7 Of The Best Apps To Change Eye Color (Android & iOS)

7 Of The Best Apps To Change Eye Color (Android & iOS)

Have you ever played with Photoshop? This is a very funny thing, you know. Luckily, today someone doesn’t need Photoshop to play with someone’s photos! There are many applications that can replace all the famous editor features. Below, I will find 11 applications to change eye color. Is that lens suitable for you? Or what would it be like if you were a stranger? Get one of the applications below to find out!

1. Adobe Photoshop Fix


Adobe Photoshop Fix is ​​for those who value tradition. In addition, Adobe has been on the market so long that they really produce one of the best software for things like changing eye color. This particular application has a much broader function than just changing eye color. You can use it to eliminate flaws on your face, smooth out uneven surfaces, heal, darken or brighten – anything to make your selfie look good. You can also play with colors and other characteristics of the whole picture.

Meanwhile, to color the eyes, you need to use the ‘Paint’ tool. This works in a complicated way, but if you have enough patience, the results will look very natural, so no one can say whether you change the eye color real or only in the program. The hardest part is choosing the right brush size. If you can do it quickly, then the whole process will not take long. By the way, you can change not only the color of the eyes but also the hair and other details. The ‘painting’ tool is rather universal here.

Just one tip before you enter the creative process: changing the size or intensity of the brush requires you to tap the tool and pull it up or down. It’s quite intuitive, so I’m sure you will learn it quickly.

This application does not contain any advertisements, but requires that you undergo a quick registration procedure. Overall, Adobe Photoshop Fix is ​​a useful application to have regardless of whether you want to change eye color or get rid of that zit. Recommended for trial!


2. Eye Color Studio


Eye Color Studio offers more than 150 eye coloring effects. It’s not just about changing colors – it’s also about changing shapes. With the help of this application, you can see how you will look like with a cat’s eye, electric or gold eye, reptile or alien eye, and more. There are many choices of effects. But first, this application gets you through the calibration process. This can pretty much recognize where the eye is in the image, but you need to adjust the size of the eyeball so that all the masks fit properly.

As you can see from the picture, it is even possible to apply a different color to each eye. Another cool feature of this application is that it gives you the opportunity to create your own effects that you can apply many times in the future. Overall, this application is quite good in function. At first, I thought that the effect didn’t look natural, but later I discovered that all that was needed to eliminate the ‘unnatural look’ was to reduce the opacity a little. If not for advertising, it will be a perfect application for coloring the eyes. Well, it’s certainly worth downloading.


3. Facetune


Facetune is another toolkit to make your selfies look perfect or, well, at least to eliminate annoying weaknesses such as blemishes, dark circles, yellow teeth, etc. One application feature is connected to the eye. Actually, there are three things you can do with your eyes using the application: remove the red and white eye effect, emphasize your view, and change eye color.

Here, everything is done with a brush, so you have to be precise with your finger movements. In general, the eye color modifier has no flexibility – it is round and there is no variation, as far as I know, predetermined. Color choices are also limited, but at least everything is natural and definitely suitable for anyone.

So, if you like a versatile and fine application with a simple but workable tool, then this application is for you! This may not offer much, but all the important things are there. What more can one expect?


4. Eye Color Changer Makeup (iOS)


Eye Color Changing Makeup for iOS is a relatively new application for changing eye colors. Actually, the application has been there for 3 years, but the last update was made in 2018, so we will consider it new. This application has more than one hundred contact lenses to try. Among them are some who are very simple and, conversely, who are very funny.

What’s extraordinary about this application is the face recognition technology and the calibration process. They allow you to make precise adjustments so that all eye masks match the eyes.

The disadvantage of the application is its size. More than 100MB is too much for such a small feature, in my opinion. In addition, this application has several advertisements that can be removed by purchasing a premium annual subscription. The price is not high, so if you really intend to use eye coloring applications often, you can consider buying this one. As for all the other details, this iOS application is really great! One that is valuable when it comes to our attention.


5. Eye Color Changer – Camera (Android)


Eye Color Changer for Android is an editor for changing eye and camera colors, which means it must be able to change your eye color automatically – as soon as you turn on the front camera. But in reality, this feature sucks. This will bring you eternity to match your eyes with those colored circles, so it’s better to make a photo first and then edit it. You can still try the camera – who knows, maybe you will enjoy it!

As an editor, this application gives you a number of different eye masks. All masks are grouped into special categories, such as orange, blue, green, gray, 2-tone, rainbow, and others. You can find what you need after calibrating your photo. Here, you need to determine where your eyes are in the image and adjust the size of the eyeball and the overall size of the eye. This application is quite sensitive, so sometimes you just need to approve adjustments. After that, you can try whatever you want. In addition to eye color filters, there are also eyeshadow and background filters.

Overall, this application is simple and practical. As for me, there are two small weaknesses. The first is, as usual, advertising – you can get rid of it by paying. And the second is that the application has no natural-looking colors – most colors look artificial or unnatural. But if you are okay with that, please download this download!


6. Eye Color Changer (Android)


This is another application made by VysionApps. Eye Color Changer is basically the same as the previous application. The only difference is that it doesn’t have unnecessary frills like a camera feature or eyeshadow filter. The interface, calibration, even eye color filters are all the same.

So, if you just want to try new eye colors in your eyes, then it’s better to choose this application! It weighs much less, but gets the job done. Tap the Google Play button and enjoy!


7. Photo Wonder


The Photo Wonder application is an excellent editor for Instagram photos. It has many tools that aim to ‘beautify’ the image, including removing dark circles, zits, yellow teeth; change the shape of your feet, and even make your breasts look bigger. As you might understand from the previous review, I’m not an advocate of artificial change like that. But you can’t judge others, right? So, if you want to turn yourself into a doll that looks perfect, then this application is what you need!

In addition to beauty tools, this application also has a number of useful things, such as filters, the ability to make collages, editing tools including cropping, turning, sharpening, etc. This is a versatile application that might suit anyone’s needs! For those who want to change eye color, there are instruments called ‘bright eyes’.

Well, it won’t always change the color of your eyes, but it will definitely make your eyes sparkle. Also, with the help of this application, you can clean your photos of the red-eye effect and make your black rim disappear. So, if you want to experience something unusual, Photo Wonder is out there waiting to be downloaded!


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