6 Of The Best Apps & Websites For Watching Tennis Live (Android & iOS)

6 Of The Best Apps & Websites For Watching Tennis Live (Android & iOS)

What was the first time we imagined when we were told about tennis? It’s ping-pong and complete tennis, with big rackets, big yellow balls and athletes screaming during punches.

Tennis is considered one of the most active sports – up to 600 calories burned in one hour of training, you have to agree that the amount is very high. For example, intensive training in the gym will burn you only 400 calories. Of course, the numbers are average, but we think the idea is clear.

But what if you are not an enthusiastic athlete? Not everyone likes to exercise. They decide not to tire themselves out with training, or they do it less often than athletes. There are millions of big tennis fans in the world – someone training themselves, someone watching matches and championships, someone practicing both.

We don’t always have time to watch live matches or TV isn’t always available. For your convenience, the developers have created and developed various websites and applications, with the help of which you can monitor your favorite sports and stay connected with the latest news.

Whether you are on the road, outside the house or just want to watch the game comfortably and without interruption on your home TV’s big screen – our boss will help you choose a service that is comfortable to watch.

1. Tennis TV


Tennis TV is the official and most famous and popular streaming service for watching tournaments and tennis matches. This service has an official website and application on Android on Google Play and on iOS on the Apple Store.

With its help, you can view ongoing and established games directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Available to see not only complete matches but also legendary tournaments, highlights and hottest moments of matches, classic matches, and tournaments.

This service is available on Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, PS4 and other platforms – that is, Tennis TV is one of the biggest broadcasters in the tennis world. Live broadcasts of 64 tournaments every year, finals and ATP Cup matches, all tournaments are held in various countries – such as the Miami Open, Rolex Masters, and others.

In addition to modern tournaments, recordings of classic and legendary matches with the participation of famous and famous tennis players from the world scale are also available.

But not everything is so simple and easily accessible: this service works by subscribing. The price of a subscription varies depending on the country and region of residence. Annual and monthly subscription options are available.

Subscriptions are often connected via automatic payments, so if you want to buy access for only 1 month, you must disable this feature in your account settings, so that after a month you will not be surprised at the additional costs of your card.

You can download small videos for free and watch them. To get the main piece of content – like live streaming matches, live broadcasts and previous matches – you need to buy a subscription. You decide if you like tennis so much that you are ready to pay for the comfort and convenience of watching your favorite tournament.


2. ATP/WTA Live


ATP / WTA has 2 application versions – the Live Assessment Application and the Live Streaming Application.

As you can understand from the titles, one application is designed to receive information in text format – this is suitable for you if you want to enter your favorite tournament, but don’t have the opportunity to pay attention to video and audio content.

For example, you are working in an office, and on your working day, important matches take place on the other side of the world. If you want to know the score – install this application.

If watching videos won’t cause inconvenience, we recommend installing the video version. You can watch tournaments directly from anywhere in the world with internet access.

And if the video version was discussed in the previous paragraph (see the Tennis TV app), it is the text version of the match. You can see live scores, enter the biggest tournaments, and even watch previous and upcoming match statistics.

This application is available in more than 15 languages, which means that language barriers may not be a barrier between you and tennis. Download the app now to track the best tournaments under all circumstances.


3. DirecTV Now


If you think that tennis is a very special sport and is broadcast only by special services, then you are very wrong. DirecTV Now is a streaming service for watching tournaments, matches, films and shows.

The application intuitively adapts to your interests. Recommendations are automatically adjusted when using services.

That is, if you are interested in tennis and sports in general after a few searches, DirecTV will start telling you about interesting videos. Some of the tournaments you watch – and the smart widget will let you know that it’s a good idea to watch a recording or broadcast online world tennis tournament, for example.

One clear advantage is that you don’t need to sign a contract. An annoying permanent deal? At DirecTV, they don’t exist, that’s not necessary.

In addition, you can use this service not only to watch tennis. Anywhere, anytime, free and inexpensive access to movies, videos, shows and sports broadcasts – isn’t that great?

Subscriptions are cheaper than television costs, and the possibilities are far broader. For doubt, try using a trial period to make a decision.


4. 365Scores


Application, that when you access the Internet immerses you in the world of tennis. If you are connected to the network and you have the application installed, you don’t need to worry about the possibility of losing a match – this service is easy to use.

365Scores keeps you up to date with the latest news – here you can find scores of any tennis match, announcement announcements and predictions, watch live tournaments. All the best and most important events in the world of tennis directly on your device. At home, at work, on the go or in the cafe – enjoy tournaments and predictions.

What is important, the application automatically adjusts the image quality as well as possible and is available. Cute and comfortable design also makes you happy – guaranteed visual enjoyment!


5. Fox Sports GO


Fox Sports GO is a version of the famous TV channel in application format for smartphones. They broadcast a lot of sports, including tennis.

International tournaments, exciting matches, important moments of the game are available for you to watch. You also receive the latest articles, interviews and reports from leading sports journalists.

This application is managed intuitively and you can easily navigate in it. You can watch live sporting events and live shows from popular FOX services such as Fox Deport and Fox Soccer Plus. Junior tennis competitions are also available through Fox College Sports.

Fox Sports GO doesn’t matter where you are – you can watch the broadcast anywhere. In addition, this application will not cost you extra money for the mobile version. All you need to do is sign in after downloading the application with your TV data provider – and you have free access to tennis from all over the world!




ESPN is the latest version of the old Watch ESPN application and is currently the best application according to the developers. Whether it’s true or not – readers can find out.

On ESPN, you can watch tennis live and more than just matches and tournaments, the best moments of the match, and only the final results of the competition.

Configure the application to see only the sports results that you are interested in or certain matches – then your feed will only contain useful information. Choose your favorite league and attractive team for your convenience.

Your feed will change depending on your personal settings. Quick access to the results of your favorite teams and players, providing up-to-date information on game developments. ESPN is always in touch with what’s happening in the sports world and gives users the latest news.

If you think that everything is limited to broadcasting, you are wrong: in the special version of ESPN +, you get a large catalog of podcasts that are constantly updated and live radio broadcasts. In the premium version, you get complete information in the world of sports: constantly updated podcasts, exclusive events and interviews, full access to ESPN films.

However, you have to pay for a vast and varied catalog of information and content. But it’s not embarrassing to give money to developers for this, because they make new things for you.

To start using this service, you must log in to your TV provider account like Fox.


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