7 Of The Best Transparent Screen Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Transparent Screen Apps For Android & iOS

If you want to surprise your friends. You need a transparent screen on your smartphone. Stunning transparent wallpaper with a realistic look. It looks like you don’t have a smart phone case. It will appear that all icons are displayed on what’s in front of you. Try this application and you can create illusions. Transparent wallpapers will surprise everyone.

There is a list of the best transparent screen applications for Android and iOS. Try all or just choose one.

1. Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper


This application will allow you to create experiences that have never been seen by others. Just make one click and your screen icon will change to a transparent screen. You will be amazed at the realism of your screen. The application does not affect the performance of the smartphone.

This application also has a catalog of live wallpapers. Choose what you like. You are waiting for more than a thousand options. This application has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times. It takes up less space on your smartphone. It weighs only 2.4MB. Download and you will get an amazing transparent wallpaper.


2. Clarity Wallpaper


You only need one second to turn your screen transparent. This application has a large number of wallpapers. That does not overload your telephone system. Transparent wallpapers function without delay. You would really think that your smartphone has no case. All wallpapers have HD quality.

This application will also allow you to make your own wallpapers with unique designs. It has many tools for making perfect wallpapers. Create motivational wallpapers for your smartphone. Some wallpapers are paid for. Try this application now and you will be sure of an excellent job.


3. Transparent Screen Live Wallpaper


This simple application will allow you to apply transparent wallpapers on your screen. This will display the image taken by the back camera. You will get a new user experience. Use your wallpaper when you are walking or sending messages. You will be able to see everything behind your smartphone. Let your friends hold your cellphone. They will be shocked.

This application works with all applications on your smartphone. Try to launch the game and you will see what is behind your smartphone. All icons will be displayed and the background will be transparent. This application has been installed more than 500 thousand times. This is one of the best ways to try transparent wallpapers.


4. Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper


This application allows you to apply 3D transparent wallpapers to your screen. Touch the screen to achieve transparent effect. This application will make your smartphone unique. This application does not affect the operation of your smartphone. It does not overload the cellphone battery. This application has a simple design. You only need one click to get a transparent wallpaper.

This application also has a live wallpaper with realistic 3D effects. Choose among thousands of realistic wallpapers. You can update your wallpaper every week. This application has wallpapers that are quite different to do this. Designers add new live wallpapers every day. It has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times.


5. Transparent Screen


Download this application and you can get incredible transparent wallpapers. You will use your smartphone as usual, but you will also see everything behind it. You will be able to use your smartphone when going and sending text messages. You will no longer be afraid of any obstacles. This application does not require root.

This application can also protect your cellphone from strangers. Set transparent wallpaper on your lock screen. Nobody will see your smartphone. This application does not damage your system files. It also does not send your personal information to the Internet. This application does not take up much space on your smartphone. Weighing only 3MB.


6. Transparent Camera Screen


This application will help you set transparent wallpaper on your smartphone. Choose transparent wallpaper for your home screen or lock screen. The application does not affect the performance of the smartphone. That does not overload the system. This application will open many new features for you. You can walk without looking away from your smartphone.

Make fun of your friends. Look at their reaction when they see your screen. This application is easy to use. Continue to work in the background without burdening the battery. It has been used more than 500 thousand times throughout the world. You can see everything that happens behind your smartphone.


7. Transparent Screen


The main feature of this application is that you can set transparent wallpaper using front camera images. You can also use the back camera. You can still know what happens to your cellphone when you play. You can change the transparent display and zoom. You must give permission to use the camera.

The application will automatically stop working when someone calls. Download this application and experience a new live wallpaper experience. All your roads will be safe. The developer keeps updating applications and fixing bugs. It has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Try it and you will see everything behind your cellphone.


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