7 Of The Best Baby Photo Editor Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Baby Photo Editor Apps For Android & iOS

First shower, first step, first words, first Christmas, first birthday, first teeth …

There are many moments in the life of your newborn child that you want to capture, and for this, you will need such an application. Baby photo editor is also a whole group of applications. Our review will be of interest to pregnant women and mothers of small children.

1. Baby Pics


Baby Pics is a super editor for processing baby photos and more. Capture the moments of pregnancy and how your baby grows.

This original program is №1 in more than one hundred countries. Easy to edit and create. Capture the moment of child growth week after week, first smile at mother, first step with father, daily moment or first day at school. Add cool stickers and photo captions that add beauty to your photos.

You can add a ruler to the baby’s photo or gain weight with the baby’s weight in the photo. A large number of interactive stickers to make an extraordinary group available.

This application has won many awards and reached hundreds of thousands of downloads, with an average rating of 4.5 – this is very meaningful. There are no advertisements, and annoying messages that bother you during the creation process. Download Baby Pics for free and turn your baby’s photo into a previous beauty picture now.

That is easy:

  1. Take a photo on your mobile or select the desired photo from the gallery
  2. Add your favorite graphic stickers
  3. Write text in beautiful graphic style.
  4. Work done, just save it or share it on social networks!

More than five hundred stunning graphic elements, around four hundred unique inscriptions are available after installation. All graphic elements are divided into ten categories.

Choose personalized text from the list, and write the baby’s name, unforgettable moments or just cool expressions. Use high-quality filters and your photos have changed from boring works to real work.

With this application, you will easily decorate your growing child with interactive photos. Photos with rulers, weights, bottles, captions, and stickers with cool writing – all this is possible with this program. If you are just waiting for a baby, don’t pass! Take a photo of your pregnant belly, add some graphic elements from the application library and get a memo ready for years.

This application has a free trial period. The big disadvantage is that, even in the paid version, not all features are open. To get a complete set of all stickers and pictures, you need to pay extra money.


2. Hell’o Baby: Parenting App


Agree, sometimes it’s nice to see your baby’s photo or video file, see what you like as a child and the most important moments in your first six years of life: first words, first steps, first teeth, and more.

But albums, unfortunately, are often lost, especially when moving from one place to another, and this is full of missing many important moments that you don’t want to forget. So how do you do it? Create interactive baby stories directly on mobile – with the Hello Baby app, this can be done very easily.

The name of the application is unusual, but such a provocative component highlights the project and makes it interesting especially for fathers and mothers who are not accustomed to thinking in stereotypes.

Create a baby album, enter birth data and start making history! An interactive feed of a child’s life consists of photos, videos, audio and children’s text recordings. This album shows the first 6 years of a baby’s life and is always available to all family members. By the way, when creating an album, you can choose who you are for the baby.

Even if your relatives don’t have the application, this service supports the web version. Its capabilities are still limited, but all basic information is available on a computer screen. Hello Baby is the baby’s personal space, where all her best achievements, images, and moments are collected.

With this service, memories won’t go anywhere, and at the same time, all key moments will be neatly arranged on the shelf. What is the name of the baby’s first friend? What emotions does he have when visiting an amusement park? All of this can be quickly found directly in the application.

Add baby’s height and weight to the measurement service, and get clear statistics about changes to the chart. Do you want to decorate a child’s photo, make it more interesting? With a sticker service, this can be done very simply – the baby will surely be happy.

With the Second function per day, add one second to the baby’s life every day, and then get a video about how fast your child is growing. A good bonus is the interactive Hello Baby card for birthdays and other important events in baby’s life. And with the album and video story printed service, you can automatically get an album or video story printed from a child’s photos and videos.

If you already have a baby or you are just planning – please download the application from the link below.


3. Totsie


Totsie is an application that allows you to capture moments of pregnancy and make photos of your baby more beautiful and unusual.

To begin, it is important to determine what exactly the utility will be used for: to store photo reports about the bright moments of a growing child or to capture important moments of pregnancy to remember.

Next, users are asked to log in to an account or purchase a paid subscription to register for a new one. Note that the application provides a free trial period of seven days. To activate it, you must enter a payment method. You can unsubscribe at any time in the application settings.

There is a wide selection of stickers and filters that allow you to make photos in one style. All stickers are made in pastel colors and have a smooth design. In addition, users can add their own text on photos using many attractive fonts.
There are many interesting ideas for pictures. Filters give each photo a unique mood and color scheme.

Special features:

  • take impressive pictures of the pregnancy and baby growth and development;
  • a free seven day trial period is provided;
  • ready-made photos can be shared on social networks and instant messengers;
  • separate storage called personal Time Capsule;
  • there are many filters, fonts, and stickers.


4. Baby Snaps Pics & Photo Editor


Baby Snaps Pics & Photo Editor will become indispensable assistants in creating beautiful photos of your baby. You can create memorable stories from photos of your own baby and share them with other family members.

To do this, you need to take your photo from the gallery or use the application’s camera and add different scribbles from various varieties. Then, edit your text (or choose from various texts and citations) and select the text style (more than 20).

You can also apply filters (100+) to your photos. Edit your photos with Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Hue, Sharpen, Warmify & RGB. The work is almost ready. Now you can share funny photos with family, relatives, or friends with just one touch.

All the miraculous milestones are waiting for the baby, the first day of birth, the first smile, the first step, the first day of school in the initial processing – all of this and more will be your unforgettable treasure forever.


5. Baby Art-Baby Monthly Pictures


Baby Art-Baby Monthly Pictures is a free iPhone application to edit your baby’s photos by decorating them with various works of art. This will help you to capture the baby’s first life and the entire pregnancy period.

This is very easy to use. Just select a photo from your mobile library (or some photos if you plan to make a collage). Or you can take photos with the application camera. Then, start making! There are four parts: Artwork, Filters, Text, and Overlay. When you have finished making all changes, save your photo and share using Email, Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram.

There are more than 100 creative artworks from various categories (date, pregnancy, pregnancy, welcome, doodle and birthday), 100+ fonts, dozens of filters and overlays to make a photo stand out.


6. Baby Photo Editor Sticker Pics


Birth of a baby, first smile, first step, game, show or soccer match – decorate these moments with the help of Baby Photo Editor Sticker Pics! Everything is very simple: take pictures, add baby stickers and artwork according to your taste, apply filters, add a few touching words and share them with friends on social networks. Let everyone appreciate your great work!

In this application, there are many different artworks, stickers, filters, and captions. Age, mood and much more can be expressed directly on photos with personalized stickers and text. Stickers are constantly updated in real time. Several categories of artwork are available: Babies, Pregnancy, Effects, Date & Milestones, Family, Potty Time, Doodle, Children and Holidays.

The only drawback is that you have to pay to unlock all categories and get access to all stickers.

When the photos are ready, you can immediately share them with relatives and friends on social networks, in messages or via email.


7. BabyPic – Pregnancy Milestones


BabyPic – Pregnancy Milestones for parents and expectant mothers will help capture all the moments that you don’t want to forget. So, change every moment in your child’s life into a work of art.

After downloading the application, there is no need to register. You immediately get to the main menu where you can choose projects or make your own and start creating! Finished projects include categories such as First Kick, Twins, Playtime, Stools, Extraordinary Babies, Baby on Board, Food Week, Maturity Date, Baby Status, Baby Bear, First Image. Each project can be renamed, duplicated or deleted. When you choose a project, just tap the project.

You will see a ready-made template with photos, artwork, stickers and inscriptions. Add your own photo and start editing if you feel it isn’t processed enough. Use filters, artwork, text, and stickers to decorate your baby’s photos.

Choose the color, font, size, width of the stroke, the opacity of the text and so on to make the text unique. Personalize photos with elegant and professional 55+ photo filters. Use artwork arranged in groups: Moon Arrows, Baby Talk, Gender Disclosure, Solid Shapes, Announcements, Colored Fruit Week, Junk Foods, Newborn, Status, Feelings, Chuckles, and more. Some of them are free to download, others are paid.

There are also many stickers for each situation: Talking Bubbles, Eyes and Mouth, Masks, Hipsters, and more.

Then, save photos and share with family and friends through favorite social networks. Simple and clear application will help you capture important moments in your baby’s life in a beautiful way.


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