6 The Best Gardening Apps For Android & iOS

6 The Best Gardening Apps For Android & iOS

Gardening sounds easy but sometimes, you need a little help. Even if you are a green thumb, you need to look for information, tips and tricks on growing flowers, vegetables or fruits. Luckily, the best gardening apps are now available for your smartphone. This application is useful to provide you with useful information related to gardening.

When you access Google Play Store or App Store, you will find lots of gardening apps that claim to be the best. However, not all of them can be relied upon to download. If you need help, keep scrolling this page for trusted gardening apps for Android and iOS.

A good gardening application should be able to provide you with clear and helpful guidelines for increasing your yields. It should also come with a user-friendly interface, so that every gardener can access it easily. Here are the top 10 gardening apps every gardener should download.

1. Garden Tags


Garden tags have been popular with gardeners for their versatility and features of ease of use. The app has an extensive community of gardeners who will be happy to share advice and offer tips. It also comes with planting inspiration as well as identification to make gardening more fun and enjoyable. Using this application, you can easily manage an entire garden.

This gardening app lets you keep a plant journal with your own photography. Once you add a new plant, you will get access to an encyclopedia which provides all the information about that plant. More than 18,000 plants are recorded in this encyclopedia. As a bonus, you’ll also get information on how to grow each crop during the season.

Garden tags come with many other features such as identification of pests and diseases. Thousands of experts are ready to identify your problem and answer questions related to plants and gardening. Just add #advice and you will get the answer right away. The latest version also includes privacy and communication settings.

2. What’s That Flower?


While you are taking a walk in the garden, you come across a beautiful flower but cannot identify what flower it is. Do not worry! What flowers are they? is the perfect app to help you find out. All you have to do is choose a color, number of petals, habitat and distribution. Furthermore, this application will display possible flowers. Scroll through the list and find a match. Now you can become a florist!

The app is free, but you need an internet connection to find flowers. If you don’t mind spending a penny, take advantage of in-app purchases, such as observation, offline mode, remove ads and custom filters. In addition, it allows you to search for names in English or Latin.

What flowers are they? comes with a user friendly interface which makes it easy to use. It has been downloaded more than 1+ million times on the Play Store and has helped many gardeners out there. Whenever you are looking for a practical application that helps identify all the flowers around you, it can be a great choice.

3. LeafSnap


Like its previous apps, LeafSnap is a plant identification app that helps you identify any unusual wild plants or flowers. Instead of giving hints about plants, this gardening app lets you take photos or upload photos. Within a few seconds, the app tries to identify the plant and gives you the result. With a huge plant library, you can identify thousands of plants, fruits and flowers.

LeafSnap not only names the flower or shrub, it also provides a complete picture. After identifying each plant, you can create a collection and save it on your smartphone. Learning more about plants has never been easier.

LeafSnap plant identification can be downloaded for free, but offers in-app purchases. Comes with an easy-to-use feature for plant identification, this app helps you become a plant expert. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence that allows fast and precise identification of most species of trees, fruit and flowers.

4. SmartPlant


If you’re looking for a gardening app that does more than just plant identification, SmartPlant is the tool to download. This versatile app helps you find, identify and care for plants. It has a large library containing thousands of plants, allowing you to learn more about various plants from around the world.

SmartPlant has many features to make your gardening activities more enjoyable. Include timely reminders that ensure your plants are well cared for. Alternatively, it has pest and disease identification which helps you to accurately identify plant diseases and pests. You can also find a lot of plant information that will be useful for gardening activities.

What’s more? SmartPlant is free for beginners who need basic information about plants and gardening. But if you are interested in improving your gardening skills, SmartPlant offers both Premium and Pro versions. With this upgrade, you can enjoy unlimited care and watering reminders, open chats with gardening experts, and unlimited identification of plants and pests.

5. Gardenize


This is a great app for any gardener who wants to keep a garden journal. Gardenize functions like a social media platform that allows you to create a profile and be found by other gardeners. Simply save your photos and add notes to digitally document your garden. If necessary, you can add information about the plants and how to make the most of them.

More other features that Gardenize brings include an Area section which helps organize your garden with a divider or raised bed. It also comes with an Events feature so you won’t miss any gardening events and activities. Luckily, it has a reminder feature so you know when to water and fertilize the plants.

To make it even more enjoyable, Gardenize lets you connect with other gardeners and explore their gardens. You can not only look inside the garden, but you can also share plant information and garden related information. If you need a little inspiration, this best gardening app lets you search for public gardens and parks. Other features to enjoy may include offline mode and support for multiple devices.



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