5 The Best Shazam Alternatives Apps For Android & iOS

5 The Best Shazam Alternatives Apps For Android & iOS

Shazam is a popular app among music lovers. This helps identify music from only a short sample. Whether you’re in a shop or cafe and hear a great song, just use the Shazam and you’ll be able to tell. However, Shazam is not the only one offering this functionality as there are the best Shazam alternatives to give you a different experience.

It is undeniable that Shazam has several problems, such as incorrectly performing music, speed problems, and many more. For this reason, many users migrate to other applications that offer similar functionality. If you have the same package but can’t decide which app to replace Shazam with, check out the following recommendations.

The Google Play Store and App Store are awash with music apps, but only a few allow you to identify music based on a short sample like Shazam does. Without going any further, here are 9 best Shazam alternatives for Android or iOS.

1. Musixmatch


It is the most popular lyrics finder on Google Play with more than 50 million downloads. As the editor’s choice, this application is supported by the largest collection of song lyrics in the world that allows you to search for lyrics instantly. Apart from finding lyrics, Musixmatch lets you learn a new language through translation of lyrics.

Many users find this app to be one of the best Shazam alternatives, thanks to the many features that come with it. You can listen to your favorite music from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud or any other streaming platform and never miss the lyrics. It also allows you to search for your favorite songs by artist, title, or even a line of lyrics.

What’s more? Musixmatch lyric finder lets you play or pause from the lock screen. If you want to skip a song, just use the smart search feature and you’ll be able to jump to your favorite lyrics. Apart from that, this application has a LyricsCard feature which allows you to share the lyrics of your favorite songs. If you need to enjoy more features like offline lyrics or no ads, you can upgrade to premium features.

2. SoundHound


Find new songs near you with SoundHound. This Shazam alternative has the ability to tell you what song is playing at home, at the store or anywhere else. All you have to do is open the app and tap the orange button. In a few seconds, this application has the answer to your curiosity. Once found, save the song and its lyrics to play them later.

SoundHound not only lets you discover new songs, it also lets you play your favorite songs for free. Hours of songs found and saved via the built-in YouTube or connect to a Spotify account to stream music directly from the app. In addition, you can find the latest music from various genres and discover new favorites. When it comes to lyrics, it offers LiveLyrics which allows you to view the lyrics in real-time.

For your convenience, this alternative has a voice assistant feature which lets you interact with the app via voice. Just say “Hey SoundHound” and follow along with whatever you like. This app will do whatever you want instantly. Don’t keep your music discoveries to yourself! Share with friends on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

3. Genius


With over 5 million downloads, Genius is another best Shazam alternative that can find music near you. This application is supported by a very large collection of song lyrics from various genres. If you want to increase your musical knowledge with the hottest music and new releases, this tool can be a great weapon to install in your device.

Genius is more than just a song lyric finder. Apart from searching for and downloading the latest lyrics from your favorite artists, you can also read the annotations added by the Genius community. Just tap on the highlighted line and see what obsessed fans write about the lyrics. Or if you have knowledge of the lyrics, share and tell your community.

Things are getting better because Genius features verified content from producers and artists. This content may include the facts behind the track and anything else you need to know about the writing process. Not to mention that it offers original videos that let you watch interviews with artists related to music. If you like this app, download it for free on Android and iOS.

4. MusicID


MusicID helps identify music you’ve never heard before. This is a great alternative to Shazam as it lets you not only find music but also add notes and more. This free application can be a useful tool, especially for music lovers who don’t want to miss the latest music updates from various genres.

In this application, you will be able to identify the music currently playing music from your environment. It also provides you with a wide selection of attractive album art and share with friends on social media platforms. With MusicID, you can also add notes and locations so you know exactly why you found music or where you found it.

To become a music expert, you need to know more about the popular and hottest artists. Let MusicID help you learn more about your favorite artists, including biographical data, TV information and more. Plus, you can watch movies and see similar songs related to the artist. If you need to know everything about music, lyrics and artists, MusicID is a great app to install.

5. Beatfind Music Recognition


If you are looking for the best Shazam alternative to find music near you, Beatfind Music Introduction could be the choice. The app is simple and easy to use, allowing you to find the top songs and hottest artists. Not only does it offer music identification, but it also offers many other functions, such as browsing albums and reading biographies.

With this app, you can find out about new tracks from just a short sample. Once you find the right song and artist, Beatfind lets you browse album songs as well as read more information about the artist. If you want to play the full song, this application can be integrated with Spotify, YouTube or Deezer. And if you think you were the first to know the song, remember to share it with friends or family.

The most interesting part of Beatfind is its ability to turn your room, office or venue into a disco club. Thanks to the flashlight party mode which offers a spotlight effect. There are many other features to enjoy, such as watching music videos on YouTube, saving identified songs, and an excellent visualizer. Best of all, Beatfind can be installed for free.



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