5 The Best Free Apps For Truckers (Android & iOS)

5 The Best Free Apps For Truckers (Android & iOS)

Are you a truck driver who spends a lot of time on the road? Keep reading this article!

There are many truck driver apps for Android and iOS that can enhance your driving experience. This app covers everything you need – from GPS and notebooks to gas stations and parking maps. There are even apps that can help you bypass weight control stations!

1. Trucker Path – Truck Stops & Weigh Stations


Let’s start with an app called Trucker Path. This is an app that covers everything the average truck driver needs.

Frankly speaking, this is one of the most commonly used applications among truck drivers because it has it all. Thus, the app includes a GPS function, gas maps, weight control and even a parking option. Most of its features work with the help of other users so you will always be aware of the current fuel prices, the best parking spots and so on.

The app even has a section with professional tips where people share their best driving directions using maps. In which, this app also empowers you to notify the broker when you are ready for a new load. This function is in sync with your location so you can find new clients wherever you are. As for the GPS, the app does a great job of creating routes for you and also shows the traffic situation on the road.

Needless to say, all the parking lots and motels on the app have a rating system and you can see real people’s impressions of it. The same goes for gas stations. The weight control tool allows you to pay for weighing online with your mobile.

2. TruckSmart


The next app is called TruckSmart and it is a multipurpose app for truck drivers.

Along with the previous one, this app can also cover everything you need on the road. This way, the app can show you routes, help you book parking spots and motels, show maps of fuel and fuel prices, and so on. You can even make service requests with this app.

This application can also be used as a driving journal. You can save your daily paths attached to a map to see how far you have come. The app also features cafes, shops, motels and 24-hour services on your journey. The same goes for places where you can take advantage of Wi-Fi, free showers, and so on. This app runs on a rating system so you can see the reviews.

Apart from the gas station map, the app also shows fuel prices for all gas stations and compares them. In addition, the app provides you with weather reports and generates your route to avoid potentially dangerous weather situations. Plus, you can view the current traffic situation and roadworks so you can change lanes if you’re in a hurry.

3. GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas Prices & Fuel Savings


GasBuddy is a well-known app that gives you all the info about gas stations on your way.

This app is commonly used by drivers and travelers around the world, but it’s also great for truck drivers. This app shows a gas map with all the gas stations marked on your way. When you open the gas station card, you can see all the current prices and charts.

In addition, the application as a gas calculator that can show you the cost of each trip (very helpful if you plan to drive long distances). The app runs on a rating system so you can read people’s reviews of gas stations and their customer service. Also, you can sort station prices to see the most affordable options.

With this, the app empowers you to pay for fuel online via your mobile which is convenient in case of social distancing and also saves you time. In addition, every time you pay online, you get some money back. There are also GussBuddy cards that can save you up to 25% for every gallon. This app can even be used as a GPS and works great.

4. Truck Navigation, GPS – Road Hunter, Truck Stops


Truck Navigation is another app for truckers that can fulfill all your needs.

This is an all-in-one application aimed at making the life of an average truck driver easier. This application can function as a GPS, weight control, fuel, and parking maps. As for GPS, this app is pretty good at generating your route. It takes all traffic and roadworks into account and keeps you away from it.

If there is a car accident or unexpected traffic on your way, the app will show you another way. Furthermore, you can set the app to avoid toll roads. You can view the map of the gas station right on the GPS and with all current fuel prices. Plus, you can filter gas stations by price to see which are the most affordable.

The same goes for scoring places – they appear on the map and you decide which one is the best for you. You can view the ranking of all parking lots and motels and their price points. You can manage applications with voice commands so that you will not be distracted while driving.

5. BigRoad Trucking Logbook App


BigRoad is a logbook app for drivers that can significantly make life easier for you on the road.

Why is this app better than the plain paper notebook you might ask? Well, this app reduces the potential for careless mistakes you might make, it saves a lot of your time and can also function as a full GPS! This app can also calculate your driving time based on HOS rules.

In addition, the app manages you while you are driving and notifies you if you are driving too fast so you can avoid fines. Apart from that, this app can help you create ELD credentials easily. As for GPS, the application helps you avoid traffic, road repairs and potentially dangerous road sections. You can also set the application on the road to avoid toll roads.

This application can save all your vehicle service reports and send them to whoever you need. You can also save all the documents you may need during the inspection in the app so that they are always with you. There’s also a built-in chat so you can stay in touch with your manager on the go.



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