7 Free Prank Calling Apps For Android & iOS 2020

7 Free Prank Calling Apps For Android & iOS 2020

Have you ever run away from a boring or annoying company? So as not to disturb your imagination and not create various reasons – you can use the convenient prank call application. Using it will help you get out of uncomfortable situations and maintain a good relationship with the company in 2020.

1. Fake-A-Call Free


Fake-A-Call is a very simple program that provides basic functionality of this kind of application.

On the main screen, you can enter the name of the caller, as well as add additional information – for example, a job, or something like that.

Also here you can set the number of someone from your contact list as a fake call. Ringtones options available. In addition, there is a timer: set the time you want to receive a call. In the Other Options section, the most interesting functions are hidden.

Next, there is a choice of several voices of the other person: there is an option for an angry boss, girlfriend, or friend. It is also possible to record your own monologue.

2. Prank Call Wars


Prank War Prank contains various jokes to fool your friends! Voice recognition software will make your friend think he is talking to a real person.

To send a joke, you have to choose a scenario – for example, “Why did you call my girl?” or “You stole my wallet”. Then, select a contact and send a call. You can listen to the conversation directly and record it.

This application has a limit on how many times you can work on certain people. To make more calls, you need coins. There are several ways to get it. You can buy it using in-app purchases. You can get coins by watching videos or completing offers. Share this application with friends and get 2 additional coins.

3. Juasapp


Juasapp is an application to play friends through calls. You can only make a number of calls. You have to pay with money, or you have to share the application with friends.

In the application, there are jokes for different people. Some are only for women, some for those who travel for work, some for dog owners and so on. You will find all kinds of jokes.

The process of making calls using Juasapp is very simple. You have to choose a joke, then determine the phone number you want to call, and finally choose the time of this call. After that, you only need to wait for the selected time.

Juasapp is a very effective application for prank calls. Yes, this call will cost a certain amount of money, but you can pay it or just share the application with many of your friends.

4. Ownage Pranks


Download the Ownage Pranks app and enjoy quality jokes with your friends. Nothing complicated. Just choose a scenario, make a call and be prepared to laugh a lot. This amazing funny calling application is available for Android and iPhone users.

You can save calls in your profile area and share them with others. Laughing together! This application contains many scripts and jokes. They are recorded by professional voice actors.

5. JokesPhone


JokesPhone is one of the funniest prank calls apps for Android devices. Fool your friends and laugh together. There is a function to share recorded conversations on WhatsApp and other social networks.

To get free joke calls, log in to Joke Phone with your Facebook account and recommend this application to others.

How it works

Select jokes (such as “You robbed my WiFi”, “We cut off your electricity”, “Your child bites at school”, and many others), choose friends and schedule joke calls. Joke calls are completely anonymous. They are not generated from your cellphone and will not be charged.

6. Fake Call Plus


Stop boring conversations, leave the company and get a reason to leave. All thanks for the sudden incoming call you have called.

There are ways to activate fake calls on the iPhone, which seem indistinguishable from real phone calls.

How to set everything

1. Download the Fake Call Plus app for free from the App Store.

2. Run the program and configure the call parameters. You can set:

  • call time after activation;
  • caller’s name;
  • ringtone;
  • the background voice of the other person when you answer a call;
  • contact photo.

3. We are waiting for a suitable case to use the application.

Now when you need to find a reason to leave, run Fake Call Plus and click Start Call. The device screen is off, you don’t need to block it. After a certain period of time, an incoming call will be heard, and you will get a good reason to move.

You can add application widgets and activate fake calls directly from the lock screen.

This developer has a paid version of the Fake Application Call Pro program. This is marked by the lack of advertisements and unlimited parameter changes (in the free version, some settings can be changed only once).

7. Fake call – prank


Fake Calls – jokes – mimic fake calls and short messages, customize them and edit names, pictures and ringtones!

This program allows you to make fake calls only on your cellphone, and you can joke or avoid awkward situations. An interesting function of this application is imitating a fake call, for example, it can be a call from a mother or boss. This will help avoid unpleasant conversations or unnecessary meetings.

This program allows you to make new contacts, as well as use numbers in the phone book so that they can “call” or “send” messages. This is a very interesting utility that will help avoid unpleasant situations. Now you don’t need to listen to mother-in-law who grumble. Imitate an important call and continue your business.

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