6 Of The Best Teeth Whitening Apps For Android & iOS

6 Of The Best Teeth Whitening Apps For Android & iOS

Almost every one of us has imperfections that we want to hide. Teeth don’t always look as white as snow in an image, so there is a natural desire to whiten them with the help of a photo editor. In this article, we present a list of the best applications that will help you whiten teeth.

1. Facetune


The Face Tune application allows you to enhance the appearance of your face in photos. Before uploading photos to social networks or sharing them with friends, try to process them with Facebook and you will be surprised.

Unlike other photo editors, Facetune is made specifically to improve faces. It contains many tools that are very necessary if your photos don’t turn out the way you want.

The basic tool for working with photos is located at the bottom of the screen, just below the processed photo. Facetune allows you to edit skins, eliminating imperfections and flaws.

The “toothbrush” tool will make teeth whiter, and with the Patch tool, you can remove moles and scars. The Reshape function allows you to raise the corner of your mouth and make a smile brighter.

It’s easy to add photo frames to ready-made artwork, which in some cases makes photos more pleasing and beautiful to the human eye. The results can be easily saved to the memory of a smartphone or tablet, sent via email, published on Twitter, or shared practically in all convenient ways.


2. AirBrush


AirBrush is a must-have app for every narcissistic love. The tools can turn ordinary photos into masterpieces.

Right after launching the application, you can take a selfie and start editing. Only enough to check the options offered. The photo editor itself can improve images, smooth the skin, remove pimples, scars, wrinkles, and other elements that can interfere.

Also, there are popular features such as teeth whitening, red-eye removal, make-up adjustments, and more. There are also many filters that will complete the picture. You can adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature in real-time photo adjustment mode (specify what the photo looks like before it is made).


3. Visage voir


The Visage voir application is an excellent replacement for Photoshop. Instead of doing most of the actions yourself, you can adjust the results a little. Downloaded from the gallery or newly created photos will be directly processed by the application.

This will easily eliminate the red-eye effect, improve skin pigmentation, smooth out irregularities, and hide unhealthy fat and shine.

After all these actions are completed, the application will give you the results, which can be compared at any time with the original photo.

After processing, you can save the enhanced image and share it on social media. Users can also make various adjustments according to their taste due to the large number of additional options. It is even possible to give tan skin color by choosing an option called “Glamor”, which is located in the “Stylization” group.

In the Visage voir application, there is also a whitening function that can make photos more qualitative, whiten teeth and whites of the eyes.

Download the Visage Voir app now and get a first-class and truly irreplaceable tool on your device that can not only enhance photos significantly but also save a lot of time spent processing images in a professional photo editor.


4. BeFunky Photo Editor


BeFunky is a photo editing application that can be used to edit images using a variety of different tools. With it, you can apply various filters (including whitening teeth), change the brightness, contrast, and other image parameters, crop, rotate, and so on.

However, BeFunky’s main advantage is not the presence of more than 30 tools, but the fact that they are presented in a very simple and well thought out interface. You can easily apply any effect – just move your finger from side to side right on the image.

You can even add fake glasses and mustaches to photos with your face, or adjust the white balance on the landscape. To cancel an unfavorable action, all you have to do is tap the cancel button.

BeFunky is an excellent photo editor, which is not only full of various features but also has a wise and functional interface. If you like the intuitive application, this one will definitely suit your taste.


5. BeautyPlus


Download the BeautyPlus app and find out why tens of millions of users choose to edit their photos and videos. This application includes many simple but powerful editing tools, various visual effects, AR filters, and many other functions that will help turn ordinary videos or selfies into impressive works of art.

Express yourself and your unique style with the updated Anime Cam camera. Now you and your friends can try out funny anime filters even while taking group selfies! In addition, this application can turn ordinary photos into animated collages. Show your creativity with many filters and frames, make your social media account unique!

Making beautiful professional photos and videos has never been easier. With this application, you will be able to delete unsuccessful photo elements, smooth the skin, add various filters and effects.

Famous makeup artists and photographers participated in the development of this application. A beauty camera will allow you to make the following corrections to make an amazing selfie – replace makeup, remove scars, zits and other problem areas on your skin.

Do you want to make your eyes more expressive? In one touch, erase the dark circles and even change the color to match the tone of your hair. Make a perfect smile with the help of the teeth whitening function, let your smile shine on every selfie!

Need to be fixed quickly? The editors will do all the work independently thanks to some specially developed algorithms.

The professional functions of the application include brushes (adding fluorescent, light, light effects), adjustable blur from specified areas, simple tools for cropping photos, dozens of filters, and full image control – zooming, stretching and rotating.

This application also includes an automatic timer, a multi-face recognition system for group photos, sensitivity adjustment features, and easy sharing.


6. Pixlr


Unlock your creative potential with a professional Pixlr photo editor. Create unique images, thanks to millions of combinations of effects and filters.

This editor provides various tools to adjust your photos. Even though its function is very large, a photographer of any level can handle it. Create photo collages with a variety of layouts, backgrounds and intervals in between. Adjust the color balance in one tap thanks to the automatic correction feature.

Create amazing selfies with a simple tool that removes blemishes, eliminates red-eye effects, and whitens your teeth. Choose the best color or, conversely, blur the details of an unwanted photo with the Focal Blur feature.

The ability to save a combination of effects in “Selected” will allow you to apply them to other photos in one touch. Create real artwork and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or send by email.


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