7 Of The Best Bracket Maker Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Bracket Maker Apps For Android & iOS

Every competition, tournament or even just a sporting event is accompanied by a match schedule. This can be a chess game between two players, a soccer match between two teams or a championship in which many teams take part.

During an organization full of events, managers ask themselves questions: what is the best way to organize their partners for competition?

In such situations, special applications come to the rescue. The bracket maker application will do this work for you: it will be enough to encourage all competition participants and the application will distribute the pair itself.

We have found for you not only such applications but also applications where you can do something other than making the usual scheme. So, we present the 7 best bracket-making applications for iOS and Android.

1. ESPN Tournament Challenge


This application is indeed one of the best among the Bracker maker apps in the AppStore. Here you can compete with your friends and even ESPN celebrities, watch the competition among the best tables and get real fame among fans.

You can create up to 25 parentheses, which will be divided into 10 categories. In each of them, it is possible to fight with real opponents and fight for real prizes.

Speaking of prizes: even though the application is free, you can win a real trip to Hawaii or even a ticket to the tournament. Detailed information about each match is available to help you think of your future strategy.

Your bracket is filled in manually or created by an application – but you can also import your bracket. Sort the best players by points and you can immediately see who has left the competition.

You can get complete information about each match or battle on the tour and even videos about each match. Once you have all the data, you can make a conscious and wise choice. As soon as the match starts, start following the event and conclude how the players can influence your performance.


2. Bolla Tournament Bracket Maker


Bolla is a Round Robin Generator, specifically designed for soccer, basketball, tennis and other sports games. This application is the best way to save your time and help you make a tournament schedule.

You will be able to create and plan major leagues and tournaments yourself when managing your teams and battles well.

To create a new grid, you must enter data about the grid, the number of participating teams, the name of the tournament itself and the logo so that fans recognize the competition.

The schedule itself will be created automatically by Bolla and you will be able to make changes manually and will be updated in real time. All data can also be set manually – player names and indicators, their icons and data about the team.

If necessary, you can even choose the names of known popular teams. If you play with friends, you can import player data from your contact list.

Log in to Bolla with your Facebook or Google+ account. This way, you can access your events even if you use a different device from your smartphone.


3. League App & Tournament Maker


You can also find this application called LEVERADE. Here you can see fresh how to organize your league or even championship, as well as find new goals for your work. This application was created to allow novice managers to organize their events directly on their smartphone.

All possibilities that the Internet can offer you are presented at LEVERADE. Here, in addition to the standard brackets, you can make a playoff, a mixed competition system or something completely new.

There are many possibilities only on your smartphone. On your profile, you act like an organizer and can manage page leagues or even friendship leagues.

By the way, the number of participants is unlimited: tournament edit mode is available at all times of the match. Full control over team statistics and data – you have access to their profile.

Tournament tables can be synchronized with other devices or via the Internet. You, as the organizer, will manage referees’ staff and tools to manage the game, and your brackets will be shown to everyone who is interested in the league.


4. NCAA March Madness Live


NCAA March Madness Live is made for real basketball fans who want to keep track of what’s happening in the game in real-time.

Besides being able to watch all matches live, you can also participate in the Capital One NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge, as well as view analytics and comments.

Yes, you may have noticed that NCAA March Madness Live does not offer options for creating your scheme, but here you can see examples of the organizer’s masterpieces.

This application includes brackets for competitions, which are constantly updated and inform you of the results. In addition to the results, you will learn about all the overtime games and all the news from the selected team.

Here you can watch online games with other fans. Live inclusion in each game allows you to feel a part in all events. During the game itself, you will be able to check the brackets and compare this data with your notes.

You can fill in your own brackets and play together with your friends and acquaintances, without going deep into knowledge and without making it difficult.


5. Tournament & league manager: brackets, schedules


The title immediately reflects the essence of what the application is doing. Tournament & league managers will become real managers for sports competitions while giving you the role of manager.

You will be able to save your time and resources by using a special application to create a tournament layout. With this approach, you can even increase your revenue stream from sponsors!

Tournament & league managers will create schedules, tables and rankings for you online, and help you stay up-to-date on the participating fans and families.

In this way the range can be higher and your goals and the course of the tournament will be maintained. The results of each game are also recorded – you will be able to track the games you have played. You can also use this application as a fan and track your favorite players.

As a manager, you will manage the team registration, communication between fans, and never miss the interesting things from the game. Automatically calculates team rankings, placing teams in their places.
You will be surprised that the presence of well-organized tournaments will be higher!


6. My Bracket: Tournament Manager


If you are tired of manually drawing diagrams, recording and thinking through each step yourself, then we recommend that you try My Bracket. This application will be your competition pocket manager and your personal assistant.

If you are passionate about creating tournaments and want to keep people up to date with information about what’s happening in real time, this is a great way to work.

My bracket won’t keep you busy with many features, but you can easily manage it. This application allows administrators to manage the competition process quickly without having to break away from the game itself.

All your tournaments are easily tracked in one place and all results can be easily shared with friends. It should be noted that My Bracket is divided into paid and free versions.

The free version only allows you to create brackets for up to 8 teams, with all the features available to you. To plan a larger tournament, you must open the PRO version.
If you need to make changes to the team name or even change locations, you can do it right in the process.


7. Bracket HQ | Tournament Bracket Maker


Simple and concise, Brackets HQ will help you manage your tournament without difficulty.

The design of the application is not bright and not extraordinary or special, but you will see all important information on your screen. Create a truly beautiful tournament grid that gives viewers and players all the important information at once.

The HQ bracket manages your tournament in seconds and does not interfere with its maker. You can update the game results directly with the developer tools and send them to other competitors.

For all types of tournaments, you can adjust the appearance and bracket removal. By the way, you can also add parentheses when you enter tournaments – both single and in pairs.

Without the help of the HQ Bracket, it will be difficult to make a beautiful and correct plan of action during the competition.

It doesn’t matter how many teams you have in your tournament, it’s all about managing the interface and entering data.


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