6 Best Music Synchronization Apps For Android & iOS

6 Best Music Synchronization Apps For Android & iOS

Imagine you decide to have a party with your friends and no one has enough loudspeakers to turn on the music. What kind of party is it without music?

Fortunately, today you can find many applications to synchronize music on multiple phones and increase the volume, you only need your friends for it. Streaming music to several devices at the same time you can enjoy the loud voice wherever you are.

The music synchronization application can help you in different situations. If you have multiple devices, you can collect all tracks in one place. With a variety of services, such as Apple Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, Spotify, and so on, it’s much more convenient to have it all in one application.

Some of them use different platforms, both for Android and iOS so you can share sounds with your friends even if you have different device preferences. So, let’s look at the best music synchronization application for any situation.

1. AmpMe


AmpMe is probably the best free application to synchronize your music on different devices. This applies to Android and iOS devices. This application allows you to stream music and videos from your music library or from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud. You can synchronize your music to friends nearby or far from you, or strangers around the world.

You can start your own Live Party and anyone can join. Being a DJ, you control what your friends listen to and they can suggest their tracks.

What’s more, this application allows streaming music to Bluetooth speakers too.

This application works very well with streaming services, you might have problems with streaming music from your music library on several devices.

2. Rave


Rave is another cross platform application to enjoy music with your friends and others from all over the world. With this application, you can easily turn your device into a portable instant speaker system.

You can share tracks from your library or from various streaming services, including YouTube. You can mix tracks and people will be able to enjoy your own voice everywhere.

It should be noted that Rave was created to stream video. You can watch TV series from Netflix or videos from YouTube with other people even if they are not near you.

However, this application is perfect for sharing music. You can send text messages and talk with your friends while you are listening or watching, so you can always connect and feel each other around.

3. Group Music Playback – SoundSeeder Music Player


This application is quite simple and provides the opportunity to synchronize music on multiple devices. You don’t even need an internet connection – this application works via Wi-Fi which makes it perfect for parties at home. You can stream music from various services including more than 25,000 radio stations. You can control the volume and playback of all devices remotely.

This application runs on Android, but you can also put it on a PC with Windows or Linux.

The free version limits sharing to 2 devices and allows streaming for only 15 minutes. If you improve the application, you will get unlimited access to all functions. Before upgrading, it’s a good idea to check what device SoundSeeder is using.

4. doubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync


The music synchronization application is nice and convenient because it allows you to have a music synchronization player and application in the same place. Using doubleTwist you can connect to any streaming service and ultimately don’t get dozens of connections and applications just to play music with your friends.

What’s more, you can even save music in the application to listen offline and it’s completely legal. Another cool thing that you can find here is podcasts. You can subscribe to podcast channels if you want. Of course, this is very useless for music synchronization applications, however, it’s still a good bonus.

5. Party Speaker


What can be more fun than being with your friends and organizing a cool party with the best music? Well, music is one important element and, quite often, problems. Everyone wants to listen to their own songs, but usually, only one person plays music.

With the Party Speaker application it will be very different! Now you and your friends can create and edit your playlist together, control the playlist so that no one at the party feels left out.

This application is very convenient in this regard and makes it possible to create a new list in the second. Make sure your friends have also installed Party Speaker, invite them to the list and create together.

6. Vertigo Music: Share Life


This application is for iOS users who don’t like listening to music alone. You can share your playlist with thousands of people around the world, exchanging opinions on various types of music. You can synchronize with different music services, such as Spotify or Apple Music.

With Vertigo Music, you cannot play music on several devices at the same time, but you can still synchronize with others and experience different types of music. This is a social network, so you must register.

With this application, you can experience a new level of listening to music. Stay connected and don’t miss any moment, remember: music unites people and creates beautiful memories.

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