and environmental research.

In general, the game is quite intuitive, but it is also possible to highlight some puzzle tasks that can bring a trophy.


5. Virtual Families 2


In this game, you immediately begin your story with a friendly, happy family that lives in their own home. But the bigger the family, the more problems it has.

So you have to help your environment to preserve and increase their own happiness.

You need to ensure that children grow harmoniously and find their place in life.

The game starts with one person and their home. After choosing a character, you look for a job, marry / woman, “make” children and take care of the house.

Each character has its own character and unique appearance. You should pay close attention to its features.

For example, a bachelor who is convincing is difficult to be the father of many children, and it is important to continue playing. The house has four rooms that are suitable for use.

The rest have toxic waste, fire or other abandoned areas to treat. The goal here is to create a dream home. The money is generated by adults who climb the career ladder.

You can also get money as a prize for each trophy that you get, to complete an assignment, sometimes just as a gift. For the money to buy food for the family, all types of upgrades for home and work.

Every family is unique, and with caution before your eyes you will pass many generations, so different and very interesting.


6. SimLife


Like other games in our review, SimLife allows you to choose a game avatar and help her organize her housing and personal life.

The main difference from this project is that great attention is given to simulating the financial aspects of life.

In most such games, work is only one activity that generates a certain amount of money a day.

Here, to succeed, you must continually learn new professions and even learn the basics of the stock trading market.

This is a free game that does not include any advertisements.


7. Life is a Game


Apart from primitive graphics and simple gameplay, Life is a Game with unexpected metaphors and even deep meanings.

Your entire character’s life slips before you on the screen, and he is in a hurry.

All you have to do is make important life decisions for him and collect coins from time to time, just like in a platforming game.

Depending on the number of coins collected, modifiers received, decisions taken and relationships with friends and family members, your character will have a hobby.

Then he will build a career, create a new family, grow old, and reach the final. The final result depends on many factors, so there is no passing like before.


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