6 The Best Visual Novel Game Apps For Android & iOS

6 The Best Visual Novel Game Apps For Android & iOS

You may play games during breaks to relax always helps pass time and release your nervous system. But you may quickly get bored of those predictable plots. Visual novel games are very different in that they are very flexible and change the plot according to the replica or action you choose.

Visual Novel games are great fun for anime fans because traditionally but not always these games include characters drawn in this style. For true anime lovers, we have prepared our article on legal applications to watch anime online. Also, there are many ways to develop a plot and you never know which direction to take. The only writer here is you and the story moves with your thinking.

This article is to present the 7 best visual novel games for iOS and Android and explain their features.

1. Moe! Ninja Girls: Visual Novel


If you are interested in love stories, you must give Moe a try! Ninja girl. In the game playing as ninja ronin, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many girls who study at the same school and discover their secrets that hide their real identities. Your mission is to start a Ninja Seeking Club and get closer to your favorite girl to discover the mystery that lies behind Mizaki School. Your plot will be unique and romantic enough depending on the action you choose while playing.

The game also comes with several ninja themes as you can improve your skills and clothes. The graphics supported by the anime theme are really impressive and attractive. You will see lots of different girls for all tastes. Are you ready to hook up with one of them? You can even create your own character in one of the applications mentioned in our article about free anime drawing apps.

2. The Letter Horror Visual Novel


Do you want to find a more thrilling story? The Visual Horror Novels Surat, whose creators are inspired by the classic Asian Horror film industry, will have you hooked to the end. The plot consists of 7 chapters and is based on friendship, love and drama. What will you choose? To save relationships, make amends, break up and hold grudges? Your choices will determine the fate of each character who draws the following part of the story. Are you ready to take risks and take responsibility for the character’s life?

The design of this app is both amazing and terrifying. It shows movement, setting, and character. The atmosphere will make your nerves tighten.

3. Everlasting summer


The adventure game VN Everlasting Summer is developed by Soviet Games. Semyon, the story’s protagonist, seems to be an ordinary man who appears in unusual situations. After falling asleep on the bus in winter, he wakes up in the middle of summer at a camp. To return to his time he must make new friends, love, and finally find an excuse for this time travel.

The plot idea is based on magical events but the development of the story is entirely up to you.

As for the style, it is very detailed and very impressive. Beautiful backgrounds and nice characters will catch your eye. The interface is very user friendly and won’t distract you from the action. Easy to open the menu and hide it.

4. Gacha Memories


Time to save the world! Strange disappearances occur all over the world, anomalies don’t happen randomly and your close friends are in danger. Will it make efforts to save people’s memories to save the Earth? Then, download Gacha Memories and start playing this VN game. There are groups of characters who participate in the entire action. There are 6 different stories that you might play. You can find it in the main menu. What is striking is that this is not only a single player game but also a game for a company. It means that your friends and you can role-play. To communicate with other players there is a virtual set-in chat.

Become the hero of this universe and have fun playing this game.

5. The Arcana: A Mystic Romance


Are you sick of love stories that are so vivid? How about some contrasts in relationships? Arcana: A Mystic Romance includes romantic acquaintances and gruesome murders that you have to reveal and all this takes place in the ancient city. Each step builds up the continuation of the plot. But don’t forget the detective investigations you have to do.

The designs are impressive and the characters that appear throughout the story support the old-fashioned style and captivate you with their incredible body shapes.

The game welcomes all tastes and will host even the most modern point of view when it comes to relationships. How do you feel about LGBT +? The game allows for various views and this makes it special. Do you want to get more anime content? Find useful resources in our article on great Animeflavor alternatives.

6. Roommates – Visual Novel


Solving a problem is not a piece of your cake and the only thing you want to take away from the game is relaxation? Try Roommates, because the action is peace and quiet itself. The story starts in a luxury hostel where you go through life studying in college. Find new people and decide if you would prefer a relationship based on friendship, work, or love. It is up to you how to behave and which plot development to choose.

As in the previous games, Roommates allows different types of relationships and gender is not a problem. Love is love and there are no possible boundaries. The creators created two main characters Anne and Max to fulfill all the desires of a large audience.



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