7 Best Top Wireless Charging Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Top Wireless Charging Apps For Android & iOS

Wireless charging is an excellent technology that allows you to charge your smartphone or other electronic devices at close range without wires. There are many ways to charge your smartphone without using cables. You can purchase a wireless charging device for this process. It may be very expensive for some people so considering this issue there are many wireless charging apps available for Android and iOS users. We filtered the top 7 best apps of them and listed them in this article. You can easily use one of these apps on your Android or iOS device and easily use the wireless charging feature on your smartphone.

If you forget or lose your smartphone charger, then you can easily use a wireless charging app on your smartphone. This application will help you to easily charge your smartphone without using a charger. You can easily find the nearest wireless charging point and track the location using the GPS location app. In our world, cables are everywhere so wireless charging is a new thing for most smartphone users. If you are looking for the best wireless charging app for your Android or iOS device then you are at the right place. In this article we list the 7 best wireless charging apps for you.

1. Aircharge Qi


Aircharge Qi is one of the best wireless charging apps developed by PixelBeard for Android and iOS. This is a great app that lets you find wireless charging locations near you. The app will direct you to one of more than 4,000+ global Qi charging hotspots located in Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Airports and other public spaces. Along with this, it also has the option to choose to receive clear step-by-step instructions from your current location to your chosen Qi Hotspot.


2. Powermat


The Powermat is a great way to stay charged on the go. This is a great app which allows you to view & be directed to thousands of wireless charging locations in various places like coffee shops, restaurants, universities and other public places. It’s easy to use and free app for Android and iOS with which you can find a charging place to start charging. If your device is not equipped with wireless charging, attach the ring and place it in the charging case.


3. Chargemap


Chargemap is another popular wireless charging app for Android and iOS users. It is a wireless charging service provided, which targets charging demand in public spaces. You can easily use this charging station for your electric car. Using this app you can easily check wireless charging points near you and start charging your phone wirelessly. You have just used this application and are looking for a wireless charging position. Once you’ve secured the spot, you’ll need to go near the charging point and place your phone on top of the wireless charger.


4. Wireless Charging Checker


Wireless charging checker is another great wireless charging app developed for android users. This is a powerful tool that allows you to check the wireless charging capabilities of this phone. You can also use it as a bill reminder app so that you can check if your device is compatible with wireless charging or not. Before buying external wireless charging, you can use this app to check. It is a fast and easy to use application so that every android user can use this application on their android device for free.


5. Razer Wireless Charger


azer wireless charger is a popular wireless charging app for iOS users which provides a great charging option for your iOS device. It is developed by Razer with lots of free and easy to use features so you can easily use those features on your iOS device. You can use this app to switch between different colors, or choose from four different lighting effects: static, breathing, spectrum and wave. This is completely free easy-to-use app that any iOS user can easily use to charge their device in a new way.


6. Solar Mobile Charger


Solar mobile charger is a charging prank app for android users which allows you to make jokes with your friends and family. It is only for entertainment and pleasure purposes so you can fool your relatives by charging your smartphone with solar power. You can also use it as a prank app and do not put your phone in the sun to prevent it from being damaged. As we all know that charging the phone through sunlight is not possible so this is only for entertainment and Fun / Joke.


7. WIFI Charger


WIFI Charger is not a real charging application which helps you to charge your smartphone. This is another charging prank app for android users so you can joke with your friends that you are charging your smartphone wirelessly. You can start charging your phone without the help of any power and cables on your smartphone. Are you drawing on the sand because your phone is turned off because of the battery? Use this application, It helps you charge your smartphone without any problem.


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