6 Of The Best Photo Contest Apps For Android & iOS

6 Of The Best Photo Contest Apps For Android & iOS

Are you looking for an application to present photos and enter contests? Do you want to have ratings and feedback on your photos? Maybe you want to win a prize or become popular as a professional photographer.

We have collected several applications that offer various photo contests that can be participated by each user for free. This application is available for Android and iOS devices. Look at the short description below and find one that suits your needs.

1. GuruShots


Shot Master is one of the most popular and highly rated applications for those who love photography. Join a large community of photo artists like you and participate in competitions and exhibitions. Fortunately, this application is available for the Android and iOS platforms, it weighs very little and is completely free.

This application offers many features that make people around the world interested in it. In addition, many photographers commented on the large number of highly inspirational and affirmative reviews on their photos that influenced their creativity and progress. In this way you can constantly try new ideas that come from people or your own head and improve your skills in photography.

Key features that you find useful:

  1. Participate in the Daily theme photo contest competition. Chosen by a large number of users, you can increase your ranking from a beginner to a teacher in such daily contests. Besides that, it doesn’t matter whether you use a single lens professional camera or a digital camera on your cellphone.
  2. Participating in competitions provides an opportunity to win valuable prizes. As long as the application has an in-app purchase, you have the opportunity to get it for free by winning the contest. There is also photography equipment provided.
  3. Another very interesting moment in this kind of competition is the opportunity to participate in international exhibitions and become known throughout the world.

This application has been downloaded more than 1 million times and continues to expand its community. You will never be bored or feel lonely here. Showcase your masterpiece in a daily contest.


2. ViewBug


If you not only want to share photos that you have made but also to participate in contests and gain popularity, the View Bug application is a good platform to do everything mentioned. Here you can post your photos, get comments and be inspired with other advertising materials.

A good photographer is an artist who always has to improve his skills, get inspired and be up-to-date with the latest trends in the world of photography. It is also important to participate in contests, evaluations, and exhibitions. Everything available in the ViewBug application with the addition of additional tools is very helpful for content creators.

There are about 20 different contests held in the application where photographers can participate. You can showcase your art, get awards and inventions. Who knows maybe you can be famous with the help of the ViewBUg community. Each contest has its own theme, for example love, weather, face. Winners can have good and valuable prizes.

In addition, this application offers a large number of tips for photographers to load it with new knowledge that helps in development.


3. ClickChack


ClickChak is another good application that gives prizes, holds competitions and gathers professional photographers on its platform. It is available for iOS and Android and will not cost anything to download.

This interesting application has a number of great images uploaded by photographers around the world. Join this application community, if you want to get inspired and discover how others see the world through their camera lenses. Upload your photos too and get followers who will like you and give you more inspiration and desire to continue your hobby.
You can also encourage others by liking their great work.

One important feature of this application is the opportunity to participate in winning contests that can give you prizes and good popularity. You can become popular through this application.
The application will not allow uploading of photos made on a computer. Only accept original photos made by the camera.


4. Viral Vote


Viral Vote is an application dedicated to photo competition games. When people miss more likes on social media like photographers want to get votes for their photos. More votes You get more chances you have to win the contest and get pize. This application is free to download. This is available only for Android devices.


  • The application design is very simple and won’t divert you from exploring a large number of photos
  • Contests include different themes from animals to socks. If someone likes to shoot socks or do it and spectacularly he can win competitions and get prize money.
  • There are three nominations: Winner, Lucky Loser, Licky Liker. Prizes vary from $ 100 to $ 250 for first place.
  • You will get spiritual and professional inspiration with a photo gallery created by users who upload photos every day.

All you need is a camera and reaction to capture the moment that deserves to be shot. Then just upload and take the chance to win.




The Agora application presents the largest photo contest worldwide with thousands of users who can estimate your artwork. This application has been downloaded more than 1 million times and obtained a high level with thousands of reviews left on Google Market.

Thousands of professional photographers hang out there, participate in contests, grow their popularity and grow inspired by the work of other professional artists. The most important point is that all photos are protected with watermarks so that they can be misused by others.

What you can do through the application:

  1. Upload photos created by you at any time after free registration:
  2. Get votes from other users for good images and get followers. In this way you can increase your popularity here on the application. Sounds are presented in stars that you can collect as you grow up in the application.
  3. Participate in various contests to produce your photos. Thus you can win prizes. Many photographers like to participate in competitions because big money is given to winners. Compete with others by presenting your best photos.
  4. Find the most amazing and incomparable photos uploaded by most great photographers.

All you need is a camera and vision to take the best photos and participate in contests. This application is available for Android and iOS devices for free.


6. FocusFixed


Application that offers a photo contest with prizes and aesthetic inspiration for everyone who will download it. In the Fixed Focus application, you will find different contests, earn money by winning. In addition, you will have the opportunity to present your photos to a wider audience throughout the world. Create your own gallery to be seen and evaluated by others from the community.

All contests are divided into several categories. Topics can vary from pictures of people to natural elements. This application is free to download even though it is only available for Android users. It’s not too heavy so it won’t bother you with memory space work.


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