7 The Best Free Biking Apps For Android & iOS

7 The Best Free Biking Apps For Android & iOS

It’s no secret that smartphones often act as trackers for your steps. Daily activities are recorded on your smartphone if you have special applications installed on them – for example, Google Fit or Apple Health.

You usually take your smartphone for a walk or when you walk with your dog – but don’t know how many steps you have taken.

However, if you start monitoring your health, nutrition, and activities, you will need more information than how many steps you have taken. Most people think that only bracelets and special trackers can track your training.

In fact, it should be noted that currently there are only a large number of fitness applications that offer more than just exercise. Third-party services and manufacturers can track your activities in training and transfer – of course, if you want.

Because bikes are gaining more popularity, cycling training is also becoming more frequent. We have found 7 great and free apps that can be useful for every bicycle enthusiast and active lifestyle fan.

1. Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming


Fitness fans should know the Strava application for sure. Whether you like running, riding a bicycle, walking, or just walking around, this application is made especially for you.

A large number of people throughout the world have long used it to track their training activities and progress. During the exercise itself, Strava displays your key performance indicators so you can adjust your activities as the process progresses.

Strava has also gathered many like-minded people and lovers of activities who can share tips and useful information with each other. You can share your favorite routes for biking and jogging with others, as well as show your new achievements.

Every month, new assignments are developed individually to help you move forward. Practicing together with like-minded people is much more fun and enjoyable – see their training sessions that inspire you and practice with them. The world must see the best moments in your journey.


2. Sports Tracker


Like many developers, the Sports Tracker team calls its products the best for health and fitness. Whether this is true, it’s up to you to decide, but it should be noted that this application is really great.

In fact, this is a sports social network, which unites people with similar interests and love for sports. It could be running, biking, tourism, or something else – after all, there are people in the community who share your interests and don’t mind doing it together.

In Sports Trackers, you all have your own training diary that automatically records your results. Each exercise contains information about calories burned, average speed, travel speed, and even altitude.

If you set up separate voice guidance, you will also hear recommendations during your practice. The results of each bike will be shared in the application and Sports Tracker users will see your progress. Discover new routes from all over the world on Sports Tracker to help you exercise.


3. CycleDroid – bike computer


CycleDroid is the perfect application for people who like to make graphics. Here you will find a complete visual representation of your practice, expressed as a perfect mathematical graph.

Many things are considered – speed, distance, time, bicycle height, and even your route. CycleDroid will also calculate the amount of energy you burn per exercise – the number of calories and fat you burn.

By gathering information about many of your rides and exercises, you can export them to the SD card. If you decide to change your smartphone, you can use these files to easily transfer all your progress to your new device.

In order for CycleDroid to track your route, you must give the application permission to track GPS. You also need Internet access to ensure that your data is as accurate as possible.

Of course, if you don’t want to waste your smartphone’s power, that’s not the right application – because everything you need to keep your screen on during training.


4. Bike Computer – GPS Cycling Tracker


Not all bikes have a speedometer or other speed gauges. Such devices can only be found on modern and expensive models. However, athletes and fans who also want to keep up with their pace, what should they do?

We want to let you know about the Bike Computer application, which will be your graph speedometer. This application is able to provide travel and training statistics to users, as well as show the speed and even the strengths applied in the process.

Like many other fitness trackers, Bike Computer collects statistics about calories burned, duration of activity, and other parameters. However, athletes are more interested in other parameters, such as maximum speed, average speed, or other more technical and accurate metrics.

Bike Computer collects everything, and also shows on a map your entire route. For this purpose, the Google Maps service is used, which will clearly show how you moved.

If you stop to rest during training, you don’t have to pause the Bicycle Computer manually: there is an automatic pause function.


5. Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker


Often athletes combine several sports and replace them during practice. For example, for today you have jogging, tomorrow you have biking, and the day after tomorrow you exercise with a cardio machine. For such versatile fans, there is a complete training tracker – Wahoo Fitness. This application is designed for several sports that you can track while exercising. Your smartphone will be your tracker and trainer, and more information will go into the application itself.

Outdoor training – running or biking – is tracked using a GPS navigator. Wahoo Fitness calculates how fast you are moving and records your route.

The company also has a special tracker that tracks your heart rate and other physical indicators. If you already have their fitness wristbands – just sync the device to your smartphone and you will immediately see all the information.


6. Zwift


People achieve the best results in fitness when they see their progress. With Zwift you can combine the fun of video games with the benefits of training – and you can start training today and now.

There are special devices that support synchronization with this application, so you can get started. Training can be perfect even at home – the key is knowing exactly how you need to exercise.

Zwift lets you connect your sports bike to an application that allows you to travel. For example, what prevents you from cycling in London or New York, and visiting photos of places around the world.

Your living room will become a complete training ground, and your productivity will increase. In total, Zwift has more than 1000 complete training sessions that you will train.

You will get valuable training experience in amazing places, and the application itself is perfectly connected to many modern exercise machines.


7. First aid by British Red Cross


Sometimes it can happen that you feel pain or that you see someone with a wound in your path. Anyone who is conscious will stop and try to help the injured person.

However, even if you have studied medicine in school, you might forget about the right course of action. First aid will help you orient yourself quickly and do the right thing.

If you think about “how cyclists should use first aid”, we are ready to tell you. Statistically, there are more injuries to your bike during training than on normal walking or jogging.

Not only can you stretch your muscles, but you can also suffer serious injuries, fall from a bicycle, or even break a leg or arm. In this case, the first aid application will give you precise instructions on how to proceed. You will be able to provide first aid at your own event before medical personnel arrive – increasing your estimated recovery.


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