6 Best Notification Apps for Android

6 Best Notification Apps for Android

Notifications are the most important feature on Android or for any Android device. Notifications give you updates from a variety of apps, so you don’t miss anything important. With each iteration of Android, Google tries to improve notifications. But with the Android operating system, you also have the freedom to modify and customize push notifications on your Android smartphone. So, there are tons of notification apps that enhance the notification experience and give you the freedom to get it the way you want. Basically, this notification app is for smarter notifications. So, here are some of the best notification apps for Android.

1. Heads-up Notifications


Heads-up Notifications is a feature-rich notification app that displays notifications as floating popups. You can access the full test and even reply directly from the notification. You can filter apps, set notification priority, or block apps from sending notifications. The app also lets you customize notifications by offering options for the font size, opacity and position of the notification. There is also a theme option.

The app doesn’t ask for internet access permission. So, there’s no way it can send your data to any server.

This application is also available in more than 20 languages to be mass available. Another important thing about this app is that it is open source and anyone can contribute to making it better.

2. Dynamic Notifications


This is also a great notification app which keeps you updated about notifications even when the phone screen is off. It also understands when your phone is in your pocket or facing down and not lighting up the phone. You can select the apps you want to send notifications to. The app also has the option to change the appearance by customizing the foreground color, background color, image and border style of the main notifications.

There are also premium apps that offer more important features like night mode, Hide additional details, Auto Wake or Use as lock screen. But the free version of the app also works fine.

3. Shouter


Shouter is a different type of notification app. As the name suggests, it screams for notifications, meaning it reads your notifications. So, it’s good for when you are busy or read your messages too easily. If someone calls you, they also shout out the name of the caller to inform you about the caller.

This app also announces the battery level while charging along with Battery and Charging Status. It also shows a sound reminder.

This notification app is great when you are driving. Caller name announcement helps you choose whether you need to stop to pick up calls or ignore.

Like other applications, this application also comes with several customization options. Check the settings menu for all options.

4. Flash Notification 2


Flash Notification 2 is also a different type of notification app that uses your camera flash for notifications. This app catches your attention by turning on the phone’s flashlight. When you receive a notification, the phone’s flashlight will block to notify you.

You can customize a few things. You can choose the duration, and color of your notifications. You can choose different colors for App Notifications, Incoming calls, and SMS. It can also use the screen as a flash when there is no camera flash on the phone.

5. APUS Message Center


Asus Message Center is also a great app for managing your notifications, messages, contacts and call records. This app is an all-in-one application that also offers notification management. The application groups your WhatsApp messages, emails, SMS, missed calls and various social applications. It also shows the number of unread messages over the app icon. You can reply directly from the notification panel without visiting the app.

6. Floatify Lockscreen


Floatify gives you a mini preliminary notification whenever you are in full screen mode and can’t swipe the notification panel to check with some new notifications. Its Direct Reply lets you choose a predefined reply, which can help you tap to send instantly. It also allows instant reply or mark it as ‘read’ from notification without having to open any app. It works with several major messenger applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and others.



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