6 Best Free Apps Increase Your Mobile Security & Privacy (Android & iOS)

6 Best Free Apps  Increase Your Mobile Security & Privacy (Android & iOS)

ANDROID AND IOS are both constantly evolving to be more secure and protect your privacy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little help here and there. We’ve rounded up 9 great security apps for your phone here, bypassing standard antivirus and VPN options to give you some lesser known utilities that can really make a difference to how well your phone is protected and all the data on it.

By the way, we’re aware that this list is a bit heavy on Android, but that’s because of the nature of Android and iOS. Apple takes more control over iOS security, whereas Google is more willing to let third-party apps in – iOS apps are simply not allowed to scan for viruses, analyze networks in detail, reconfigure user permissions, or access any of the other hooks in the software as needed. serious security application.

1. Access Dots


iOS 14 adds a new feature to iPhone that shows an on-screen warning if an app tries to use your device’s camera or microphone – such as a possible ‘on’ light that might be next to your laptop’s webcam. Access Dots brings the same functionality to Android, quickly and easily.

Not many apps, but very useful: you’ll see an indicator in the status bar if the app has secretly activated the camera or microphone. Make a donation to support application development, and you can also change the position and size of the indicator points.

2. Jumbo


Social network privacy settings are difficult to understand and constantly changing – but Jumbo can work hard for you when it comes to ensuring you don’t share more about yourself than you want. It can also help you lock your social accounts.

This app connects directly to your online account to offer a variety of useful services: auto-delete your old tweets, stop Google from gathering enough information about you, limit ad personalization on Facebook, and much more. Keep in mind that any data you back up or delete with Jumbo is then locked to the app, and the service doesn’t offer a way to export it for use in other apps.

3. GlassWire


GlassWire closely monitors app data usage – you can see which apps on your smartphone are using the most data (both in terms of uploads and downloads), get instant alerts when new apps start communicating with the internet, and more.

Whether you’re worried about your data plan when you’re away from Wi-Fi at home or you want to make sure certain apps don’t send data back to bases when they shouldn’t, GlassWire can help. There is a built-in firewall available within the application as well.

4. Norton App Lock


Passcode lock apps add an extra layer of security beyond the main lock screen on your phone, which can be especially useful if you’re always sharing your device with young colleagues, partners or relatives – it effectively partially covers your phone.

We’ve covered this app in more detail here, but our favorite option on Android is Norton App Lock (not least because it comes from a brand you can trust). It’s easy to use, completely free, and supports PIN, password and pattern to unlock apps.

5. Fing


Are all the devices on your home network yours, or are your neighbors using your broadband too? Fing can tell you exactly what’s on your network at any given moment, which is useful for troubleshooting as well as keeping your home Wi-Fi secure.

It also has many other strings: Fing will check your web connection speed, try to find hidden cameras in your hotel room, alert you of internet outages, notify you of new devices connected to your network, and much more.

6. Alfred Home Security Camera


Did you know that with the right app, you can reuse your old phone or tablet as a security camera? Whether you want to keep an eye on the backyard or a sleeping baby, the Alfred Home Security Camera makes it easy to set up and configure everything.

Obviously you’ll need more than one device here – one to shoot video and another to watch the feed from wherever you are – but Alfred offers all the features you need, including motion detection, two-way. audio, and a built-in siren.



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