5 The Best Cross Puzzle Games Apps For Android & iOS

5 The Best Cross Puzzle Games Apps For Android & iOS

Several years ago, newspapers and magazines were the best places to solve crossword puzzles. But times change and smartphones take all the functions of print media, including the function of delivering challenging crosswords. Currently, the best crossword puzzle games are available on the Play Store and App Store so you can install and play them on your handheld device.

Playing crossword puzzles is made very easy with this application. Basically, it works like a manual crossword puzzle. The only difference is in the way you enter letters, where the application uses the keyboard, not handwriting. Keep reading to find out the best crossword puzzle games for smartphones and tablets.

There is a long list of the best crossword puzzle apps for Android and iOS. But if you’re looking to stand out in graphics, controls, user interface and gameplay, this app is worth checking out. Most of them are free unless written differently.

1. Little Crossword Puzzles


Even though the app has different names on the Play Store and App Store, Little Crossword Puzzles or 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles is still the same. This game was developed by Second Gear Games and has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. It takes the crossword puzzle game experience to the next level, thanks to the number of features that come with it.

In this application, you do not need to scroll or zoom because the puzzles fit the display. With a black background, you can see puzzles and words more clearly. Just jump to another puzzle and come back later if you can’t solve the crossword puzzle. For your convenience, this application supports three different languages, including English, Russian and French.

2. CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles


This crossword puzzle game is the editor’s choice on the Play Store and has been downloaded more than 50 million times. It offers a new experience in solving crossword puzzles that allows you to challenge yourself, thanks to the countless puzzles that come with it.

Whether you want to train your brain or just want to kill some time, CodyCross is a great app to play. In this application, you can find a beautiful world with various themes. It can also be the perfect tool to demonstrate your language skills.

3. NYTimes – Crosswords


Would you like to play a classic crossword puzzle game on your smartphone? New York Times Crosswords is the answer. This app provides puzzles in the style of a classic newspaper that takes you back in time. This tool was launched by The New York Times Company and allows you to enjoy unlimited access to daily puzzles. Do not ever get bored!

Another key feature the app brings is a mini puzzle that’s great for warming up. These puzzles are available every day. You can also try themed puzzles and collect them. NYTimes Crosswords offers a free 7-day trial and subscription. Once you subscribe, you will get access to puzzles anywhere. In addition, this application provides hundreds of mini and classic puzzles for customers.

4. Crosswords


With more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store, Crossword is one of the best crossword puzzle games. This application was developed by Stand Alone, Inc. and comes up with new puzzles every day. To help you solve the puzzle, you are allowed to view clues, get hints and track how you have improved.

The Cross Puzzle app comes packed with a number of features, including detailed info, touch and hold to view hints, ink or pencil options, US and UK secrets, and much more. After solving the crossword puzzle, post it and compare it with other players. If you want to enjoy more content, this app offers improvements that give you new puzzles every day and download new puzzles in the background.

5. Crossword Light


If you are looking for crossword puzzle games that offer classic puzzles but don’t want to shell out a penny, this is the app to choose from. This game allows you to play crossword puzzles on your smartphone or tablet with the Android or iOS platform. The best thing is that you can find a wide selection of puzzles from different newspapers every day. Choose your favorite newspaper and solve the puzzle!

Crossword Light is a light version of the game Crossword made by the same developer. It comes with 40 new puzzles to improve your competence. There are several handy features to help you work through each puzzle, such as viewing clues, getting hints, and tracking your progress. This application is available free of charge. If you prefer, upgrade to the full version which offers unlimited puzzles from more sites.



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