7 Of The Best Sports Betting Apps For Android & iOS 2020

7 Of The Best Sports Betting Apps For Android & iOS 2020

Gambling is what drives people during sports and generally in the process of life. If you can’t play sports yourself but like watching others do it, you will find your hobby in sports betting.

This kind of activity will entertain you, and will also help you gain your knowledge and intuition. The surest way to bet is to see it as a hobby and entertainment.

To really get and not throw away all your money, you need to have knowledge in sports, as well as statistics and mathematics. With this and track your batch, the Sports betting application will help you – they will always give you the right information.

1. Betting Tips Football


To make a good bet and avoid certain losses, you need to have enough information. This information can be given to you by certain experts who truly understand the subject.

Betting Tips Football was created by a team of professionals who are interested in soccer and really know how things will continue. The developer continues to receive this knowledge about compatibility, analyze it, and provide advice to users.

In Football Betting Tips you get the best recommendations in large quantities with high coefficients, and you can also find out the probability of your winnings. Not sure if your bet will be played? Then you should check on specific services and make sure you are right.

This information is updated daily and is presented in an easy format. You can see all the tips you received in the previous set, and you can also easily manage them.

The user friendly interface allows people to manage their own time zones and organize more detailed analyzes. If you want to feel successful, you should try Football Betting Tips.




PROBET is another company involved in sports betting. It employs more than 400 thousand people, each of whom is a professional bet, a coach with the following skills with a long history, and also a sports fan.

Their team will help you make choices because thousands of betting fans trust them with their money and the chance to win. PROBET provides detailed soccer tips and can even simulate a collection of high-winning football.

For each match, you will be given betting tips. You will find information about the possible number of goals, the total score of the match or even the ranking of the winning team in it.

In PROBET you can find regional and international soccer matches such as the World Cup, UEFA or European League. It doesn’t matter which country you support your team in, you can bet in Europe, the United States and other countries.
Do you want to increase your bet or get a significant win? So we recommend PROBET.


3. theScore: Live Sports Scores, News, Stats & Videos


Every sports fan feels the need to always know the latest news about matches and events. Millions of people have done it withScore, a great sports application with the latest statistics and information.

This app regularly updates scores of soccer, basketball and baseball matches, and keeps track of what’s happening in all sports leagues around the world.

What does this have to do with batch? Well, if you bet on match scores or match results, then onScore you can track this event exactly. Each game is viewed in real-time, and you can see the results in detail – based on scores or even betting lines.

DiScore, you can easily find friends or like-minded people. There is a chat room in the application where participants can chat directly on certain match pages.

Can you wait to discuss the goal you just scored? Or do you want to share your excitement about winning? Then you can do it with the same fans – just chatting in public or opening private messages.


4. Onside Sports: Scores, Live Odds & Bet Tracking


Onside Sports is an application designed specifically for sports fans. It contains everything from sports betting and online betting offices to real-life team bets.
All your batches will be easily tracked here, with the latest news from sporting events, player injuries, and even statistics on all your batches.

To make it easier for you to track your money, Onside Sports offers you to analyze the results yourself or use Bankroll Management to increase your own productivity.

In terms of sports, we can say that you are not limited to American football: With Onside Sports, you can also track international hockey, basketball and baseball events. Each game can be seen in more detail, including advanced statistics. This statistic allows fans to make conscious choices.

Access to opportunities is completely free and you receive all notifications as soon as the game ends. You can also set your own PUSH notifications – this way you will be notified even about changes in batches and accounts.


5. OLBG Sports Betting Tips – Football, Racing & more


Most applications where you place the batch have their own team. Usually, these people help you make your choices and tell you about your chances of winning.

In the OLBG Sports Betting Tips, everything is built this way. A team of thousands of experts continue to communicate to advise users on the sports betting market.

Every day at OLBG Sports Betting Tips, you will receive the latest advice about current games and matches. You will receive the most popular betting predictions so you can participate in the game too.

The advisory team will recommend you the most profitable betting scheme for a particular sport – you choose it yourself. Every suggestion will be accompanied by a notification in the future – if your bet is successful.

In the OLBG Sports Betting Tips, you can see all of the current sporting world events. If you are interested in a particular match or team, the analyst can do research that will show you all the important points.

Find out what the experts and advisors are saying before you start betting for money.


6. The Action Network: Sports Scores & Live Tracker


Action Network offers its users the ability to track everything in real-time. All your choices and collections are directly displayed in the application and you can follow them even if there are dotted lines in the game.

Every fan can now follow the results of their favorite team at any time and even read the analysis for each previous game. The main thing you should know is that The Action Network does not accept batches by itself. Here you can only enter data so you can get information on time if you win.

In the application, it’s easy to follow streaming or live games, and immediately find out the results regarding their batch. Most importantly, The Action Network works without ads or banners, which makes using the product more enjoyable.

On The Action Network, you can open predictions from leading analysts and study data from more than 40 books with the results of sports competitions and their analysis.

More in depth information from experts will help you make the right decision. These professionals have developed their own schemes and algorithms to identify patterns in the game, so they definitely need this data from scientists in the world of sports.


7. BetMines


Do you want to create your own winning strategy? If your answer is yes, then we can safely recommend the BetMines application.

Here you will be able to follow live broadcasts of the game, make your own detailed analysis of the team’s success, and monitor what other players are doing and what batch is most popular among them.
Not ready to do everything yourself? Then BetMines is ready to provide recommendations to you!

BetMines is a free application, which is ready to assist you in achieving success. Here you will find daily tips based on the work of artificial intelligence.

Coefficient fluctuations are calculated by a professional dealer and immediately displayed in the application.
BetMines collects all information received and on that basis draws conclusions about the results of sporting events – this will help you to make the right choice.

By the way, you can also be the best expert in the application. Participant ratings are published regularly, based on earnings data.

Each period has its own ranking, where you can see how much you or other participants have won. Be the best of all users and have fun without spending money!


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