7 Best Apps Sticker Packs For WhatsApp on Android

7 Best Apps Sticker Packs For WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp stickers are a great way to transform your chats, adding lots of color and satire and cartoon faces to your conversations. WhatsApp doesn’t have a great selection of emojis by default, so you should go out and look for custom sticker packs that can add hundreds of emojis and images to your WhatsApp sticker collection.

There are tons of good and bad sticker apps out there, so to help you out, we’ve been looking for the best sticker packs – and apps that let you create your own stickers – out there.

1. Wemoji


It’s not technically a sticker pack itself (don’t worry, there are many on this list), but perhaps the best tool for creating your own custom WhatsApp stickers. One of the best features in Wemoji is the freehand cutting feature, which lets you accurately cut the outline of faces, people, whatever you want to use on your stickers.

There are lots of other editing features here, too, including lots of fonts to use in the text for your emojis, and a convenient organizer for your custom emojis, which lets you create different categories to organize them.

You don’t need to use a photo either, so if there is a specific sticker, like a character from a TV show, that you want to use, just take a screenshot, crop it using the app, and add it to your collection.



One of the best rated sticker packs, contains a wide variety of WhatsApp stickers uploaded by thousands of users. It’s even easy to create and upload your own sticker packs using the built-in “Auto Crop” feature, which detects an outline in your photo and cuts it for you (sometimes with an accidentally funny result, like the bunch of weird angled cat faces we came across).

There are cute stickers, romantic stickers, inspirational quotes for your WhatsApp Status page, memes, “Lovely Donald Trump” stickers, and many more. The number of choices is spectacular!

3. WAStickerApps – Game Stickers


Let’s face it, there could be big crossovers between people who use WhatsApp stickers and people who like to play games, so it makes sense that there are sticker packs designed only with people like that.

The Game Stickers pack contains an excellent set of unofficial stickers for popular games like PUBG, Super Mario, Angry Birds, League of Legends, and many more. All stickers have been custom-made, so they are perfectly legal and won’t violate any copyright strikes if you choose to use them on YouTube videos or elsewhere.

With this sticker pack, you can finally gamify your WhatsApp chats with your gaming friends.

4. 10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp


Sticker packs that kids will love are 10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp. Has a choice of characters such as rabbits, birds, crocodiles, cats, friendly sharks, dogs, penguins, polar bears, and unicorns.

One funny thing about this particular sticker pack is that because it’s from Telegram, there is one sticker that tells you to use Telegram. You can add sticker packs by tapping the plus sign you see before you enter the sticker pack or by tapping the green “Add to WhatsApp” button.

5. Stickers for WhatsApp (Emojis)


If you can’t get enough emojis, Emoji Stickers for WhatsApp is a must. It has all the emotions you need, and you can count on nine emoji stickers and one meme sticker.

The memes don’t have any text underneath, but they may speak for themselves because of the really famous memes. You attach the sticker the same way you did with everything mentioned earlier.

6. Sticker Maker


The best WhatsApp sticker pack that you create is yours alone. You may have a photo of yourself with an expression you want to share in conversation and want to use it. With Sticker Maker, you can use any image as a sticker on WhatsApp.

You can make stickers with square or oval shapes with an image from your device gallery. You must create at least three stickers and a sticker icon to add a sticker pack to WhatsApp. You can add as many as thirty stickers per pack, and if you want to remove a sticker from the pack, just tap the red minus point.

7. New Stickers for Chatting


New Stickers for Chatting has a variety of great options. You can choose from sticker packs like Christmas, Animals, TV Shows, Memes, Video Games, Emojis, Celebrities, Football and Phrases.

It also has the option to create your own WhatsApp stickers, but it will give them a square shape by default. To add a sticker pack, tap the green “See more” button followed by the download button to the right of each pack.



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