5 The Best Free Beep Test Apps (Android & iOS)

5 The Best Free Beep Test Apps (Android & iOS)

If you love fitness, you train regularly. However, to be a great athlete, training is not enough. Another important aspect is measuring and analyzing results.

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One of the best ways to do this is with a beep test. In general, the main goal is to estimate your aerobic capacity.

Here we’ve put together a list of the best beep test apps that can help you see your endurance run.

The apps listed here are available for both iOS and Android users.

1. Beep Test Official (Army Police)


This is one of the most accurate applications in this category. Even though it is packed with various functions, it is very small in size.

Here are the basic options available right after you download the app:

Beep Timer. It accurately calculates the time you spend running.
Voice notification and voice control. You don’t have to tap the screen, just say what you want from the app and it will do it.
This app will help you practice like a PRO and track your results.
After you have tested yourself, you can analyze the results. Will you be able to pass the official police Beep Test? Take your first try and you will find it.

What’s interesting about this application is that this application is constantly updated. Developers are always looking for new bugs and glitches to fix.

Beep test is available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s free with ads. If you want to remove it, it will cost $ 0.99.

2. Beep Test for Android


This app will easily estimate your aerobic capacity. The only thing you need is sports equipment and enough space to run (more than 20 meters).

Another good thing about this app is that it also measures calorie consumption.

Please note that this app works more as a timer than as a GPS connected app.

What does the application do?

This shows the distance that you have traveled.
Displays the seconds you have to complete your step until the next step starts.
If you want the app to stop at some point, please use the autostop function.

When you have tested your beep, you need to analyze the results. With Beep Test, it won’t be that difficult. This app tracks your progress thoroughly.

  • This app gives you access to other users’ ratings so you can compare yourself with them. If you’ve done at least one beep, you can see your place in the world rankings. As you run faster, the results update and your place changes.
  • Beep Test also presents information in a very simple way, for example in the form of a pie chart.

The Beep Test app is only available on Google Play. Even though the app is free, there are no ads and in-app purchases.

3. Beep Test for iOS


This is another cool beep test app which can measure your stamina. The main feature of this application is its high accuracy.

This application has various functions that you can enjoy immediately after downloading:

21 exciting levels that will help you get better and better
There are two modes: individual run and group one.
After you complete the beep test, you will receive a sound notification.
This app has advanced statistical methods that accurately calculate and track your speed.

The only drawback is that the Beep Test is not free. You have to pay $ 3 to download.

However, it will allow you to use all functions without any restrictions. There will be no advertisements either.

You can get the application on the App Store.

4. Beep Fitness Test


Beep Fitness is the smallest (only 2.7 MB in size) and the most effective at the same time.

This app is very accurate, it can easily measure your cardiovascular strength and oxygen absorption.

The test is divided into levels so that you can move from level to level, mastering your running skills. 21 levels will help you evaluate your progress.

There are also many variations of the test so you don’t get bored. There are official police and army tests. The same test is used when soldiers are being tested. Make sure you try everything to evaluate your strengths.

Beep Fitness is widely recognized and used by millions of trainers around the world. However, you will have no trouble understanding how the app works.

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This application has a sound notification system. This will notify you when you are running out of time.

This application is not free. You have to pay $ 0.99 to download.

You can get it now from the App Store. No in-app purchases or advertisements.

5. Physical Fitness V02 Beep Test


It’s time you put your strength to the test! To do this you need good tools. The Physical Fitness V02 Beep Test would be a great option.

This application is accurate and easy to use. Even if you are not a skilled trainer or you don’t know how to handle an application, there will be no problems.

There are a wide variety of functions available for free:

  • You can create multiple accounts. This is great for sports teams or groups of friends.
  • Level system. You will move from level to level, mastering stamina and training your heart.
  • Applications can run in sleep mode if necessary. This allows you to save smartphone battery.
  • A soft male voice will tell you when you are running out of time. It will also warn you that the level has changed.
  • This app keeps track of your progress. You can share it via Facebook, email, Twitter, or other social media.
  • You can keep or delete some of your results if you don’t want to keep them.

For best performance, grant the app all necessary permissions. It will not compromise your security.

The app contains some advertisements and in-app purchases. Still, all basic stuff is free.

You can get the application on Google Play.



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