6 Best Apps To Find Nearby Public Toilets For Me (Android & iOS)

6 Best Apps To Find Nearby Public Toilets For Me (Android & iOS)

The best app for finding the closest public toilet to me is available on the Play Store and App Store. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Android or iOS user, you can install and use this application. However, if you search the market, you will find many applications that offer the same service.

It’s a unique idea to build an app, but research teams from many companies have thought about it. So, how will you get the best bathroom finder app among so many options?

Do not be confused. We’re here with the 9 best apps to find the closest public restroom to me so you can choose one of these and install it on your phone for any emergency.

1. SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder


SitOrSquat is one of the best apps to find public restrooms near me on Android and iOS. This app was developed by Charmin, who is also a toilet paper developer, to help people find the best results by searching for “closest public restroom to me”, regardless of location.

Even if you search outside of the United States, you will be able to find the perfect location. SitOrSquat has over 100,000 listings so the search results are quite impressive here. You can check the bathrooms in a list or map, and from there you can add filters such as disabled comfort, activated baby changing table, pay-per-use, etc.

To change conditions, the app asks you to rate bathrooms based on cleanliness, seating, available facilities, etc. The user interface is very convenient for anyone, and there is no hassle involved there.

2. Flush – Find Public Toilets/Restrooms


If you are looking for a bathroom finder app with a powerful UI, Flush Toilet Finder is for you. This application is compatible with Android and iOS. It was developed by Sam Ruston, who has created the neatest Weather Timeline available on the market. Post to installation you have to enable location detection otherwise by default.

Location sensors are used by the Flush app to find the nearest bathroom near you from a list of more than 200,000 public and paid toilets worldwide. The closest ones will be displayed on your map with important information such as pay-per-use, free or not, keys, and other additional information such as the convenience of a disabled person or availability of a changing table for babies.

The best part of this app is that you can operate it even when you are offline. It can retrieve data from Google maps and provide you with all the data needed to find it.

3. Google Maps


We all know how efficient Google Maps is. The days when we needed to ask people about multiple addresses are past now because of this invention. Well, in addition to various applications for finding public restaurants near your current location, you can use Google Maps directly.

This will automatically enable location detection with your permission. Then by searching the closest public restroom to my location, you will be able to find all toilets near your location. Google Maps is a complete solution for all your location-related needs.

Although this app is not as specific as to search for toilets only, so it may not be able to give you as many options as other apps do. With this app, however, you’ll get help with many other searches, including restaurants, hotels, bus stops, and whatever else is possible.

Google’s list is much broader, and this is why there may be fewer options for public restrooms than for other specialized applications.

4. Where is Public Toilet


This is another great app that is very effective at finding what you are looking for. This is a more specific application where you can categorize your needs and get the appropriate search results. There are categories such as women’s toilets, unisex toilets, disabled toilets and many more.

Where the Public Toilets app will also tell you whether the toilet is activated with a fitted exhaust unit or not. You can also get information such as baby changing tables, showers, fees, keys, nearby parking areas, drinking water, etc.

Sort your searches by category, facilities and location, and the app will find what you need in no time. There are more than 280,000 listings available on the app, and from there, it will search for you.

It supports Google Street View and Google maps to help you find the exact location. This app works well according to the users with a very user friendly interface and simple UI design. This is a free application, but contains ads and comes with in-app purchases.

5. Toilet Finder


If you’re looking for a free app to find nearby public toilets, then the Toilet Finder app is perfect for you. This is one of the most popular apps that lets you find a toilet near you by searching over 150,000 entries.

Along with the location of the toilet, you can also find related information, including whether the toilet is free or not, and is comfortable for persons with disabilities or not. Toilet Finder is a cross-platform app that helps you get help for Android and iOS. After you install the app, you can also use it from your smartwatch.

The app interface is nice and simple, and the UI isn’t complicated at all. Anyone with the slightest idea of handling apps and the internet will be able to use them. Apart from that, it doesn’t take up much space on your device.

6. Refuge Restrooms


Post-installation, the Refuge Restrooms application will ask you to activate the location setting so that it can detect your location automatically. After detecting this location, whenever you open this app to search for public toilets near me now, it will automatically detect the closest restrooms based on your location.

There are various categories that are activated in this application to get more specific search results. The categories are women only, unisex, disabled comfort, baby changing table features, and more. Refuge Restrooms application designed a new system to let you know the type of toilet, whether it can be used for disabled people or not.

The red map pin says there are no such facilities in the toilet and the green amp pin indicates otherwise. To search for a specific address, you have to zoom in on the search in the search bar. There are already many lists available in the app, but you can also add new locations by clicking the add new address icon.

The application trusts its users to upgrade them with their input. With a rating of 4+, this is a favorite app for users.



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