7 Cut And Paste The Best Photo Apps For Android & iOS

7 Cut And Paste The Best Photo Apps For Android & iOS

Due to the fact that people are starting to actively take a great interest in photography, various types of image processing tools have begun to appear in the application store.

This is makeup, hair style, color processing, and filtering – everyone can find the service they want. Depending on your needs, you can choose the application itself. It turns out, sometimes it’s very difficult to find the right one among all this diversity!

Questions arise and complicate the service itself. They often have facial recognition, automatic processing, and artificial intelligence. But the most basic function – “copy and paste” – may not be there!

Do you want to make a joke about your friend and put his face in another photo? Make an original collage? We have compiled 7 of the best applications to help you do this.

1. Cut Paste Photos


This application is a functional photo editor that allows users to make all the desired manipulations with that photo. Do you want to be in the same photo as a celebrity? Put yourself in the photo!

All you need to do is give Cut Paste Photos permission to access images from your device’s gallery. After adding the required images, you can start working. The main tool is interested in object selection and background deletion.

There are several ways to choose something – manually or with the help of an artificial intelligence system. The system automatically recognizes the limit and removes all unnecessary things from the picture! To help you work in manual mode, there is also a Magnifying glass, which allows you to examine and highlight the contours needed in more detail.

Besides the basic tools, there are other tools. For example, cloning fragments or reflections. Make a twin in the photo – it will be the same as you, but it is reflected! You can also make use of standard image processing – effects and so on.


2. Cut Cut Cut – Cutout & Photo Background Editor


Sometimes you take amazing pictures, but the background disappoints you. For example, you have shown all your strengths, but dirty socks are lying on the chair, ruining the whole picture! Don’t despair, there are ways to save images. Cut Cut Cut will be a background replacement assistant if you have to solve everything quickly and qualitatively.

This application works on artificial intelligence systems – that is, in this mode, you apply minimal efforts to highlight objects. There is also a manual mode – where you will be able to delete unnecessary items or what’s left of processing. Cut Cut Cut immediately presents a background template that you can use for your photos.

Besides selection, you can also apply effects to the cutout image. Have you seen the mesmerizing effect of flying mosaics? In Cut Cut Cut, you can do it with your photos!

Simple and fast – that’s the secret of Cut Cut Cut’s popularity. Immediately after changing a photo, you can upload it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – share your creations with friends.


3. Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop


Mafooly has developed one of the most famous photo editors for iOS devices. This application allows you to combine several images into one without using a standard and boring collage template, as well as to complete images with details that you think are needed. You can not only upload photos for editing from the gallery but also make them directly in the application.

In addition to the main subject, you can capture several elements from one image at a time. If you don’t have an idea for a background, you can use the Chop Cut Photo Edit Edit collection.

This application has a paid version, which allows you to use all functions in an unlimited number. An unlimited number of images available for processing, effects, stickers and smileys – that is, at a certain price you expand the set of tools available.

Subscription costs less than 6 dollars a month or less than 12 dollars for 3 months. To see if it’s convenient for you to use, try all the features in the 3 day trial period. Cut Paste Photo Edit Pro will try to help you apply all your ideas and ideas with photos.


4. PhotoLayers〜Superimpose, Background Eraser


Do you want to make the background transparent, but you don’t know how? Of course, in the computer version of the Photoshop program, you will remove the background with just a few clicks, but in the mobile version, that is the problem.

PhotoLayers works primarily with automatic detection of objects and people in photos. At the beginning of the editing, you must choose a background image and the main image – the image you want to remove. You can also use data from Google Drive.

You can split images into several layers and edit them one at a time – almost like in Photoshop. Crop the image to a convenient format. Dimensions, orientation, transparency – all of this can be changed directly in PhotoLayers, the main thing – do not forget to save the results after all innovations.

Eraser can also be used as a dot eraser, erasing only certain parts of the background. You can combine up to 11 images at a time – up to 11 image layers.


5. Cupace


Do you like making memes, collages and funny pictures? Do you always joke about your friends and acquaintances? Then you have to install it on your Cupace smartphone. This is a practical application that lets you create new images by combining personality and place, as well as adding nylon, text and smileys, giving you individuality.

You need a little patience and attention to cut your face. Use the zoom tool to make the head area bigger and highlight the face gently. The resulting physiognomy can be stored in what is called a “face gallery” – An album in Cupace where you can see all the photo fragments used.

Select the desired photo and enter the face. Basically, you can say that processing is complete! You can insert multiple images into one background and share them instantly on social networks. Save the results to the gallery and send them anywhere – even to 9gag!


6. MagiCut – Cut and Paste Photos


The editing process at MagiCut is more like a creative activity. Stickers, fonts, images, additional processing, and other tools give you plenty of room for creativity. Be aware of all your online fantasies and post on social networks – the results must be seen by all your friends!

MagiCut uses Automatic Trim and Automatic Detection of objects and people, which greatly simplifies the entire process of changing images. You simply choose the right object and in a few moments, you can put it in the background that you like.

If you want to experience the whole process firsthand, you can process every detail of the photo yourself, highlight the edges of the area and more.

It often happens that two images are not together on a color or lighting scale. MagiCut adjusts them to each other and the end result looks like a single whole. If you do not have enough of this functionality, the application can offer paid tools for editing.


7. AutoCut: cut and paste background changer


Afraid if you crop the image yourself, you might make a mistake? With AutoCut, you don’t need to worry. This application includes a smart tool called Smart Cutout – Auto Erase that instantly identifies and cuts the area you want. Just click to select the object and now you can put it in a new background.

You can download the background from your own archive or use one of the AutoCut files. You can even delete things extra with an eraser – self-processing is also available. The background image changes automatically to your liking – you no longer need to crop the required object from the original image.

With AutoCut, you can also make your photos look cuter or more fun – use stickers or text inserts to complete the picture. Develop creative ideas as you process them.



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