5 The Best Image Compressor & Resizer Apps For Android

5 The Best Image Compressor & Resizer Apps For Android

Now smartphone cameras are very good, so the images taken are high. Sharing these images via WhatsApp, email or other applications is time consuming and also data consuming. Sometimes many websites also limit image uploads to a certain size. If you don’t like using smartphones, you need a good image compressor or image changing app. If you are not sure which image compressor app or image resizing app to use, here is a list of the best image compressor and resizing apps for Android. I have tested several image compressor apps before making this list. All of these applications work fine.

Here is a list of the best image compressor and changer apps for Android. If you are looking for an image resizing app, an image compressor app, or an app to reduce image size, you can download one of these apps. You can read about these applications and choose one depending on your usage.

1. Cram – Reduce Pictures


Cram is a well-known image compressor app that can shrink photos of your smartphone by up to 60% without affecting the actual dimensions, resolution or quality of the photos. Just launch the app and select the photos you want to compress. This application compress the photo and replace the original photo. It also gives you the option to delete the original files automatically or manually.

There is also an option to reduce the photo size automatically. If you set it, it will automatically reduce the size of the photos you take from your phone camera. This process is done in the background and only compressed photos are saved to save more free storage on the phone.

This application can compress 300 photos for free during the life of the application. If you want more, you’ll have to pay $ 1.99. If you are looking for a good app for reducing image size, try this one.

2. Photo & Picture Resizer


Photo & Picture Resizer is the best image compressor app for Android. It’s an easy to help app that lets you quickly reduce the size and resolution of photos on your phone.

As soon as you select an image to resize, it shows a different resolution from the list. You can also select the resolution manually if the one you want isn’t in the list. After that, you can save the resized image in your photo. It saves the resized images in a separate folder titled ‘Pictures / PhotoResizer’. The original image will not be replaced until you decide to do so. Not only one image, you can also select multiple images for batch resizing.

This application works well and reduces the image size without affecting the quality much. If you are looking for an app to effectively resize images from your Android phone, this app should be your choice.

3. Reduce Photo Size


This app doesn’t actually compress but resizes the photo without affecting the original photo. This application is small in size and effective size. It has easy to understand UI where you can resize multiple photos. You can choose from predefined sizes or choose a custom option if you want to specify the sizes manually.

This application is available in several international languages. If you prefer to use the app in your local language this is great.

4. Photoczip


Photoczip is for compressing and resizing photos. It also allows you to compress photos and create zip files. This app allows you to compress photos, add watermarks and resize them according to your needs. You can also batch compress if you have lots of photos to compress.

It also lets you edit JPG metadata, remove EXIF data, and convert from one format to another. You can also rotate images within the application. It also comes with a camera widget for one-click image compression. It also allows you to share images via Email, Facebook, dropbox, twitter, google drive & Pinterest, etc.

The most important thing is that the app is free and doesn’t show any ads.

5. Compress image size in KB & MB


This application compresses the photos to the output size you want. If you want to t compress the image size to a specific size, this app is for you. Many inspection forms ask for an image that is a certain size or less than a predetermined size. This app works really well and does what it says.

If you need to compress photos without paying too much attention to size and quality, this app is for you. This is great for government forms that require very low image sizes.

I have added 5 different applications for image compression and resizing. If you are looking for the best image compressor and resizing apps for Android, you can refer to one of these apps. If you only need an app to compress, use Cram. The second app ‘Photo & Picture Resizer’ is for resizing to a specific size.

I have tested several applications and made this list. If you know of any other good apps you can let us know and I will definitely try and add this to the list.



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