6 The Best Free Silly Face Apps For Android & iOS

6 The Best Free Silly Face Apps For Android & iOS

Are you the type to laugh at yourself? Keep reading this article!

There are tons of free silly face apps for Android and iOS that can kindly change your face in funny ways. This app empowers you to bend your face however you want. puff up, stretch and make all the other deformations your soul desires. Some of these apps even work with videos and can turn your voice funny too.

1. Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor


Let’s start with an application called Face Warp. This is an app that empowers you to make lots of fun things with your selfies.

The main purpose of this app is to show how cool it is to make fun of yourself. That’s why you can do the craziest things with your photos. Frankly speaking, this app only has one instrument – face warp – but it can handle everything you can imagine.

In the following, there are several different brush types you can use to deform your appearance – the warp brush itself, then the pinch one, the bloat, and the pixels. They can rotate parts of your face, make other parts smaller or bigger, change things, and so on.

Next, you can determine the size of each brush and see how the image looks before you use it. You can also use automatic mode which changes your photos randomly. And you can zoom in on the image for deformation details. Also, there is no facial recognition technology in this app so you can’t just use it with selfies.

2. Banuba – Live Face Filters & Funny Video Effects


Banuba is an app that has a large compilation of various live face masks that you can try out.

The app includes masks of all themes you can imagine. There are beauty masks, some are famous, some are animals, and so on. Plus, there are dozens of masks that make your face look totally hilarious. The number of masks is constantly being updated so that you will never run out of ingredients.

Apart from that, not only can you take photos with silly faces but you can also shoot short videos. There are also tons of masks that randomly bend your face to make you look really cute. As such, some masks come with voice changer options and can make you sound like you are a child or a cartoon character.

Apart from that, some of the masks have several options in them and you have to tap the screen to see them all. All the masks are well made, and look great on the face – no blemishes and a creepy appearance. You can also save the masks you like to your favorites for quick reach at a later time.

3. Facelab – Face Editor & Beauty


Facelab is an app that can handle all kinds of selfie modifications you can imagine.

This app is not entirely dedicated to prank effects and other stuff so there are instruments that can make your photos stand out too. This instrument can shape and change the size of your nose, eyes, lips and the whole face in general. Plus, there are some basic tools for brightness correction and all that.

The problem here is – you can use all the same reshaping instruments to make yourself look really funny. Once you’ve worked on that, you can add some spice to your photos. In fact, you can use various stickers as accents and even try out the 3D picker filter. The application is free and there are no instruments that require payment by cash.

Apart from that, this application also has a compilation of face masks that you can try. For example, there are masks that will show how you looked in old age. And there’s another mask that turns you into a baby. All the masks look pretty good and don’t degrade the quality of the app.

4. Funny Face Effects


As the name suggests, Funny Face Effects is an app that will make you look silly when you take selfies.

This app is completely dedicated to funny face modification and it is one of the best in its genre (no surprise it has more than 10 million downloads). This app includes various funny effects like facial arches, arm stretches, many other funny distortion ads.

What’s more, this app can not only work with photos – it can also convert your photos into gifs. This is how it works – you bend any part of the body you want and the app brings these parts to life. It looks really cute and you can post it directly on your insta if you want.

With this, the app empowers you to bend a photo from your camera roll or take a new one with its own built-in camera. There are also some brands that make you look fat or make your eyes look really big. If you want to finish one of the instruments you are using, you can use an eraser brush for that.

5. Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor


Crazy Helium is an app that includes tons of instruments that can change the shape of your face in funny ways.

The coolest thing about this app is that you can’t just take photos with it – you can shoot the funniest short videos ever. There are several masks that cover your face or make you look like a movie character. Of course, there are some cute masks too, but we’re not here for that, are we?

Some masks can even make you sound like a completely different person. As the name suggests, many masks make you sound like you are inhaling helium. Plus, there are masks that mimic the voices of Pennywise and other famous characters. With this, multiple masks can work on or more faces so you can have fun with your friends.

Apart from that, you can select a song from the app’s compilation and lip sync along with it on the video. After the video is recorded, you can speed up or slow down your voice. You can even blend layer masks with each other for amazing effects.

6. Face Changer


Face Changer is an app whose main goal is to make yourself laugh. This app has a large compilation of interesting masks and stickers that you can try. The first funny tool that has gone viral lately is the face swap. It empowers you to practically swap faces with your friends or any other person you want.

Truth be told, you can’t just swap faces with people – it can be animals, animated heroes, and whatever your heart desires. Next, there are the face morph instruments which empower you to reshape your face. This tool truly gives you absolute freedom of action. By doing so, you can make your face look thin, fat, make your eyes or nose look big, or make yourself look like a monster.

Apart from that, this application has many facial parts that you can put on your face. It may sound creepy but it’s really just a sticker – and there are over 600 stickers. These parts could be some crazy looking werewolf eyes, leprechaun ears, scars, and so on. There are also dozens of accessories such as glasses, beards, and more.



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