6 Of The Best Dance Learning Apps For Android & iOS

6 Of The Best Dance Learning Apps For Android & iOS

Dancing is a cool activity for everyone, not only fun but also helps to stay in shape. Even if you have two left legs, we are sure you have thought about learning to dance at least once. Now it’s easier than ever! You may not have the time or money for a dancing class but you can find many dancing learning applications for any device.

You can learn new dance moves, get new ideas to improve your choreography, start practicing dancing for daily fitness exercises, or just have fun. Here is the best application to learn how to dance that we found for you.

1. Just Dance Now


To begin with, this is one of the most popular dance applications that you may have heard of. It’s based on the famous video game for consoles, but now you can have fun just using this application for Android and iOS. Here you can find a variety of dances and many different songs, and the dance library is updated frequently.

Repeat characters who are only the best at dancing and improve your skills. The choreography is very realistic, all movements are displayed as subtitles, so you can dance right now!


2. STEEZY Studio – Learn To Dance


Steezy is one of the most trending applications today to learn to dance. This application is great for those who want to have a well-organized video library of lessons in their pocket.

This video is made for dancers of various levels and styles, the movements are displayed from different angles: all for effective learning wherever you go. This application is NOT free, however, provides a free trial period of 1 week.


3. Learn to dance Mambo


If you want to learn to dance popular dances like Mambo then you have a unique application for that! This is a fairly simple application that contains a Latin dance course – so you can surprise anyone at the party with your extraordinary moves!

Even though the interface is a little outdated, the video tutorial is still good. In the main menu, you can choose to learn various dance combinations, for example, mambo and salsa, mambo and cha cha, only mambo, and so on.


4. Ballet Dancing Lessons Guide


Ballet is considered a classical dance, very beautiful, and one of the most difficult dances to perform. To become a professional ballet dancer, it takes years of practice, stretching, and sports, and the whole process usually starts in childhood. Thus, adults have few opportunities to become professional dancers from scratch.

However, who says you have to become one? Maybe you are fascinated by ballet and you just want to learn a few moves! This application will teach you that. What’s more, doing ballet exercises is very beneficial for health and muscle strength. This may be one of the most difficult exercises, but it will make your muscles stronger and more flexible.

Here you will find various video tutorials about movements, ballet exercises, and stretching exercises. All techniques are explained in detail, so you will not traumatize yourself.


5. Pole Dance Lessons


And we are going to a more serious application that can be learned with real dance. This application is great for those who have decided to try pole dance. This kind of dance is gaining popularity nowadays, it combines plasticity, elegance, and acrobatics that makes it beautiful.

This dance is quite complicated but with Pole Dance Lessons from Veena, you can try to practice it without a teacher. This application contains video lessons on pole dance as well as lectures on body mechanisms to make your training safe.


6. Dance Fitness with Jessica


Logically, the dance includes intense movements which means it helps you lose weight. What’s more, by dancing you don’t have to do all those boring exercises because dancing is so much fun. This is a cool application with a video dance tutorial by Jessica Bass – a famous dancer who is also the mother of 2 children, so she knows exactly how to lose weight while dancing.

When you launch the application, you can choose one training program and follow all the lessons. All programs are flexible and you can switch from one to another whenever you want. There are recorded exercises as well as live streaming exercises so you can feel like you are in a dance studio even though you are still at home.


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