7 Best Free Astrophotography Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Free Astrophotography Apps For Android & iOS

If you didn’t even know what astrophotography was before, we are ready to explain it to you beforehand. Astrophotography is a relaxed process of taking pictures of all celestial objects that you might not even be aware of with the naked eye.

Sky objects are too blunt, so you should leave the camera shutter open long to take beautiful pictures. This means you need to set a maximum shutter speed so your device can shoot successfully. If you are interested in astronomy, you might also like 11 Cool Solar System / Astronomy applications (Android & iOS).

As you may have noticed, you can take professional astrophotography only with the help of additional equipment. This is much more difficult than taking normal photos, so you need to acquire some skills.

It is worth mentioning that the weather plays an important role in astrophotography, as well as knowledge of the current position of stars and celestial bodies. There are separate sites and applications for getting the latest information and learning about stars, which we want to share.

1. SkyPortal


If you want to see the stars and sky in a new way, you have to go deeper into astronomy. SkyPortal is a unique application from Celestron planetarium that will help you change your perception and explore all celestial bodies in more detail.

Not only can you explore the solar system, but you can also plan all observation sessions or photographs. The application takes into account your time zone and your current location.

What makes SkyPortal special is that you can connect to the Celestron telescope from your smartphone. You can control them from your device, and explore the sky with them.

This application also includes many legends, photos, pictures from spaceships, and more. The main feature that allows you to make high-quality astrofotos is computerized telescope control. In this application you will always be ready to explore and study the starry sky. Take care of your eyesight even in the dark!


2. Star Walk 2 – Night Sky Map


Many people want to travel through space, both literally and figuratively. With the Star Walk 2 application, such trips can become real when you really start exploring space through your device.

With no effort at all, you will travel through comets, stars and constellations just by observing what is happening in the sky. Star Walk 2 will be your little introduction to astronomy in science and will also help satisfy your interest in space photos.

The sky map presented in the application is displayed and changed in real time. With the help of the sensor on your smartphone Star Walk 2 determines where you can see right now.

You can also draw closer to the sky and see 3D models of real constellations and star objects. Astrophotographers will find “Visible Tonight” useful – so you can learn about all the upcoming events in the sky.


3. Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map & Stargazing guide


Star Tracker allows you to enjoy the starry sky with your friends while outside the room and simply lift your eyes to the sky. This application was made so that people can explore the universe while watching the stars.

Apart from the typical clear sky, you can also see deeper celestial objects that are above you right now. Star Tracker uses smartphone sensors to determine your orientation in space.

You can set your own GPS or access data in the application itself. Star Tracker guarantees you a high-quality graphic display of celestial objects, and easily responds to your actions or clicks.

There are 2 versions of Star Tracker – paid and free. The Pro version gives you access to more constellations and deep objects, and you can really travel on your smartphone. However, Star Tracking is the best way to explore the universe in detail – even if you were not interested before.


4. Nightshift: Stargazing & Astronomy


True lovers and professionals Stars – everyone will find something interesting for themselves in the Nightshift app. This might be useful even if you only watch the stars – with the application the process would be better.

If you are planning a date under the stars or want to take some photos with a telescope, you can find out the best time to do it right in the application.

Nightshift features more than 15,000 deep sky objects that you can see and explore. Nightshift will give you the best conditions so you don’t have to worry about bad visibility while watching.

This application also always has the latest information about astronomical events that you can see, as well as plans and meteors that are currently visible. To keep you informed about visibility, you can add your favorite viewpoints to Nightshift, so you can plan the best moment for moon observations.


5. SkyView® Lite


You don’t have to be an astronomer to love the sky. You can be an amateur or watch the starry sky.

SkyView® Lite can help you identify the constellations that are being observed, and show what else you can see from your location.
This application is intuitive and simple – just point your device to the sky and start exploring.

After you point your SkyView® Lite camera to the sky, the application will automatically detect stars, galaxies, constellations, and even satellites that fly above your head.

So you can also watch at night, the application has a night mode with enhanced visibility. For every object in the sky, you will be able to track its path so you can see its exact location at any time.

Even time travel is available on SkyView® Lite, so you can choose the right time and see what is in the sky at the right time.


6. SkySafari – Astronomy App


SkySafari is an application designed by developers as a complete cellular planetarium. Here you will hold the entire universe in your hands, explore stars, constellations and satellites.

Just like in the previous application, all you need to do to get started and learn is to raise your smartphone to the sky. This application will automatically display exactly what is above you at this time.

SkySafari is the ideal companion for your observations. There is enough information in the application so you can study every celestial object that you see now. You can also see the sky on SkySafari at any time – even if it’s been long gone.

Here you can see what the sky was like 500 years ago and what it will be like in the future. The graphics used to display celestial bodies are truly amazing. You can know in advance what will happen in the sky tonight.


7. Stellarium Mobile Sky Map


Stellarium is one of the best applications for smartphones, with which you can watch the night sky. It presents you with a realistic map of the night sky in 3D, so you don’t need binoculars or telescopes to observe. This application acts as a pocket planetarium, ready to give you information anytime.

Like many other applications like that, Stellarium lets you determine exactly what you see in the sky right now. In this way, you can understand what you are taking. To do this, Stellarium needs access to GPS positioning.

The display direction is adjusted and controlled by the accelerometer on your smartphone. You will also be able to see through a screen of celestial bodies that can only be accessed from the most powerful telescopes – for example, realistic models of the Milky Way or the main planets of the solar system.

Learn about stars and celestial bodies in Stellarium to take photos of them at the right time.

To take pictures of not only stars but also celestial bodies, you will need a telescope and the right weather conditions. Even if you can’t get the perfect picture of everything first time, don’t worry. You can admire the stars through astronomical maps, moving planetariums, and more.

If you are new to photography, you can first learn the theory in more detail and see the sky through your smartphone without buying additional equipment. For the perfect glossy picture, you really have to go outside the city!

We hope our application choices have helped you and you will be really interested in astrophotography.

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