6 Addictive Games Like For Android & iOS

6 Addictive Games Like For Android & iOS features a large map and lets you star in the game as a small snake-like avatar, and its main goal is to grow longer and longer by consuming the orbs scattered around the map. Give your nickname to enter the game world, avoid other snakes and advance through the game eating colored balls. There are thousands of snakes like you, and you will lose progress if your snake’s head collides with another snake. When another snake collides with you or another snake, its body turns into bright granules for you and others to consume. Activate boost mode by pressing space or mouse click, which causes acceleration. Your snake will lose mass when you use boost mode, causing it to shrink in size. The game has limits, and once your snake hits it, you will lose.


1 takes place in an amazing world inhabited by dangerous animals who are real players all over the world. You play as a little mouse, and your job is to find food to eat to gain mass. Explore the map, learn new abilities, collect power-ups and avoid getting eaten. Overcome obstacles, eat small mice that are similar to jelly. So where players can eat small cells to eat. Unlock further content using XP points and dominate the map. Avoid larger creatures like mice as they can easily eat you. There are three types of animals such as rats, squirrels and shrimp. Choose one of them to enter the game world where you find food to eat and increase the mass. Speed up by pressing the space bar or mouse click and shrinking your size. If a giant mouse comes and tries to eat you, there is a time limit to safeguard yourself, otherwise you will be eaten.



Control your tank and dive into a battle where you have to shoot different blocks and score the highest points. There are several players like you with the same task. Avoid them or fight against them using your shooting skills. The main objective is to reach the top of the leaderboard by beating other players and completing tasks. Earn XP points, level up your tank, and unlock new weapons, classes and abilities. Choose a machine gun, and control the guidance missile that can fire in all directions. Survive as long as possible and earn as many points to be on top. There are different classes of tanks, and you can choose between them to start your journey. offers core features such as Multiplayer mode, Level-up Stats, Upgrade your Tank, Dozens of players, and more.



The massive map of features consists of different foods and sizes of worms. You play as a worm, and your main task is to find food to eat in order to grow bigger and longer. There are hundreds of other players around the world just like you and hunting for food to eat. Avoid them and concentrate on increasing your size by eating small meals and worms. You will die instantly, once your head collides with another worm and becomes a delicious food for the worms. Try to consume the defeated avatar, and beware of dangerous viruses. It has two different modes like Team Random, and Free to Play. There is also a private room to play with your friends. Once a virus hits you, it will slow down your speed, and other long worms can easily eat you. Take out your mobs to help other worms and shrink your size for speed. Different Modes, Private Rooms, Eat food to grow bigger, Cut other Worms, Stay, Path from viruses and many more.

4. Agar.IO


The player starts out as a small cell on the large map focused on the petri dish. The main task of the player is to get as much mass as he can by consuming the smaller cells and avoiding the bigger ones. The name Agar.IO comes from a substance used to breed bacteria called Agar. There are hundreds of other players with similar tasks. The player needs to use his wits, eat the smaller cells and survive as long as possible to score the highest points, and beat the rivals. This allows the player to change the appearance of their cells with words, symbols, phrases or skins to make them look unique from the rest. A cell moves slower after gaining more mass. Each cell gradually loses mass over time. Avoid viruses because they divide the cell into pieces depending on the mass and the small cell can take support from the virus to hide against larger cells.

5. Nebulous


Nebulous takes place on a large map and lets you play as a blob, eating up small dots scattered all over the map, or consuming smaller players. Develop your blob and become the bigger in the game to win. There are thousands of players like you, and your main goal is to beat them by growing bigger and longer. Avoid the bigger players as they can easily absorb you. If you hit another player, it will cause death and you will lose all your progress. Once you have reached a size sufficient to absorb the other lumps, you can press them for consumption. There are more than five hundred skins with specific ways to unlock, and the game introduces a new tournament mode where you can fight for big prizes. Nebulous includes key features like Single Player Campaign, Leaderboard, Clan System, XP, Achievements, Mayhem Mode, etc.


6 focuses on MMO elements and displays a large map, and the player can start as a small cell, gradually growing longer and longer as he eats pellets across the map or consumes other players. There are four different modes such as F2P, Random Team, Guilds War and Capture the Flag. Explore the game world as a small cell, eat the ball and grow bigger, avoiding bigger cells as they can easily eat up the player’s cells. It divides itself into two cells to gain speed, and the player can use the virus to destroy or hide. Use boost and expel mass to reduce its size. Different Modes, Equipment System, Custom Skins, Viruses, Mass Expenditure, Guild System, etc. Is the main feature of this game.



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