7 Of The Best Free 2020 Media Player Apps (Android & iOS)

7 Of The Best Free 2020 Media Player Apps (Android & iOS)

In the space of a large number of applications, there are many services that can help you work with different formats. One of the main functions of any smartphone is to play videos, movies, music and view images.

Of course, we don’t always use smartphones to watch movies, but if we want to do that, we must be prepared first.

Of course you need the film itself or the series downloaded to your device. There are so many services for movies on the Internet that you will not have a problem with that.

But finding applications that will help you play videos is much more difficult. Every smartphone has a default player, but it’s not always convenient to use. We also found 7 of the best media playback applications for Android and iOS for 2020.

1. PlayerXtreme Media Player


Tablets and smartphones are the right choice for watching movies and videos. You can take them on your journey and they won’t take up much space. You can watch movies and videos anywhere, anytime, even if the format hasn’t been played on your device.

PlayerXtreme Media Player runs files in almost all formats, from 3gp to mts. Downloading a non-standard file? In this case, this service will suit you.

Of course, PlayerXtreme Media Player also supports audio formats. And the quality of music and sound will be very good.

In addition to movies, you can watch series and listen to albums from your favorite artists, which can be stored on Wi-Fi hard drives, cloud storage, and other network devices.

You can watch it not only on Android and iOS devices but also on a bigger screen. For example, use Apple Airplay and Google Cast to stream videos to your TV or other device.

Text can be transmitted in real-time or by downloading files. You can add them in several languages ​​at once – the main thing is to keep them from overlapping the screen for your convenience.

Because PlayerXtreme Media Player works perfectly with any video format, you will have no trouble watching it. The application will be your main video player, replacing your previous utility.


2. BSPlayer FREE


As you can understand, this application is a free version of the complete BSPlayer video player. But this fact does not affect the quality of work and video playback – you can also easily and easily watch your favorite shows, series or films with your own smartphone.

The main feature that distinguishes BSPlayer from other applications with similar functionality is the hardware acceleration.

You can easily speed up videos while reducing your battery consumption. This is very important especially for flights and long trips because you have to burden your smartphone costs as long as possible.

If you forget to download movie subtitles, that won’t be a problem: if you can connect to the Internet, BSPlayer will enable automatic subtitle search, which will greatly simplify your viewing.

When watching a movie or video, you can adjust the technical parameters yourself – such as screen brightness, volume, playback speed, and even create a playlist of several clips.

You can play videos directly via Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to copy videos to your smartphone or convert them. By the way, you can also reduce the screen size if necessary.

The only disadvantage of BSPlayer is the presence of advertisements. Unfortunately, ads are only turned off when you buy the full version of the application.


3. MX Player


MX Player is one of the most popular media players, which can be found among utilities for smartphones. This has long been used by millions of people, giving them their preferences in working with files.

Sophisticated hardware acceleration, intuitive interface, subtitle support, and good audio support – all these advantages only increase user confidence in their choices.

MX Player is very popular among people who often watch movies in a foreign language or only use subtitles. This application supports almost all formats that produce video text support, such as DVD, Ruby, PJS, and others.

There are separate gesture controls for all subtitles. So, for example, if the text is somewhat incompatible with the image or you want to read it again, then you can easily flip through the lines you need.

The image itself can also be increased, enlarged and reduced. You only need to use 2 of your fingers and a little magic will start on the device’s screen.

The video continues to play, and your screen reacts to all multi-touch gestures. So you won’t miss a single moment in the film – even the smallest detail.


4. FX Player – video player, cast, Chromecast, stream


On your computer or laptop, you might already see FX Player. This application is also perfect for smartphones: You can still easily watch videos and broadcasts without problems, and without reducing image quality.

The application interface is perfectly optimized, so it quickly adapts to the screen size and format of your device.

One interesting feature supported by FX Player is the Chromecast broadcast. With it, you can send videos from the application directly to your TV screen and the quality will not change. It can even send subtitles – even if the file is in the memory of your smartphone.

FX Player works very well with video and audio formats and supports FullHD, 4K and Blu-ray videos.
Thanks to the floating screen function, you can even keep working or chatting without interrupting your work, because third-party applications can be easily displayed via video.

FX Player will find all the videos in your memory and ask you to play them – you don’t even need to open the file manager.


5. VLC


VLC is another application whose developers originally produced services for computers and notebooks. This utility has long been known by users and has become familiar on the screen – now you can use it on your smartphone.

The player can play most multi-media file formats for you, and can also work on several platforms at once.

Don’t think that applications have more limited functions on smartphones than computers. VLC is a complete way to view videos through network resources or images.

Here you can play all the cheapest and most bizarre audio and video formats without watching advertisements or shopping within the application. Yes, VLC is a free service and was developed by volunteers.

You need to allow VLC to view the file directories on your device. This way you will be able to see everything you have downloaded. The application automatically reacts to your actions – for example, automatically changes orientation or reduces brightness.

To play videos using network flow or finding subtitles, you will need an internet connection – only then VLC can give you what you want. For voice search, you will need full access to the microphone.


6. GOM Player


GOM Player is a player that supports all the basic features that people need to view files on their smartphone. This application is free and available for everyone. At the same time, GOM Player is very easy to use and supports many of the usual features or features we want to have when watching movies and TV series.

With this application, you can fully control playback with your fingertips. For example, you can change the position of subtitles, increase brightness, or even speed up or slow down the video.

Intuitive screen settings for each user, so you can navigate quickly. Further settings can be opened in a separate window. You can change all settings individually for each video.

Often we watch videos before going to sleep or we only have a certain time to watch them. You can set a timer in GOM Player. When time expires, the application will automatically turn off the video and remember when you stopped.

This is very useful when you decide to watch your favorite program before going to sleep, but realize that you will fall asleep after a while and don’t want to waste battery power.

Play your favorite shows and playlists by connecting to your Dropbox and OneDrive.


7. Video Player All Format – XPlayer


Do you have videos that have been downloaded in Ultra HD or even 4K? Then you need a separate player to play it, which will support this broad resolution.

In this case, XPlayer, which is designed to work with high-definition video files, is perfect. Maybe, you can call this utility one of the best ways to watch movies or TV series.

Most importantly, XPlayer does not distribute and copy your files. All your videos are stored in a private folder, and no one else can see what you are watching right now.

XPlayer will also automatically find out how many videos are in your device’s memory and help you start watching.

You control the volume and other video parameters yourself. You can even adjust the aspect ratio! If you enable subtitles, XPlayer can synchronize audio tracks and subtitles so you can watch them comfortably.

With it, you can travel without having to stop watching your favorite shows and broadcasts. Looking for comfort and ease of use? Then you should definitely be interested in XPlayer.


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