6 Of The Best Sports Companion Apps 2020 (Android & iOS)

6 Of The Best Sports Companion Apps 2020 (Android & iOS)

It’s not always easy for us to do new things. This is especially true for sports, fitness, and other activities. After a few breaks, even if you are actively running, doing strength training or just doing yoga, it is quite difficult to continue.

Don’t know how to motivate yourself and become more responsible in terms of your fitness? Then we have found a solution for you!

The sports companion app is what you need. The application that we found for you is the best in this field. They will help you focus on the exercise you need, remind you of the planned exercise or help you plan your training.

In this way you will be able to achieve your goals – whether it is to lose weight, achieve better physical shape or just take your free time.
Whatever you want, you can achieve your goals with one of our applications – and we have a total of 6 for you!

1. Strong – Workout Tracker Gym Log


According to the developers, the Strong application is the most intuitive tracker, designed to help users achieve great sports results. More than one million users have joined the community and downloaded applications to stay fit.

It doesn’t matter what level you have – you might be an experienced powerlifter or you only come to the gym for the second time in your life. Strongly optimized for all levels of physical development.

You can choose your activity program, complete it and add your practice. At Strong, you can find many cardio exercises and power complexes.

Each exercise is equipped with instructions, such as an animated video or text description. Each of them affects your muscles differently and is designed for a certain weight.

Strong will track your notes – for example, how many times you can sit with a barbell or how fast you run. This application also has a default tracker for your body parameters, such as weight and thickness.

Strong Sync for full integration with Google Fit and add notes for each of your exercises. The strong will be your diary about physical successes and failures.


2. StrongLifts 5×5 Weight Lifting


Do you want to plan your gym workout? Then we recommend that you use StrongLifts.

This application is one of the most effective ways to plan exercises, and also to develop an excellent training program – especially if you are new to fitness.
Record your goals and abilities, and StrongLifts will plan your training and help you achieve your goals.

StrongLift usually offers training to users 3 times a week, which will keep you in shape. Of course, you can practice more often to strengthen and build your muscles faster.

With this application, you can adjust your training level immediately – such as a power lifting program or the basics of body building. Now you will have a coach in your pocket, who will take into account all your abilities, as well as your ability to lift weights and lift power.

The application itself has a lightweight and intuitive design, which will tell you how to track your current training or even record all bodybuilding exercises.

On StrongLifts you will find out how many exercises you have to do in one exercise, and the interval timer will tell you when to stop in time. Now each of your exercises will be the most effective and suitable for your body!


3. JEFIT Workout – Free personal exercise trainer & Gym Log


If you want to hire a professional trainer before, but every time you change your mind or haven’t found a professional, then we recommend JEFIT.

Here you will not only get motivation to practice, but also a personal trainer who will control all your fitness activities. At JEFIT, you will save your diary progress and practice, where you can track the progress and intensity of your practice.

Your JEFIT trainer will help you create personalized and customized exercises and complexes. All training complexes can be created using the largest base of exercise training.

There are more than 1,300 exercises in the exercise catalog and you can leave your notes in the exercise report for each of them. JEFIT will analyze your report to make the exercise program even more effective in the future.

JEFIT is quickly synchronized and updated so you don’t need to spend too much time interacting with training programs – especially during training. All data is uploaded with a minimum number of clicks and a start time.

Have you ever used a notebook and pen before? Forget them and just follow your goals.


4. Freeletics Training Coach – Bodyweight & Mindset


Freeletics Training Coach is your virtual personal trainer who will only be with you when you feel comfortable with him.

With his help, you will be able to develop new healthy habits, learn to practice properly and effectively, and achieve the goals and results you want. Just set your goals in the application from the start and enter your parameters so the trainer can get to know you and help you.

The entire Freeletics Training Trainer program is designed for intense interval training – better known as HIIT. Everything is adjusted to your level of physical development and health – that’s why you entered the initial parameters.

You exercise on your terms, leaving most of your favorite time for exercise such as running or exercising with your weight.

Virtual trainers are based on artificial intelligence work – that’s why you can consider all training as individuals. You get an optimal exercise plan to help you gain muscle mass, lose weight, or prepare for a marathon.

Even if you don’t have much time, you can choose exercises that fit your schedule. At Freeletics Training Coaches, there is a whole community of like-minded people waiting to support you even when you are under pressure.


5. Gymaholic Workout Tracker


If you want to see yourself from the side while practicing, you can install the Gymaholic Workout Tracker application on your smartphone. With Apple, this application works perfectly with augmented reality.

It contains your personal trainer and your avatar, which fully reflects your physical condition. To do this, immediately after installing the application you need to fill in data about your gender, growth, and body fat percentage.

Your avatar will reflect the muscles you use when you exercise. How it works: You complete the exercise and upload it to the application. Your avatar will automatically light the muscles you have used today.

During this week, you will see which muscles you use the least and which exercises are worth doing. You can watch your avatar from any angle, so you can see better which parts of your body need to be trained. By the way, you can also record your training on video with your avatar.

Gymaholic Workout Tracker can be used with or without Apple Watch – just by tracking your workouts. Perfect synchronization with the Health application, so you will have all the data recorded.

Every developer effort is focused on improving the user’s physical performance and you can measure it yourself by just downloading Gymaholic Workout Tracker.


6. GymRun


Most often people prefer high intensity complexes for slimming or increasing physical fitness. This is a superset, tobacco, and HIIT.
This is a program that the GymRun application can offer you – designed for user needs and can easily help you in the slimming process.

GymRun allows you to manage training programs that you create yourself or take ready-made sets. This application remembers all your previous sets and offers you automatic charging when you create a new one.

In the application, you can track your body’s performance during exercise – for example, recording your weight every week or just controlling how much body fat you have.

The timer is installed in Gym Run to help you exercise more comfortably. You need it so you can control the active set time. You can also adjust the visual parameters of the application – the color of the theme or even create several different profiles.

If you buy a new smartphone, you can easily transfer all your progress and statistics to your new device. GymRun is constantly backing up to your cloud storage, like Dropbox or Google Drive. With each note you set, you will receive a notification and congratulations – the best motivation for rising to new heights.


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