7 Best Fantasy Football Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Fantasy Football Apps For Android & iOS

All men, and even some girls since childhood dreamed of becoming famous athletes. Football is one of the most popular sports team games in the world. Footballers with a global reputation sign multi-million dollar contracts, travel around the world, advertise famous brand products and only their names in the ears of everyone.

From an early age, young athletes practice day and night to be like them and a little closer to their dreams. But not everyone can be the best: everyone has different physical data, abilities, and levels of luck. That’s why there are sports like fantasy football.

Fantasy Football is not just a game on a console, computer or cellphone. This is the whole world! In it you create your dream team.

This includes real players who take part in trophies, championships and tournaments around the world. And now you have the chance to play it.

We have chosen for you the best application on iOS and Android, with the help of which you can dive into the world of fantasy football.

1. FIFA Football


More than 550 real clubs, thousands of real players, unique game maneuvers – all presented in FIFA Football for iOS and Android. You can make the Ultimate Team from the best players you have been following for a long time. Or train any player and upgrade his skills to the level of the world’s top athletes!

All games are played in real time – you play on the same terms as people like you from all over the world. 11 famous players against 11 equally famous footballers – all managed by two opposing fans.

The heat of passion is no less than in a real game! With Amateur or Professional mode, you will be able to reject artificial intelligence, which will improve your playing skills.

To use this application requires a permanent connection to the Internet. If you don’t want the game to stop suddenly or at the most pleasant moment when you leave the application, we recommend you to play via Wi-Fi or with a good connection.

You will be able to work together with other league players, win and strengthen your team’s work skills. The only disadvantage of this application is that it contains in-game advertisements, but this game won’t get worse because of it.

2. Premier League – Official App


If you are a football fan, you know exactly about the major leagues. That is the Fantasy Premier League! You will not only be able to watch and study statistics for 27 years, but also to create your own team.

The game is regularly updated and upgraded, but it’s still completely free. Of course, the main theme is real Premier League tracking – match results, tables, there’s even Live Matchday, which is updated online for all Premier League matches.

Results for 27 years, profiles of all participating teams – all in free access. You can also watch videos and interviews with famous players.

You can even set PUSH notifications: You can receive information about matches or new players. Gather a team of hundreds of real teams – from Arsenal to Darby. And all of this is free for Android and iOS.

Watch the greatest moment in the history of the Premier League, learn from the world’s video games, the best players and win yourself.

3. Dream League Soccer


League 2019 has begun in Dream League Soccer! Now you can gather a team of top players who are FIFPro-certified – it’s an indicator of professionalism! This way you can make a better and more unstoppable team.

You can even build your own stadium by adding your own desires and nuances. Choose a game scheme in the field – or make your own. You are given the best strategy game.

With the best scheme, you will become a soccer star. Of course, if you pass all 6 leagues and enter the Elite Division. Sounds difficult, but with the opportunities it offers, it will come true.

The Dream League Soccer app is technology and modern as possible: realistic three-dimensional graphics, 60 frames per second, bright and fresh colors – this will immerse you in the atmosphere of the season and the game.

With tactical, intelligent and professional artificial intelligence, you can always sharpen your skills and become invincible for your opponents. Get a moment of your fame and get a pedestal game – climb onto the game table. This game is dynamic, so you are always waiting for new events.

One feature of the game is the ability to set goals for this season. For example, you can pass 7 battle cups and as many as 6 legions. This will increase your passion and interest.

You won’t lose game progress even if you change your device: everything is synchronized automatically with your cloud storage. Plus, this game has a great soundtrack that you won’t find anywhere else.

This game is completely free, but if you want to buy additional items during play – it’s for extra money. There are also native ads.

Create a dream team, be the best.

4. PES 2020 Pro Evolution Soccer


When you think you can only play with friends when you are there, you are wrong! With PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer, you won’t be disturbed by distance. A good friendly game will definitely help you relax and show everything you have learned to your friends.

This application is not limited to friendly matches. One-to-one games, local matches, friendly matches, online matches with unknown players – various choices. If you feel ready to face anyone – call online players to fight! Gather an ideal team of players, hold a confrontation against the strongest.

More than 8,000 different players are available for you, the style of play includes their branded features. Ball physics is as realistic as possible, and combined with the sensible game of the player of your choice creates a beautiful atmosphere.

The player’s playing style is maintained, the developers have done a good job in this regard. That’s why the heat of passion in your game is so real! Animations, images, effects – all of this makes you immerse in the atmosphere.

There is a category “Favorite Players”, which appears in one of the latest updates. This consists of players who have shown the best results and, accordingly, give them extra points.

Please note that this game is online and requires a constant connection to the network. Find a good signal and enjoy Fantasy Football.

5. Top Eleven – Be a soccer manager


If you are a football fan, but it is not interesting to be a player yourself, you can try the Top Eleven application. In it you can feel like a real team manager and learn the world of football from the inside!

Initially, you can build a stadium, develop it, and all adjacent structures. From the start, you will be able to gather your great team and promote it afterwards. Find players in the world arena, choose the most famous and wise. Register them for your club!

In addition to the standard manager functions, you will be able to create training sessions that will enhance your team’s skills. Customize your lessons with your players and improve their best side.

You can give your players complete instructions or just teach them tactics and maneuverability.

Want to compare the results of your work and your team with others? Challenge other managers! This way you can compete with players and find out who among you is the best.

The most important thing is you can send a team to the Champions League or Cup competition! If not, why did you fix it so much and try so hard? Prove to other managers and yourself that you are the best among managers and able to put together a true professional team.

6. NFL Fantasy Football


Have you heard about the Super Bowl? Now with the NFL Fantasy Football app you get a chance to win! Your team is new to this tournament, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose.

You formed your team from real NFL players. Player profiles include all real data from game strategies to statistics. With the Next Gen Stats feature, you can even compare with each other – this will help you make the best choice. Player comparisons are also available in teams, so you can make decisions faster during game breakthroughs.

Get ready for the weekly match by training your team and honing your skills.

You can even create your own league from scratch! Of course, if you don’t like the options available, such as public league.

No matter what level of game you are in, Fantasy Football is available for professionals and newcomers to the world of football.

Besides the game, you will always be able to keep up with the latest developments in the world of sports, especially football, and always know what is happening to the team.

The future of Fantasy Football is in your hands and in your team’s hands!

7. Yahoo Fantasy Sports


For those who aren’t just interested in Fantasy Football, the Yahoo application will definitely appeal to you. Yahoo Fantasy Sports includes Fantasy Football, Baseball, Hockey, and many other popular sports.

The application has been the best in its field for more than 5 years in a row!

You can play and be involved in several sports simultaneously – this application allows you to easily and quickly switch between games.

Focus on your team: choose the ideal line-up of famous players, make transactions and purchases directly on the application, as well as Draft anywhere in the world.

This application regularly releases updates, so you won’t be old with old versions. Everything is dynamic and modern!

Analyze your team, the game and its coherence with the Analysis Expert! Daily news about the world of Fantasy Football, the opportunity to become a manager and beat all opponents in the league – all this you get for free.

Yes, you can buy additional features and items in the application, as well as game currency – but the developer doesn’t insist on that.

There are also ads in the application, but do you agree that there is at least one application without ads? Of course not.

Install Yahoo Fantasy Sports on your smartphone and become a Fantasy Football teacher and not only.

Perfect team, sounds good. It’s almost like Avengers, except in the world of Fantasy Football (there is one more difference – no one dies at the end of the game). You become the team leader and the fate of the players, determine who should go to the field at important moments.

You are still a football fan even if you only have one smartphone at hand. But that doesn’t make you worse! With your smart device, you can play like Messie or Ronaldo and even better.

Beyond yourself and other online players. Just discover the application from the top to your desires and progress, to victory and trophies.

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