7 Best Multiplayer Chess Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Multiplayer Chess Apps For Android & iOS

Today our review is about multi-player chess applications for both: Android & iOS devices.

In this list, we focus your attention on multi-player chess games.

1. Chess Prince


Prince Chess is a game for two players. A game takes place on a square board, made of 64 small squares, of eight squares from each side.

Each player starts with sixteen numbers: eight pawns, two horses, two elephants, two strongholds, one queen and one king. The aim of the game is for each player to try to check the opponent king. If the player’s king is trapped and doesn’t have the chance to escape from threats by his rival, then that is considered a mistake.

The game process consists of two contestants, one by one making an effort to defeat each other by moving the characters according to a certain pattern. The first step is done by the white side. Just skip a few paragraphs if you know the rules 🙂

Numbers, except for horses, during the game process, are considered to move in a straight line on the board, which “passes” all the fields between the start and end lines so all of these fields must be free. If there are other figures on the road, then it is not possible to move the numbers in the fields behind him. The exception is the horse track (see below).

  • Square places, occupied by figures, are impossible to step on.
  • The king goes to a distance of 1 down, horizontal or diagonal.
  • The queen goes any distance down, horizontally or diagonally.
  • The castle goes to any distance vertically or horizontally.
  • Elephants go to any distance on the diagonal.

The horse runs on the square, is 2 down and 1 crossed or 1 down and 2 across from the current position.

Unlike all other chess, horse movements are made of plane boards, i.e. the horse moves directly (“jumps”) from the initial field in the final and no standing figures in other fields can prevent the movement of the horse. Specifically, a horse can go on the field even if it is completely surrounded by other figures.

Pawn runs by catching diagonally to one square forwards-to-right or forwards-to the left, and without catching – down to one square to the front. If the pawn in this party has not done the course, he can take the course without capturing the two fields ahead.

The “forward” direction is called the eighth horizontal direction for white or the first for black. When a pawn goes to the last horizontal (for white – on eight, for black – on the first), a player must replace it with other numbers of the same color, except for the king (pawning transformation).

A pawn transformation is a part of a path that moves to the last horizontal line. So, if, for example, a figure who changes from a king threatening opponent king, then this king as a result of the course pawn on the last horizontal immediately appears in check.

In addition, this game has an improved design, including 7 different chessboard colors, 6 different backgrounds to choose from. With the possibility of canceling an action, this application has different levels of difficulty so that both beginners and advanced players can feel comfortable when playing chess.

2. Chess Free by Al Factory Limited


Another great application for playing chess that is programmed to make the process of playing your game more interesting and useful. This application is called the best among all the others in the chess game industry. It got the highest score among 30 other chess applications.

Here you will find 12 difficulty levels to match your skills to the game, so you will not have training problems alone before you start your chess battle with more skilled friends. The game has two different modes, each of which will allow you to have a number of different suggestions during the game.

In this application, the chess tool “Treebeard” is applied. The cool thing about it is that it can perform actions very similar to those of humans. If you are a player for the first time, you can choose the level where the application will teach you how to do the process correctly.

You will develop your chess playing skills and will avoid the most common mistakes. What’s more, there is a function “To show how your computer thinks” that will allow you to analyze the way your competitors think. You also control your game statistics which will increase your ranking.

This game includes 8 types of chessboards and 7 different types of chess sets. In more “reviews,” you can always go back to your previous winnings and watch over your glory moments. However, because the game is free, it includes the number of eligible ads in it.

3. Chess Free by Optime Software LLC


This chess application was made specifically for you to feel comfortable when playing games – this was adopted for the iOS system. You can play with friends or train alone – it’s always up to you. And the luxurious design and beautiful frame will make this process more fun.

Save your progress – various name configurations and score tracking allow you to do that. Here you can also choose your difficulty level according to your preferences.

This application also includes a very useful function – automatic saving. So next time you get an unexpected call or your battery dies, your game progress will be saved.

When you launch the application, you see a concise menu where you can choose the number of players, search for other games, and explore other different options. If you choose a player mode you will get a set of options and lines that allow you to set the difficulty level. In options, it is possible to reset the time mode.

4. Chess by


Another chess application with various functions. As always, you can choose how you play – against black or white, computer or friends, of course.

This game includes 10 difficulty levels. One important feature of this application is what distinguishes it from other applications like this – is that this version has more than 38,000 chess puzzles divided into 13 sections.

The game supports online games and also allows you to play with each other via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can choose your game design yourself – it has a chessboard and set pieces, many of which are available in 2D and 3D modes.

Your progress in the game will always be saved automatically, and in addition, you can randomly go to any point in the current game. If you change the play mode to view mode, you can observe the game process beforehand, watch for errors, learn more, etc.

From the first glance, it is clear that this application includes more functions than usual. You permanently have unlimited access to additional options, menus, where you can build the game play process according to your preparation.

5. Really Bad Chess


If you and your friends feel a little dangerous, you can choose to play an amazing version of this simple game called “chess”. You will not find the number you are using here, all rules are violated.

Now you have many choices to make – you can have 8 knights, 4 bishops and 3 pawns, seriously. Compete with your friends in Weekly and Daily challenges, change your chessboard background.

Many experts and magazines note that in this application you will find chess again under a new angle. You will see how interesting it is to play when old pieces have greater power or when you have more than a few very strong figures.

Despite the density of variants in this game, it is still harmonious and comfortable for all types of players. You and your friends can even change your patterns of action and practice your skills in an unusual atmosphere that you don’t normally do.

The interface itself is quite simple and except for this ability to change application rules it has no special features. If you prefer classic chess with various settings – this application might be a little complicated for you.

So if you are a little tired of playing the same old chess every day or you just stop playing after learning the rules – this app is a breath of fresh air for you!

6. Chess Online


The main service of this application is the site. On a web server, play more than 1.5 million people – from amateurs and schoolchildren to professionals. You can play games with one of them or sharpen your skills in games with artificial intelligence.

Chess Online has several modes. A rating game helps you track your progress, while games that are not ranked allow you to improve your skills, call friends to the game, or meet new players. Each user has a real ranking – choose your own equivalent opponent and have fun.

Computer games have 20 difficulty levels. You can track your performance in separate tabs – all clearly and beautifully presented in the form of charts and tables. Count forward steps, prevent mistakes and step errors, and get the most out of your opponent’s game – Online Chess lets you do everything.

7. Chess Time – Multiplayer Chess


Here we have classic multi-player chess. This application was created as a global chess community for correspondent chess players. Through this chess network, you can find your competition to play with the whole world and compete with them. You can also communicate via chat, tag your favorite opponents, etc.

However, you always have the opportunity to play against your friends. When you launch the application, you can see a series of icons that you can click on: to go to the game, see leaders in this category, invite or like your friends, create or change your account, go to settings or read information about the application.

If you are bored with the game, you can change the theme and set of applications. If you have problems with questions about certain levels then you go to special level chat games. There is a history of the latest games which include the rankings of the best players and even the ranks of the best countries.

Invite your friends to join you in this application! In its general aspect, the application itself is classic and contains all the characteristics typical for a chess game. Create your own account to save and learn about your progress or show others. It should be noted that because this application is rather new, some technical problems can occur while playing chess.

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