7 Of The Best Text Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Text Apps For Android & iOS

Subtitles help you easily watch videos from other languages ​​and learn new languages. The best way to learn a new language is by watching movies, TV shows, and serials in the original language with subtitles. Now you can say that it’s not so difficult to learn a new language when you have a smartphone. You can easily download the translation application on your Android or iOS device and easily get translations for videos. There is a large collection of different subtitle applications available for Android and iOS devices. It might be difficult to find the best of them so the team did it and the best list is 12 subtitle applications for Android and iOS users.

Downloading and watching movies on your Android or iOS device is now easier for everyone. You only need to download the perfect management application and the right place to find movies. Sometimes movies will be downloaded in other languages ​​so it’s not easy to easily understand that the subtitle case application will help you. You will easily translate and get translations in your native language. The legal subtitle application will help you create subtitles for your social videos so you can easily improve the appearance and subscribers of your videos. Now pay close attention to the 12 best subtitle applications for Android and iOS users.

1. Subcake


Subcake is one of the best and popular translation applications for Android users. This is a perfect subtitle maker application that helps you add subtitles to videos. You can easily create, adjust and edit subtitles with real-time video preview using this application. It has an amazing feature to import translated text files or create subtitles from scratch. You will get unlimited conversion options between various subtitle file formats such as SRT, ASS, SSA and TXT. At the same time this also allows time to subtitle audio so you can easily take the Start and End Points of each line to their current position during video playback.


2. SubE


SubE is a subtitle editor application developed by Raccoon Unicorn for android users. This application is free and easy to use for editing translations on your Android device. You can easily get this application from Playstore and install it on your Android device to start editing subtitles on videos for free. This is a simple application for editing subtitles directly on your Android device that supports the .srt file format. Using this application you can add or delete subtitles from videos on your Android device.


3. Subtitles


Subtitles are the best way to manage all your movie files on your Android device, and download subtitles for them. You can easily download the application, relax and watch your favorite movies without having to worry about subtitles again. It supports 71 language translations so you can easily get translations in your native language. It has a very large subtitle database so you can easily get it on an Android device. Along with this, you can also use it as a video editor application to edit videos on your Android device.


4. SubDown


SubDown is a subtitle download application for Android users. This allows you to easily download movie, TV series or anime subtitles. You can easily add subtitles to the video after downloading it from this application. It also has a great collection of subtitles so you can easily search for your favorite movie subtitles, TV shows, series, anime and more. Along with this it also allows you to easily get subtitles for videos after uploading them to this application. It has a unique feature to provide direct subtitle options so you can get instant subtitles for videos.


5. All Subtitles


All Subtitles is a great application that helps you download multi-language subtitles for movies, TV series and shows and watch them on your Android device. It has a search option that allows you to easily search for subtitles for certain video files. You can easily get subtitles for media files on your device. Along with this, it provides filter options so you can filter subtitles by season and episode. After getting subtitles, you can play videos with subtitles using the favorite media player application on your device.


6. Subtitles Viewer


Subtitles Viewer is one of the best subtitle applications for iOS users that allows you to view subtitles on your iOS device that is synchronized with television or movies on your TV, or in the cinema. It provides texts in English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Danish, and other languages. You can easily choose your native language and get subtitles in it. Subtitles are downloaded from a large database of subtitles at You will be able to easily get subtitles for the movies, TV shows, and series that you choose.


7. SubReader


SubReader is another subtitle application for iOS users that allows the option to read your subtitles. It is available with free and free applications to purchase options with various features to use on your iOS device. By using this application, you will be able to make the subtitles read aloud on your favorite online video sources using the SubReader application and our Chrome plugin. You can also use it as a wine editor application to create and edit wine videos on your iOS device.


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