7 Free Distorted Face Apps Android & iOS

7 Free Distorted Face Apps Android & iOS

Do you enjoy making silly photos for your social media? Keep reading this article!

There are tons of free distorted face apps for Android and iOS that can give your photos a really funny look!

This app is the best and the easiest way to make you look totally unrecognizable. These instruments can stretch your photos, rotate them, and make many other kinds of modifications. So if you like to make fun of yourself this app is an absolute must!

1. Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor


Let’s start with an application called Face Warp. This is an app that lets you add distorted filters to your shots.

The app has a set of face juggling tools that you can use to make your photos look even more fun. And the main purpose of this app is to show you that there is nothing cooler than making jokes about yourself. Thus, the application allows you to express your creativity in any way you like.

To be honest, there aren’t many implementations in this app – there are only a few. But the trick is that you can do a lot of fun things with it. First of all, there are brushes that enlarge some parts of your photo. This machine can also make some areas of your photo smaller and you can use it again and again until it looks ridiculous.

Apart from that, the app also has a warp brush which lets you change the shape of the shot as you wish. You just have to tap anywhere on your shot and move your finger. Apart from that, the app includes some basic modifying instruments and also allows you to optimize the orientation of your images.




2. Face Distortion – Screw Up Your Face





The second app is called Face Distortion and the conception fully reflects its name.

This application allows you to change your face any way you want. With it, you can change the shape of your face in the photo, change its shape, and do lots of other fun things. The purpose of this app is to help you make the cutest photos and give them the most ridiculous look.

In it, the app doesn’t have an automatic mode so you have absolute freedom with your actions. You just have to tap anywhere on your screen and drag your seeker around chaotically. That way, you can make some parts of yourself smaller or swell up, and you can do as much as you want.

You can also spiral your photos and make yourself look thinner or fatter. Plus, this app has an accumulation of stamps that you can add to your photos. These stickers mimic the cartoonish look of the face and some accessories too.

This app doesn’t compromise the quality of your photos and you can share them directly on Facebook (or wherever you want). Also, the app is free and has no ads or in-app purchases.




3. Funny Face Effects






Funny Face Effects is another app that can help you easily create funny photos. This app is completely centered on face modification tools that let you have fun with your photos. Needless to say, the app now has more than ten million downloads which makes it one of the most popular apps in its genre.

With this, the app has a built-in camera so you can’t just use the pre-built cameras. While the app doesn’t have many implementations, it still allows you to change the shape of your photos in several ways. Thus, the application has a basic warp tool, a stretch tool, a spiral tool and so on. Also, the app doesn’t have a face verification tool so you can’t just use it with selfies.

More than just a token, this app can handle more than just photos. This way, the app is able to convert your shots into GIFs. This is how it works – you distort any part of your image (like stretching your arms or enlarging your eyes) and the app moves it. GIFs usually look really fun and you can post them on SoMe with a tap.




4. Face & Body Warp & Agingbooth







Face & Body Warp is an app that entices you to completely reshape your photos in seconds. This application is fully committed to dealing with distortion so it includes many applications for it. Thus, this app has additional instruments, inflation, and deflation, stretching, and also basic warp ones.

Apart from that, the app doesn’t have a face verification tool so you can use all the tools all over your body. Let’s start with the instrument running in automatic mode. The first is that which ages and allows you to see how you have looked in decades. Another instrument is a good fit and makes you look thinner or fatter in your photos. And there are machines that can make you appear taller or shorter.

Even though all of these tools are automatic, you can still adjust the intensity of all of them. As for the warping instrument, you have it under your complete control. You just have to tap anywhere in your photo and drag your fingers as you like. Apart from that, this app has a cute set of stamps that you can add to your photos.




5. Face Changer 2






Face Changer 2 is an app that lets you add cute effects to your photos.

This app includes several engines that let you make fun of yourself in photos. So there is a face swap tool, a background changer, a clone tool, and even an instrument that lets you try to morph faces.

With this, you can use a photo from your cam roll or use the built-in camera. The face swapping tool is simple – it replaces your face with the face from any photo you load. As for the single face morph – this instrument includes a variety of masks that turn your face into an animal, alien or monster. Bg remover runs automatically and makes bg translucent. Plus, it also allows you to place bg in seconds.

In addition, this app has a collection of facial parts that you can use as accents on your photos. This part of the face looks like a sticker and mimics the face of an animal or supernatural being. Apart from that, the app includes lots of other stickers that can decorate your photos (there are more than 600 stickers covered at the moment).




6. YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters






YouCam Fun is an application that asks you to create funny photos.

The app has two tools you can use – stickers and masks. As for the stickers, there are more than a thousand covered by the app and the number is growing. These stickers mimic the faces of animals, aliens and all kinds of magical creatures. There are also quote stickers, accessories, and so on.

In addition, the app regularly updates its sticker compilation with thematic holiday packages. There are even moving stickers you can try out! What’s more, this app has hundreds of masks that work on videos as well as images. The masks are dumped into the package for easy navigation. So, there are morph masks, beautiful ones, horror ones, and many more.

Multiple masks work on several people simultaneously so you can try them on with your friends. And some masks even come with sound distortions that make them even funnier.




7. Individual Face – extreme distortion filters & effects





And lastly, Individual Faces is an app that lets you laugh at yourself by changing your photos.

The app includes several effects that can make you look silly in your shots. Thus, the application has a warp tool, a blur tool, a postage tool, and so on. Apart from that, the app is so easy to use that everyone can handle it.

All of the implementations covered in the application can be completed individually, and they all come with several options. Plus, the app has tools that make you smile, that make you sad, and that make you smile. The warp tool lets you do everything you want – just drag your finger and see how it goes.

Apart from that, this app has a blurring instrument which can make bg uneven as well as rotating. Needless to say, this app keeps the quality of your photos high so don’t worry about that. The app also processes at high speed so edits can take a while to complete.



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