5 The Best Party & Event Planning Apps For Android & iOS

5 The Best Party & Event Planning Apps For Android & iOS

Planning an event is no easy task. There is a lot to prepare for and if it is not handled properly, you will likely miss some important things. Luckily, the best event planning app is now available for smartphones. This application is useful for helping plan events such as birthdays, weddings, or casual parties.

The key to a successful event is perfect planning. Most planning apps are specially designed with useful features to help you prepare for your event, such as to-do lists, countdowns, and guest lists. Some are also equipped with other functions such as calendar, reminders and notes. If you’re planning an event, check out these event planning apps for Android and iOS.

The Google Play Store and App Store have many choices for event planning applications. You may have some specific criteria for such a tool to be simple, light, fully featured, or many others. Whatever your preference, the following applications are worth considering.



It is a full featured application that functions not only as a planner but also as a reminder, calendar and task list. has helped millions of people from all over the world to organize parties, events and even daily tasks. If you are looking for a simple app with the perfect combo, this is definitely for you.

In this application, you can find various features to help organize your life. Calendar outlook is a great feature that allows you to easily view the list of tasks, events and tasks for the day, week, and month. With reminders that help remind you of the scheduled time, this app ensures you never miss an important meeting or event. is designed with a simple and intuitive user interface, giving you easy access to drag and drop tasks or swipe to mark completed task lists. As a bonus, this app’s to-do list makes a great companion for shopping, especially if you don’t like the idea of ​​using sticky notes. Overall, gives you the flexibility to customize reminders, events and planners however you like.

2. Planner Pro


If you are looking for a useful app to help you manage your daily life, Planner Pro is highly recommended. This event planning tool comes packed with features as it combines notes, tasks and events in one app. Whether you want to organize events or just need a daily agenda, this is a versatile app you can rely on.

For exciting event planning, Planner Pro can sync with Google calendars and events. It also supports fully recurring periods so you don’t have to do the same task over and over. With the ability to add, edit and delete events, the app is very flexible and customizable. Not to mention it supports five different states for your assignments and projects.

Do you want to take notes with Planner Pro? Enjoy an unlimited number of notes with great flexibility, giving you the convenience of adding, editing, or deleting notes. Other features that come with this app include a complete note search, a well-designed interface and a wide selection of modules. Planner Pro is available in free and premium versions. To unlock more features, subscribe to the premium version starting at $ 1.99.

3. Evernote


Developed by Evernote Corporation, this event planning application has been widely used around the world. It boasts advanced features to enhance your event planning experience such as scanning handwritten notes or entering typed notes. It also comes with basic features like adding to-do lists, photos, web pages, images, audio and anything else you want.

Evernote isn’t a tool, it’s a partner. This versatile app keeps your work organized, thanks to multiple format support for notes and using the camera to scan, organize, or digitize your paper documents. In addition, it can serve as a digital notebook to express all your thoughts so that you never lose an idea again.

Among the great features of this app is the ability to sync across devices. You can sync almost everything on Evernote to your devices such as computers, tablets and phones. With a passcode lock, you are the only one with access to the information. But if you have something important to share, then do it easily using the sharing tool. Whether you want to discuss with partners or collaborate, Evernote makes things easier.

4. Asana


Do you work with Teams? Asana can be the perfect collaboration app for making sure everyone on your team is clear on what to do and how to do the project. As Editors’ Choice, it is a powerful tool for increasing your productivity through a number of features. You can not only get a clear picture of the project, but also help push everyone in the positive direction.

This app allows you to see the status of the project, whether it’s on track, at risk, or even off-track. If the project owner didn’t post any status updates, you can request and get updates. To make sure everything is OK with the project, this app lets you clarify the priority level of each task. And you will be notified when the assignment is complete.

What’s more? Asana facilitates smooth coordination with anyone in a common room to minimize miscommunication. To help you work with flexibility, it lets you switch views between calendar, list, and kanban board. If you like what it brings, join millions of users around the world and download the app on your Android or iOS device.

5. Google Task


Google Tasks is one of the best event planning apps for getting a lot more done. It’s a full-featured tool that helps you manage, edit and capture tasks from anywhere, thanks to the ability to sync with all devices. Apart from that, it offers great flexibility as it supports integration with Google Calendar and Gmail. Now you can do tasks faster and better.

As a great event planning app, Google Tasks has tons of features. With the ability to list tasks and manage tasks, it allows you to capture tasks from anywhere and any device. In addition, it allows you to add details about the job, break down tasks, and edit details if needed. To help you stay on track, you can set due dates and organize tasks by date.

Another thing I love about Google Tasks is the ability to view tasks you’ve created from email. After creating an assignment, you can look in your Gmail sidebar and trace it back to the source email. Take control of your tasks and download Google Tasks on your Android or iOS device.



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