6 Of The Best Soccer Prediction Apps For Betting (Android & iOS)

6 Of The Best Soccer Prediction Apps For Betting (Android & iOS)

For an amateur, it seems at first sight that betting on sports is a non-systemic activity. This is a wrong idea, leading to inevitable failure. You can count on luck once or twice. But when studying soccer predictions, you can significantly increase your chances of winning.

Thus, information and algorithm analysis of beneficial events come to the surface. It’s hard to handle hundreds of matches yourself a day. So the special application came to help.

This list includes the best soccer prediction application for betting. Here you will only get the latest and accurate soccer match predictions.

1. Matchguess


Matchguess is a sports betting application that provides predictions of the results of soccer matches. It also has a specified probability percentage.

This application has a non-standard approach to making batches. Access to certain forecasts and the ability to use the team is implemented through strategy.

Here you will find a performance analysis algorithm. This allows you to put the most effective.

Separate strategies are available for each popular sport. You can learn the effectiveness of a strategy by looking at its statistics.

The Matchguess application implies a manual entry of the main statistical layout. This determines the state of the team in anticipation of the match:

  • team name
  • host or guest
  • tournament position
  • the results of the last five battles
  • the total number of teams in the tournament
  • the number of players in the main squad who miss the match
  • some holidays before the game

After clicking the “Print result” button, the Matchguess application displays the percentage of winning probabilities for both teams.


2. Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions


Stats24: Football Statistics, Odds, Prediction Bets is an analytic application for predicting the results of soccer matches.

The application algorithm is based on the analysis of team, player and coach indicators. The application database includes detailed statistical information about soccer competitions.

Odds and advantages of the Stats24 app: Soccer Statistics, Odds, Prediction Bets:

Analysis and output of results automatically
Daily statistics update
Total information for sports betting, including teams and players, weather conditions, etc.
Pay attention to the coefficient correction

This application database is famous for its completeness and volume. And the ability of users to share their own predictions about the results of the match.

To do this, of course, you must create an account. This can be done with the help of an email or account on any social network. This application has an algorithm for calculating possible winners of a soccer match.

In addition, the Stats24 application: Soccer Statistics, Odds, Prediction Betting allows you to see the ranking of the most successful bookies.

There is also the ability to sort estimates by category. Popularity and sports, and see forecasts for previous and upcoming matches.

The Stats24 app: Football Statistics, Odds, Predictions Bets has no paid content, as well as advertisements.


3. FSM – football betting genius and prediction tips


FSM – football betting genius and prediction tips is an application for total accounting, catalogs, and analysis of all players.

Automatically generate batch databases that are convenient and practical on sports. It is possible to create multiple independent databases.

The FSM application toolkit – football betting genius and prediction tips allows you to see the complete history of the batch about sports, regardless of volume.

For the convenience of analytic research, this application includes filtering with various criteria. It also has an automatic calculation of the following indicators:

  • the total amount of money entered
  • current account balance
  • the number and proportion of batches won, returned and lost
  • statistics on coefficient values, bet types, amounts, and other additional indicators
  • draw charts and charts for graphical display of the results of the analysis
  • possibility of importing popular file formats from the program

This is an application for viewing football match forecasts. The creators of this program seem to adhere to minimalism. In the main window, you can read information about certain matches.

Among the additional features, there are several helpful articles for beginners. As well as push notifications about the appearance of new estimates.


4. Soccer Predictions Football AI


Soccer Prediction AI soccer is a special application that will be useful for football betting fans.

Football statistics, giant database, which contains the results of all tournaments. The features of the AI ​​Soccer Soccer Prediction application allow you to get the following useful information for batches:

  • Game history with results by individual players
  • Possible filtering based on tournament type, year and other indicators
  • Comparative player statistics
  • Predict the probability of a match result as a percentage
  • Daily update from a statistical database

This is a sophisticated application for people who like to bet on sports. Like many other applications, it is designed to use your account.

To register, you will need an email address or account on any social network. Once registered, you will be able to see your football forecasts, rankings and results.

An interesting feature of this application is the subscription to the user’s forecast. For example, the competent analyst or only people with good intuition. A list of the most effective fortune tellers is available on the “Ranking” tab.

The compatibility and forecast database is very broad. Its features are free.


5. Deepscore – Betting Predictions and Tips


Deepscore – Prediction and Tip Betting is one of the richest applications with estimates for soccer sports matches.

In addition, here you will find more than 30 sports and several thousand tournaments for each of them.

Everything is arranged in a very comfortable way. Statistics, coefficients, and performance analysis are available for each match.

Deepscore application – Betting and Prediction Tips will also be useful for fans of broadcast texts. They are available for most of the sports represented.

Games, competitions, tournaments or teams can be added to favorites for quick access. A good addition is a sophisticated search engine. It searches by team category, tournament or together.

This application gives you the opportunity to influence the decision making algorithm. You can create a unique betting system.

Deepscore application – Betting and Prediction Tips have rich functions:

  • Build your own forecasting algorithm with a flexible event filtering system
  • Set correct filters and analyze their impact on betting statistics
  • Maintain a detailed database of user actions
  • Automatic daily update information
  • Look forks and corridors showing matches, bookies and swimming pools

This application will help you get the most accurate soccer match predictions.


6. Tackl – football match prediction app with friends


Tackl – Soccer prediction application with friends is a community of professional predictors and fans of sports betting.

Here people share their thoughts about certain results in football and other sports. Forecasters bet on virtual points, then write a reasoned analysis that explains the choice.

If you want to make a bet on a soccer match, you can read people’s opinions about the match. All estimates for this sport are free.

In this application, there are statistics, reviews, bonus listings, and promotional codes. Also here are monthly tournament predictors. According to their results, 20 of the best predictors are paid cash prizes.

In the application settings, you can choose a language and configure notifications. You can also see your own statistics if you decide to make your own predictions.

This free application functions without limitations and does not require a purchase by default. There are no annoying advertisements here.


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