6 Best Free Apps To Add Your Face To Gifs (Android & iOS)

6 Best Free Apps To Add Your Face To Gifs (Android & iOS)

Today, there are many ways to express emotions online. We have emojis, pictures and memes. Still, one of the most popular things on social networks is using GIFs.

You can find billions of funny and flashy GIFs on the Internet. But what if you want to make a GIF using your own face? Now it’s possible if you have the right application.

If you are interested in making things creative, make sure you check out the 6 best meme maker apps for Android & iOS.

Here is a list of great free apps that can turn your face into a GIF. Most of the apps mentioned here are available for Android, as well as iOS.

All of the apps are easy to use, so don’t worry if you’re trying to make a GIF for the first time. You will find lots of instructions in most applications. Read it carefully to enjoy all the functions and express your creativity.

1. REFACE: face swap videos


This is the most popular application for adding your face to GIFs. This application is powerful, which helps you create memes that will make your friends laugh.

Note: this is a new version of Doublicat. In other words, this is Doublicat being renamed.

The coolest features of this app are personalized. Find any photo that you find interesting. Then upload to the REFACE application (it’s easy, just click the “upload” button).

After you make a GIF, amaze your friends with it. You can share your GIF via social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or messengers (Viber and WhatsApp).

If you face any kind of problem then feel free to contact the developer.

This application is highly appreciated by users. For example, REFACE is rated 4.9 out of 5, which is very close to the maximum.

This application is free with ads. For additional functions, REFACE offers in-app purchases.


2. Morphin


This app is the perfect tool to add your face to GIFs. It has a complete set of tools to express your creativity. The best and most advanced function is GIF creation.

This application has a friendly and simple interface. This is why we highly recommend you to use it if this is your first time creating a GIF.

When the GIF is finished, wow your friends and followers with it. Send your meme or GIF on messenger or share via social networks.

Morphin is cool because once you make a GIF, it won’t have a watermark on it, even though the app is free.

So feel free to enjoy all Morphin functions and steal the show in every chat or company.

There are several advertisements. You can’t close them all at once, there is no “x” button, which might annoy and annoy you.


3. GifYou


It’s time you make great and unique content! Take a quick selfie and make the best GIF or meme ever.

GifYou has a very easy to use interface. Most of the users appreciate the simplicity of the app, which you can see from their feedback.

There are a large number of instructions that will help you enjoy all the functions of the application. Read them carefully to make the best GIFs and memes.

Another great thing is that you can make cool memes. It is possible to create your meme from scratch or use a template.

On GifYou, you will find a large library of GIFs and images that you can use for free.

This app is free with ads, but if you find it lacking in functionality on GifYou, it is possible to get a premium subscription.

Premium subscription week will cost $ 8.99. The annual one is $ 74.99.

This application is available for iOS, as well as Android users.


4. Pixel Animator: GIF Maker


Do you like pixel-like designs? If you do, this app is a must.

You don’t have to be a professional designer to understand the power of this app. That can do everything for you.

By the way, if this is your first experience with this type of app, Pixel Animator has a simple and short tutorial, which will show you all the basic steps you need to take for the best results.

Do you like to draw and make models? Then use the “from scratch” mode and enjoy creative freedom.

What if you can’t draw? This is not a problem. Then take a cool photo of yourself and upload it to the app. Then select as image.

Pixel Animator will automatically convert it to GIF. You can edit it if necessary. After you finish, don’t forget to share it with your friends through social networks.


5. Gif Me! Camera – GIF maker


We all want to keep the best moments of our lives. You can snap a photo, which is a classic way of picturing the moment.

You can make a video too. But there is a better thing to do – you can create a GIF! These short videos are extremely popular today.

How do you add your face or your video to a GIF? It’s easy: just take these two steps.

  1. Make a cool video (or a photo – it doesn’t matter) of yourself.
  2. Give the app access to your gallery and watch how it is being added to a GIF.

There are some additional features you might find handy:

  • Hundreds of frames. You can make your GIF brighter and striking.
  • Text adding. Should you feel the need to comment on the things that are taking place on the photo, feel free to add a short phrase.
  • Share your GIFs via email. If you don’t want to download a GIF, send it to your friends (or your own) email.

The app is free with ads. It contains some in-app purchases.

Gif Me! is available for iOS, as well as Android users.


6. Faces – video, gif for texting


Do you want to create something new and unique? Well, now you can do this with a click of a button.

There are only two steps you need to take to create your GIF. First of all, take a good selfie. Then open the Face application and give access to your photo gallery.

Second, use all the functions of the app to add your face to a GIF or meme. Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to share it with everyone. Who knew your GIF would become mainstream and viral?

Faces also give you the opportunity to change your selfie, make them look better. Change the color of your skin, make your eyes bigger, and set the background you like.

Well, we’ve found that you’re interested in making GIFs. How about stickers? Check out the 11 Best Sticker Maker apps for WhatsApp & Telegram.

Download not only your own photos but also the music you like. Choose your favorite song and use it.

By the way, Faces is a great tool for creating school and university projects. We guarantee your presentation will be a great success!

Another great feature of this app is that it can be a great tool for creating great and unique Instagram or Facebook stories.

So download the app and feel free to express any kind of emotion you’re experiencing.

Free faces with ads. There are some in-app purchases with premium functionality.


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